INVIGOR8 Fat Burner Review Pros and Cons

INVIGOR8 Fat Burner ReviewINVIGOR8 Fat Burner is a vegetarian-friendly diet pill manufactured in the US by Biomedical Research Laboratories LLC.

As the name suggests, the product is primarily marketed as a fat burner, but it’s also designed to help control the appetite and provide several other benefits.

Biomedical Research Laboratories also market an INVIGOR8 health shake. The two products can be used alongside each other but they can also be used on their own.

Biomedical Research Laboratories is a respected company that produces a number of natural remedies, sports supplements, and supplements intended to boost racehorse performance.

However some of the claims the company makes for INVIGOR8 Fat Burner are far from being true. It is not, as claimed, the first thermogenic weight loss formula made from natural ingredients.

Most thermogenic fat burners contain natural ingredients and the majority of them have been on the market a lot longer than INVIGOR8 Fat Burner. Nor is the formulation stimulant free because it contains green coffee bean extract and green coffee beans are a source of caffeine.

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INVIGOR8 Fat Burner Benefits

  • Burns fat
  • Controls the appetite
  • Preserves muscle mass
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Improves mental focus
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients that provide clean energy

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Two capsules provide:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (330mg): Most diet pills contain green tea. That’s not surprising because it’s known to be very good for the health and science shows it’s also a natural fat burner that works.
  • Raspberry Ketones (200mg): Fruit-derived raspberry ketones is known to good for weight loss. It’s a natural hunger suppressant and also assists lipid metabolism. It’s an expensive ingredient to refine, though, and a cheaper lab-made version is available. Many diet pill manufacturers take the cheaper route, but synthetic raspberry ketones is lacking in power. There is no way to ascertain which version is in use here.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (200mg): Green coffee beans are high in antioxidants that can benefit the health. They also contain chlorogenic acid and caffeine. Chlorogenic acid has such a good fat burning reputation green coffee bean extract is often used as a standalone ingredient. Caffeine is also a fat burner, but it’s normally more prized for its powers as an energy provider. The amount of caffeine provided here will not be much, but its presence means Biomedical Research Laboratories’ promise of a stimulant-free fat burner is not strictly true.
  • Olive Leaf Extract (160mg): There is a lot of talk about the connection between olive leaf extract and weight loss, but there does not appear to be any evidence the ingredient has fat fighting abilities. On a more positive note, some studies show it can be good for improving cardiovascular health and supporting the immune system.
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract (130mg): A compound taken from a perennial, creeping herb. It’s mainly used as a cognitive function enhancer, but it’s also credited with the ability to reduce stress and improve the memory.
  • Garcinia Fruit Extract (100mg): Garcinia cambogia has the ability to help curb hunger pangs and prevent the body from storing excess calories as fat. This is due to the presence of a chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Unfortunately, garcinia cambogia extracts are only effective if they contain at least 60% HCA. Biomedical Research Laboratories fails to state the HCA percentage of the extract used in INVIGOR8 Fat Burner.
  • Chrysin (100mg): An ingredient that’s alleged to be capable of boosting testosterone levels. Elevated testosterone levels support improved fat burning and muscle growth, but research conducted at the University of Perugia, in Italy, casts a shadow of doubt over Chrysin’s value as a testosterone booster.
  • Forskohlii Root Extract (60mg): An compound taken from the roots of a plant in the mint family. It’s highly favored by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine and is believed to have a positive effect on the health in a number of ways. The abilities of forskohlii require further study, but the overweight men who participated in one clinical trial lost more body fat than the placebo group and also showed an increase in testosterone levels.

INVIGOR8 Fat Burner Customer Comments

The INVIGOR8 website provides a lot of customer reviews, but they all appear to be for the shake. None of the reviews specifically mention the fat burning diet pills.

We checked Amazon and could only find one review. Although it would be wrong to condemn a product because of a single review, we feel obliged to point out the person who left the review was extremely disappointed with the way the product performed.

It would have been good to find some more reviews placed at other unbiased websites, but we were unable to find any at all.

Usage Guidelines – The normal dose is two capsules, two times per day, taken 30-45 minutes before meals, but new users are advised to begin with one capsule, two times per day. If no tolerance issues become apparent, the normal dose can be taken from day four onwards. For maximum results, the dosage can be increased to two capsules, three times per day.

INVIGOR8 Fat Burner Side Effects

No side effects have been reported, but if you are pregnant or nursing a child you will need to get a doctor’s approval before taking this or any other brand of dietary supplement. The same advice holds true if you have a medical condition or are using medication.

Where To Buy INVIGOR8 Fat Burner

You can buy INVIGOR8 Fat Burner online via The manufacturer has also created a special website for its two INVIGOR8 products so, if you want to, you can buy direct.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules and generally retails for $49.95. The cost is the same no matter where you choose to make your purchase and the only way to secure a slightly better deal is to subscribe to an automated billing and shipping program that sends out new consignments of pills every 60-90 days and then automatically takes the money from your card.


Biomedical Research Laboratories are offering customers a 90-day money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Although some of the ingredients used in the formulation should have the ability to smooth the weight loss process, it contains some wild cards (olive leaf extract and chrysin) as well.

