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NiacinMax australiaNiacin (Vitamin B3) has always been very popular with bodybuilders and other hard-training individuals, but that’s not surprising because it has a lot to offer.

Wolfson Berg claim their product NiacinMax is superior to other niacin supplements because it is absorbed into the blood stream while it is in the mouth.

The promised benefits include:

  • Increases oxygen circulation by up to 50%
  • Boosts red blood cell count
  • Increases human growth hormone (HGH) by over 600%
  • Improves muscle growth
  • Speeds post-workout recovery
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Provides antioxidant properties

Official Niacin Max websiteNiacinMax strips are available only from it’s own official website – the website serves all countries and has been translated into many languages.

The best value package is the buy 3 and get 2 free which equates to each packet costing AUD$29

There is also a 67 day money back guarantee and shipping is free anywhere in the world

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What is NiacinMax and How Does it Work? 

NiacinMax is designed to do one thing: provide the body with extra niacin in the fastest most efficient manner possible. There are pills and powders available that are designed with a similar aim, but up to 90% of the active ingredient’s potency can be lost during the digestive process. NiacinMax is produced in the form of a strip that is placed under the tongue, where it dissolves rapidly and is absorbed through the soft tissue in the surrounding area and is taken directly into the blood. Wofson Berg claims their unique delivery method gives the product an edge other supplements do not have. We cannot disagree and are happy to see the company are confident enough in their system to offer customers a 67-day money back guarantee.

Niacin supplements

Niacin has a long-standing reputation for providing safe and natural vasodilation. This is a process that causes the blood vessels to dilate slightly. The resulting improved circulation offers many benefits because it allows the blood to provide the muscles, brain, and essential organs with an increased amount of oxygen and nutrients. This will indeed provide the mental boost Wolfson Berg promise. It will also enable strip users to work out harder and longer and this will, of course, result in superior gains.

Although the official website fails to mention this, niacin has also proven to be effective for controlling cholesterol levels. This is particularly interesting because, in 1983, a scientific team that were conducting one study into the vitamin’s cholesterol lowering abilities discovered it also has the power to boost human growth hormone. When HGH is boosted the body heals faster and muscle growth is improved. HGH also helps the body burn fat more efficiently and elevates energy levles. A later study, conducted in Denmark in 1993, was equally supportive of niacin’s ability to boost HGH.

Key Ingredients

Each strip contains 75mg of niacin.

The niacin used in NiacinMax is different from that used in other supplements because it is designed to offer superior bioavailability and the niacin is encased in special microscopic liposomes that ensure it is not released until it enters the blood stream. The amount provided here is considerably lower that that used in most scientific studies, but the fact the delivery method is so different from other supplements should make it more potent so, in this case, the old saying is true: “Less is more.”

Usage Instructions – The strips have to be placed underneath the tongue and they dissolve in a matter of seconds. People who train three to five hours later will obtain the maximum benefits because this is when the effects of HGH will start to kick-in.

The best time to use the strips is first thing each morning, while the stomach is still empty. People who are training at least five days per week can use a second strip three to four hours before going to bed.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturer states the strips do not cause side effects. That is not strictly true because, by the company’s own admission, some people who are using the product for the first time may experience a “niacin flush” within 4-6 minutes of using the strip. This is tingling sensation in the skin around the face and neck. The skin may also redden slightly and feel a little itchy. This a normal reaction to niacin. It poses no health risk and should not last more than a few minutes. NiacinMax is designed to deliver niacin to the body in such a quick and efficient manner the flush is much milder than that experienced by people using more conventional niacin supplements. However, NiacinMax is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems should check with their doctor before they begin using the strips. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medication.


NiacinMax is backed by 67-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Research shows supplementation with niacin increases HGH levels and provides vasodilation. These are both abilities that make it a very valuable nutrient for bodybuilders and people who are involved in other high-intensity sports. The main difference between NiacinMax and other products is the way it delivers the vitamin to the body. Some diet drops are designed to work in a similar way, and skin absorption has proven to be a very effective technique, so we are confident NiacinMax will do everything Wofson Berg claim.

Where To Buy NiacinMax

NiacinMax australiaNiacinMax is only available from the manufacturer’s website where it is accompanyed by a 67 day monet back gurantee.

Customers who purchase 3 boxes ger a an extra 2 boxes free of charge. Delivery is free of charge – even to Australia and New Zealand

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ANS Performance HIT Positives and Negatives

HIT by ANSHit is a fat burning supplement brought to market by the Canadian company ANS Performance. It contains a blend of plant extracts and vitamins and the “unique formula” apparently kick starts the body’s “metabolic process of visceral and subcutaneous fat oxidation”.

