Regal Slim Review – Garcinia Cambogia

Regal Slim Review AustraliaRegal Slim is a diet pill that’s only available online. It’s marketed by Regal Nutra LLC and visiting the Regal Slim website is quite an experience.

At first glance it appears quite impressive, but if you disregard the pictures of slim-looking ladies, the sea, the sand, the palm trees, and the bottles of Regal Slim, there is not a lot there.

The site offers no useful information about the product at all, although visitors who give the landing page hard scrutiny may be lucky enough to find a link to a PDF fact sheet that provides guidance on dosing and a full list of ingredients.

What is Regal Slim and How Does it Work?

Regal Slim is a diet pill that provides garcinia cambogia. Customers who are thinking of buying the product are told they will need to follow three simple steps if they want get results.

The three steps are:

  1. Take the pills two to three times a day (the fact sheet says two pills per day).
  2. Start torching fat.
  3. Tighten and transform your body and never look back.

This suggests the product is intended to be a fat burner, but Regal Nutra don’t actually come out and say this, nor do they explain how users can complete step 2 and start torching fat. However, it stands to reason most people will presume the pills are responsible for lighting the torch. Step 3 is equally ambiguous.

Key Ingredients

The supplement fact are a little unclear, but the ingredient list refers to each serving and the online fact sheet states a serving is two capsules (the full daily dose). That means a daily dose of Regal Slim will provide:

  • Calcium (50mg): Some research suggest consuming three to four serving of low fat dairy products each day may help the body to burn its stores of fat. However, the lead researcher is very specific about the value of “low-fat dairy products”. Calcium supplements may not work in the same way.
  • Chromium (2000mcg): Chromium’s ability to prevent post-eating fluctuations in blood sugar levels has allowed it to become a popular diet pill ingredient because fluctuations of this nature can bring on a desire for sweet food.
  • Potassium (50mg): Potassium it’s an important electrolyte and people who have potassium deficiencies are more likely to feel tired and worn out. The presence of potassium here won’t directly encourage weight loss, but people who are eating less food and getting a reduced amount of potassium in their diet may be able to avoid diet-related fatigue.
  • What does garcinia Cambogia look likeGarcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) (1000mg): A popular diet pill ingredient that’s often considered to be strong enough to go it alone. The garcinia cambogia used in diet supplements is extracted from the rind of the garcinia cambogia tropical fruit. The active ingredient is a compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it assists weight loss by stopping the body from making fresh stores of fat. It’s also a good appetite suppressant. Garcinia cambogia only works when the HCA level is at least 60%, so the extract used here appears to be quality stuff. However, the amount provided per day may be a little too low.

Usage Instructions – According to the fact sheet provided on the official website, one capsule is required two times per day.

Where To Buy Regal Slim

Regal Slim is only available via the manufacturer’s website and customers who are interested in obtaining a supply of the product can only do so by accepting the offer of a free trial. As is generally the case with free diet pill trials, the offer is not as good as it may seem.

Customers have to provide their card details before they can obtain their free bottle of diet pills. This is so they can pay a small shipping and handling charge ($4.97).

However, customers also have to tick a box that states they agree to the terms and conditions.

Most customers probably don’t even fully examine the terms of the trial. If they did they would realize they are also opting into an auto-shipment program.

It gets worse. Although the trial bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills, the trial period is only 14 days and customers who don’t contact the company and shout “stop!” within 18 days of placing their order will find a payment of $89.97 has been charged against their card to cover the full price of the pills.

They will also find a second charge of $89.97 + $4.97 (for shipping and handling) has been charged at around the same time or shortly afterward. This is to cover the next shipment of pills and the charge will recur again, every month, until the auto-ship agreement is canceled.


There is no guarantee. Customers who return unopened bottles of pills within 30 days of placing their order, and also satisfy certain other conditions, can claim a refund, but it’s less shipping costs and we found one customer complaint that suggests there may be additional charges deducted from the refunded amount as well.

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any Regal Slim customer reviews, but some former Regal Nutra customers, who feel they were tricked into signing up for the auto-ship option, are letting off steam via the internet scam boards and complaint sites.

Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but people who are under a doctor’s care or using medication are warned to obtain medical clearance prior to using the product. The same advice is offered to women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

The Bottom Line

Garcinia Cambogia In AustraliaAlthough garcinia cambogia is a respected weight loss ingredient, Regal Slim is a very expensive product that is marketed in a manner that has caused lots of customers to complain.

If you are considering buying Regal Slim, we suggest you think again and go for a cheaper, more trusted alternative, like Garcinia Extra.

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WoohSlim Diet Pills Review – Real or Fake?

WoohslimWoohSlim is slimming pill that appears to originate somewhere in Asia, but is sold with the promise it’s made in Switzerland. If the marketing claims are to be believed, it’s the most popular diet pill in Malaysia.

However, it seems likely the pills are actually made in Hong Kong or China. The official WoohSlim website is a “.ch”.

This extension is usually added to sites located in China, but the site states the pills have a Swiss origin. We also found Asian websites that say the pills are Swiss-made, but there is no way to ascertain the truth of this statement.

We are really uneasy about Woohslim – we may be doing the company a massive injustice but until we can have confirmation we advise to steer well clear.

In the mean time we suggest if you are looking for a powerful and legitimate diet product click here

Manufacturer Credibility

The WoohSlim sales page at one Malaysian online store states: “FSeit 2013 now also in Switzerland and Germany.

Branch offices in Hong Kong (DODOCO Biotechnology Co., Limited) and Malaysia.” We could not find out what “Fseit 2013” is but are guessing it’s the name of the real manufacturer.

Woohslim AustraliaWe located company information for DODOCO Biotechnology, though, and discovered it was incorporated in July 2016. The registration records for the WoohSlim website show the domain was purchased two months later that same year, by an individual based in China.

So what we appear to be looking at here is a company that is based in China and actively marketing its products to Malaysian consumers.

It does not appear to be interested in selling its pills to people in English language speaking countries. The official site has some a couple of impressive pictures of European ladies holding bottles of WoohSlim, and a little bit of text written in English and German.

To a non-English speaker a site like this may suggest the product is a big hit with dieters in Europe and give it extra credibility, but the truth of the matter is, European dieters are only likely to discover the product by accident and will find it very hard to purchase if they wish to do so.

Woohslim Possible Benefits

  • The No.1 most effective weight loss formula in Malaysia
  • Lose 4-8kg in the first 10-20 days course
  • More than 8,000 Malaysians have tried WoohSlim and experienced good results
  • No crash diets or heavy exercise required
  • The safest and most effective weight loss program

How WoohSlim Assists Weight Loss

The WoohSlim website fails to provide any information about the benefits the pills are intended to provide.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Finding any information about the ingredients contained in this product has proved to be very difficult, but we have been able to ascertain it’s powered by green tea and 10 Chinese herbs.

Green tea is the most popular diet pill ingredient in the world and not without good reason. Green tea can benefit the health in many ways and has proven to be a good fat burner. So, if you are looking for a healthy way to loose weight, green tea is a good choice.

However, there is no way to know if the WoohSlim formulation contains a sufficient amount.

The other problem with this product is the rest of the ingredients are not specified. “Herbs” could be just about anything and many ingredients that are used in Asian products would be deemed unsafe by manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Woohslim Side Effects & Health Considerations

A list of ingredients is not available, so this is an extremely risky dieting product to buy.

Especially if you bear in mind the fact that it probably originates in an Asian country (despite the claims otherwise) and is unlikely to be made to the high quality standards expected of manufacturers located in Europe and the USA.

Our best advice is to avoid this product completely. Failing that, we urge all potential users to seek expert medical advice before supplementation is commenced.

Where to Buy WoohSlim

The official WoohSlim website does not offer a shopping cart facility, but Wooh slimming products are available via online stores located in Asia and we found one Malaysian online store that appears to be selling the product for RM 338.64. At the time of this review, a Malaysian ringgit was worth USD$ 00.25. That means the price per pot is $80.20.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

WoohSlim is a super expensive slimming product that has a questionable origin, does not appear to have proven abilities, and is not backed by a money back guarantee. Worse still, it is impossible to find out what the pills actually contain.

This means there is no way of ascertaining the kind of side effects their use may entail. Does this sound like the kind of product you would want to use yourself or recommend to your loved ones?