ANS Performance also claim the capsules can provide appetite suppression and boost energy levels, and further state the formulation has proven abilities:- “Clinical Test Subjects Lost 8x More Weight than Placebo.” Unfortunately this claim is not backed up by a link to the study and the ANS Performance website fails to provide any information about where the said study was conducted, by whom, or the exact conditions involved.

What is HIT and how does it Work?

Like all appetite suppressing and fat burning combos, HIT has been designed to dull the appetite and help the user maintain a lowered calorie intake. If the calorie intake is lowered sufficiently the body will begin to burn fat to obtain the extra calories it needs.

Such a scenario offers obvious benefits and the addition of fat burning ingredients should enhance the body’s fat burning abilities sufficiently to provide faster and better results and allow the user to benefit from the extra energy released by the fat burning process. That the theory, but whether or not the HIT blend will be able to achieve any of this will be dependent on the quality of the ingredients used and, of course, on the ratios involved.


Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each capsule provides

  • Vitamin C (20mg)
  • Vitamin B1 (0.5mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (0.67mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (0.2mg)
  • Vitamin B5 (3.3mg)
  • The Hit Complex (388mg): Caffeine Anhydrous, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract [Frauenmantle (Leaf)], Olea Europaea Extract [Wild Olive (Leaf)], Cuminum Cyminum [Komjin (Seed)], Mentha Longifolia Extract [Wild Mint (Leaf)], L-Theanine, Coffea Arabica Extract [50% Chlorogenic Acids (Bean)], Hordenine, Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract (Supplying Evodiamine), Schizandra Chinesis Extract (Supplying Schizandrol A)
  • Vitamin C is an important nutrient that can boost the immune system and help protect against certain diseases. It has been speculated that vitamin C may also be capable of boosting energy levels.
  • B Vitamins can boost the metabolism and help the body turn nutrients into a useable source of energy.
  • Unfortunately the use of a proprietary blend means no inclusion rates are available for the rest of the ingredients.

The presence of caffeine should provide increased energy and, although the science is a little shaky, hordenine is believed to trigger a state of fight or flight that releases sufficient adrenalin to supress the appetite.

Evodia Rutaecarpa is a stimulant that is reputed to be thermogenic fat burner, but supportive evidence appears to be limited to tests conducted on animals, not humans.

Schizandra chinensis is a stimulant that if often claimed to combat feeling of exhaustion, but once again supportive evidence is lacking and the same can be said for the abilities of many of the other ingredients. Without any inclusion rates to go by though, further speculation is useless. Customer feedback may provide a more useful indication of the kind of results new users can expect.

How to Take HIT  – For general weight loss, one capsule is required three times each day and doses should be taken 30 minutes before the three largest meals (typically breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

If HIT is being used a pre-workout supplement one to two capsules should be taken 15 – 30 minutes before activity begins, but it is important never to exceed two capsules in any four-hour period or a total of five capsules per day.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is hard to find and the little that is available suggest HIT may work better for some users than others.

One customer rants:

“When it comes to terrible supplements this one is top of my list. I’ve tried it a few times and it always leaves me feeling ill. I experience a quick blast of energy soon after swallowing then an hour or so later all that remains is the side effects. Headaches, dizziness, nausea . . . Sorry this isn’t for me. There must be better ways to burn fat.”

But another user reports more favourable results:

“I got free sample with another product so I gave it a go. Wow! I lost around 5 pounds in a week! That was good enough to convince me so I’ve placed an order for a full bottle.”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

It the people at ANS Performance are aware of any side effects they are keeping a dignified silence. Apart from a standard warning not to exceed the recommended dose, the official sales page contains no health information at all. Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised not to use any dietary supplements unless their doctor has told them it is okay to do so. People who have health issues or concerns should also seek medical advice before using HIT or any other brand of dietary supplement.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

A (90 capsule) bottle of HIT costs $34.99 from the ANS Performance online store. It is also possible to purchase the capsules via a number of independent suppliers, including XPLOSIV SUPPLEMENTS and Tropicana Wholesale, but this seldom the cheapest way to go.


There is no money back guarantee.

Other Similar But Recommended Products

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It is a highly effective muscle building supplement that can burn fat and provide focus and mental agility.

It is an idea pre-workout and during workout supplement

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Asia Black 25 Review – Does It Contain Ephedra?

Asia Black 25 diet pill revuewAsia Black 25 is a diet pill produced in the USA by Novacare, and marketed under the Cloma Pharma Laboratories brand name. It is designed to appeal to people who are searching for a weight loss supplement that contains Ephedra—a drug that was banned because its use can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

However, although the manufacturers make much of the fact that their formulation contains the drug, things are not quite as they seem. There is more than one kind of Ephedra. The banned Ephedra drug (known as Ma Huang to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners), contains the stimulant ephedrine. Asia Black 25 utilizes Ephedra Nevadensis, which is more commonly known as Mormon Tea and is not a source of ephedrine.