Best choice of diet pillWe are guessing your answer is probably “no”. The best diet pills are safe to use and offer proven results.

They also come with a money back guarantee. We have reviewed several product that meet such a criteria and all of them are considerably cheaper than WoohSlim. This product does not impress us at all.

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High School Genes Review – Goop Diet Pills

High School Genes Diet PillsHigh School Genes is a supplement made by Goop. It’s intended for menopausal women.

That much is known, but it’s hard to say what this supplement is really about because the product description is extremely short.

It appears to be designed to address certain hormonal changes and make it easier to lose weight, but nothing is simple in camp Goop.

If you take a close look at the disclaimer provided as “additional information”, you will see Goop state the product is not for weight loss.

What is Goop?

Goop is a lifestyle brand owned by the actress and radical thinker Gwyneth Paltrow. The company’s products include clothes and fragrances. Health and wellness products is a relatively new addition to the Goop range.

At the time of this review there were only four supplements available. With names like “High School Genes” and “Why Am I So Effing Tired”, it is easy to see a lot of thought has gone into that side of things, but supplements are a far cry from clothes and fragrances.

If you buy defective clothes you are likely to be faced with poor quality stitchings or a few loose threads.

The worst you can expect from a dodgy fragrance is a few upturned noses and some minor skin irritation. A supplement that uses the wrong combination of ingredients can cause nasty side effects and, in some cases, major health issues.

Goop Diet Pill

What is High School Genes?

In simple terms, High School Genes is supplement that consists of six pills that are taken together once per day and are packed in one-dose sachets to avoid confusion. The pills are actually five different products, but one of the products requires a two-tablet dose—hence the fact that there are six pills instead of five.

Why High School Genes?

The hormonal changes that occur because of menopause can cause some women to put on weight.

Goop are marketing this product towards women who believe they have been effected in this way, “feel like their metabolism might be slowing down, and whose bodies are no longer responding to the exercise and diet levers that they’ve always pulled.”

Goop claim their product can help get things back on track, but it may not be necessary. According to the Mayo Clinic, menopausal weight gain can be handled without the need for supplements because ”

You can reverse course by paying attention to healthy-eating habits and leading an active lifestyle.” So if you continue to pull the levers correctly, diet and exercise will still work.

How Many Times Per Day?

Only one dose is required per day, but it’s a pretty big one because six pills is a lot.

What’s Under the Hood?

There are around 50 different ingredients in High School Genes, so it would have been impossible to cram them all into a single pill.

Some of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals and there are some fatty acids as well. The pills also contain a lot of fruit extracts.

Green tea stands out as being one of the better inclusions because it can help with weight loss and there is evidence to suggest it may also lower the risk of breast cancer. Iodine and zinc are also good additions. The first helps the thyroid to secrete the hormones that govern the metabolism.

The second help the body to produce testosterone and oestrogen. However, the fact that the formulation contains so many ingredients increases the change of reaction issues and potential users need to be aware some of the ingredients are included in amount that far exceed the RDA.

What Are Past Customers Saying About the Product?

Nobody is saying anything at all. The Goop website does not offer customers the opportunity to leave feedback and we were unable to find any reviews placed elsewhere.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Goops says the rhubarb extract may present issues for some users. They also point out excess Vitamin A can be toxic and may contribute to osteoporosis. This is a point worth noting because the formulation contains 100% of the Vitamin A RDA. Many other inclusion rates are also very high, so we feel this product should not be used without a doctor’s approval.

Were Can I Buy It and What Does It Cost?

A 30-day supply retails for USD$ 90 (AUD$ 115) and it’s sold without a money back guarantee. The product is only available to buy online directly from Goop, but the company no longer ships to Australia so, unless this changes, you won’t be able to buy it at all.

Is There a Better Option?

It’s hard to say if the product will offer any other value to menopausal women, but its likely to be a dead loss when it comes to weight loss.

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaFor menopausal weight loss and any other kind of weight loss, the best product available is PhenQ. It’s contains several proven weight loss ingredients and customer reviews show that it works.

It’s a lot cheaper than High School Genes, the manufacturer offers shipping to all Australian territories, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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