Unfortunately Asia Black 25 contains a number of ingredients that have been linked to dangerous side effects and some batches of the pills were withdrawn from the market after FDA inspectors discovered the formulation contained high amounts of an undisclosed ingredient (salicylic acid). According to the FDA, the ingredient is “acutely toxic” and its use can result in “life-threatening” cardio respiratory arrest.

Proposed Benefits

  • Increased metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Boosted energy
  • Lose weight quickly and effectively

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

One capsule provides:

  • Vitamin B6 (500 mcg): An important vitamin that helps the body metabolize fats and protein.
  • Vitamin B12 (150 mcg): Helps the body to convert food into energy.
  • Chromium (30 mcg): An ingredient that has a largely disproven reputation as a fat burner.

ECA Proprietary Blend (302mg)

  • Caffeine anhydrous: Caffeine is a good energy provider. It can also improve concentration, suppress the appetite, and speed the metabolism.
  • White willow bark powder: The active ingredient in white willow bark is salicin, which is similar to aspirin and shares its pain supressing abilities. Some studies suggest a mixture or salicin, ephedra, and Kola nut may produce modest weight loss, but further study is required and the associated risk of side effects, such as kidney damage, means supplementation with salicin can be risky.
  • Ephedra nevadensis powder: The fact that Ephedra nevadensis does not contain ephedrine will prevent it from reacting in the same way when combined with white willow bark and kola nut. There is some evidence to suggest it may help provide a detox, but it is unlikely to directly contribute to weight loss and its use can often result in gastrointestinal problems.

Asia Black Energy-Building & Fat-Burning Support Blend (433 mg)

  • Paullinia cupana extract: More commonly known as guarana, paullinia cupana is a powerful caffeine provider that is often used in energy drinks. Unlike many similar ingredients, it releases its caffeine content slowly, resulting in longer-lasting benefits.
  • Citrus aurantium extract: A citrus fruit extract that provides the stimulant synephrine. It has a good reputation as an energy provider, fat burner, and appetite suppressant, but unusually high doses can be problematic; so the fact that no inclusion rate is provided presents some cause for concern.
  • Cayenne pepper: Some studies suggest supplementation with cayenne pepper can speed up the body’s calorie burning abilities by up to 12 times.
  • Yohimbe extract: A tree extract that can improve the circulation and has a longstanding reputation as a libido booster. It is often touted to be a fat burner, but there is a lack of supportive evidence and high doses can result in cardio-vascular related side effects.
  • Green tea extract: A safe ingredient that can increase the metabolism and improve the overall health. It is a tested and proven weight loss provider and is one of the most commonly used diet pill ingredients in the world.
  • Panax ginseng extract: A versatile adaptogen herb that supplies many health benefits, but is not generally considered to be effective for weight loss.
  • Bladderwrack powder: A seaweed extract that provides iodine. The metabolism requires a sufficient quantity of thyroid hormones for optimum function, and iodine is known to be necessary for thyroid health, so bladderwrack is becoming an increasingly popular inclusion in weight loss supplements.
  • Zingiber officanalis root powder: A fancy name for a very common ingredient—ginger. There is no evidence that ginger supports weight loss, but it can be useful for calming an upset stomach.
  • Evodia Fructus (guaranteed 10% evodiamine): Studies conducted on mice suggest evodiamine may have potential as a fat burner, but it may not work in the same way for humans.
  • Yerba Mate powder: A caffeine-providing ingredient sourced from a South American plant.
  • L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that provides appetite suppression. A limited amount of evidence suggests it may also speed up the metabolism.
  • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine: An amino acid that can help the body to convert its fat stores into a source of useable energy.
  • African Kola Nut Extract: A caffeine-provider that is more potent than coffee.
How to Take – one capsule should be taken after meals, up to three times per day.

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any customer reviews.

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

The fact that the FDA has discovered some batches of the product contain an undeclared drug, that necessitated a product recall, does not inspire confidence. The formulation also contains high amounts of stimulants. Anyone considering using Asia Black 25 should consult with their GP prior to doing so.


Asia Black 25 does not have a money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Asia Black 25 is not available via any of the more reputable online stores, such as GNC or Lucky Vitamin. Some of the lesser known online retailers stock the product, but many of them do not ship to the UK, so finding a supplier can be hard. A price tag of around $27 plus shipping is not uncommon per 100 capsule bottle.

[warningHard to recommend[/warning]

Recommended Alternative Diet Pill

Phentaslim special offersAsia Black 25 contains too many ingredients for our liking. There is some good ingredients in the formula that are diluted by the not so good.

We recommend Phentaslim in this category – an effective fat burner that is ideal to be used when working out.

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