There are also doubts about the quality of two of the extracts (raspberry ketones + garcinia cambogia) and it’s unclear if this formulation will be capable of doing all the things its supposed to do.

The lack of reliable, unbiased, customer reviews is also a problem. The money back guarantee gives INVIGOR8 Fat Burner extra credibility, but maximum results require a dose of six capsules per day (2 caps, 3 times per day).

what are the best fat burners in AustraliaThis would mean a new bottle is needed every 20 days, making INVIGOR8 Fat Burner more expensive to use than any of the leading diet pills, including PhenQ and Phentaslim, all of which have stronger formulations and better customer reviews.

Anyone thinking of buying this product will need to think long and hard, and weight up all the pros and cons before doing so.

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What Are The Best Fat Burners For Women To Use

Fat burners for womenThe best fat burners for women are not always the same as the ones that work well for men.

Although there are a few, top-rated diet pills that seem to deliver the goods for dieters of either sex, women often find the weight loss process more challenging than men do.

For one thing, women are known to be more probe to emotional eating. This can be an especially big problem when dieting because making the necessary lifestyle changes can often causes a lot of stress.

To make matters even worse, women can find dieting harder than men because the female brain is not so good at overcoming hunger urges.

Research conducted at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York shows this is because women have a much stronger reaction to food. Science also shows, the hormonal changes that occur because of the menopause are another cause of female weight gain.

Many women who want to lose weight are aware Mother Nature has not dealt them a particularly good hand and this knowledge has created a big demand for female fat burners.

Diet pill manufacturers have picked up on this and the market is flooded with products that promise to provide women with the extra support they need.

Most of them do not work. The best fat burners for women are the ones that can provide support in all the areas needed. Whether they were originally designed for women is irrelevant. With this in mind let’s take a look at the three best fat burners for women.

PhenQ – Fat Burner, Fat Blocker and Appetite Suppressant

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ has been a best seller for a number of years – it is a multi action fat burner that can also block new fat from entering your body as well as suppress your appetite.

The bottle’s blue and white exterior is not attention grabbing in anyway, but don’t let its ordinary appearance fool you.

PhenQ is no average diet pill. It’s a fast-acting product that incinerates body fat and helps people to slim-down at record speed and, although it also works for men, this is a unisex fat burner at the top of its game.

Over 190,000 people have successfully lost weight losing this product and, like the other two diet pills on our list of best fat burners for women, PhenQ is backed by a lengthy money back guarantee.

Women who need to lose weight need a diet pill that’s good at suppressing the appetite, we’ve already established that, and one of the reasons PhenQ works as well as it does is because of it’s phenomenal hunger curbing ability.

PhenQ AustralianLike the other two entries on our list, it’s also an excellent fat burner and ladies who find dieting causes them to feel tired and worn out will be glad to know PhenQ is an energy-providing diet pill too.

It also contains mood enhancers to help dieters keep their spirits up and it prevents further weight gain by disrupting the body’s ability to create fresh stores of fat. It’s a one-pill-does-all formulation that simplifies weight loss and helps provide that coveted bikini body in record time.

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Leanbean – Women Only Fat Burners

Leanbean AustraliaLeanbean holds the distinction of being the only fat burner for women that appears to have been genuinely designed with women in mind.

Many products are marketed with this claim, but their ingredient profile cannot support it. In the case of Leanbean, it’s easy to see the ingredients have been handpicked for their ability to provide extra support in all the areas women need.

A lot of women swear by this product and that doesn’t surprise us. The formulation contains a number of powerful appetite suppressing ingredient and pairs them with a couple of ingredients that help control sugar urges.

Bearing in mind the problems most women have controlling their hunger, Leanbean’s appetite suppressing ability already sets it ahead of the pack, but the formulation delivers another important benefit a lot of women will appreciate. It contains an ingredient that helps prevent the estrogen imbalances that lead to menopausal wieght gain.

Lean Bean Australian WebsiteAs you would expect from any good fat burning product, the lean bean formulation also contains several ingredients that have the ability to speed up the metabolism and make the body burn calories faster and, in most cases, these ingredients also cause the body to burn and lose extra calories as heat (thermogenic fat burning).

Ladies who are considering buying Leanbean can also lay their fears to rest and buy in confidence because the product is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

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Instant Knockout – Workout Supplement

Instant Knockout AustraliaInstant Knockout may seem like a strange addition to a list of best fat burners for women because the fist-shaped bottle and red capsule casing give it an aggressive look that is more usually associated with men.

However, despite the fact that it was originally designed as a fat burner for professional MMA fighters and boxers, customer reviews show the Instant Knockout formulation works extremely well for women and it’s the fat burner used by America’s “Queen Of Workouts” Alexia Clark, who loves the product so much she became an Instant Knockout brand ambassador.

You probably won’t be surprised to discover one of the reasons this product packs such a powerful punch is it’s ability to fight hunger urges.

The formulation of natural ingredients locked inside each red capsule contains several of the best hunger reducers available.

When hunger is gone half the battle is won, but the Instant knockout formulation further speeds up weight loss by providing a number of proven fat burners that accelerate the metabolism and increase calorie expenditure while also triggering thermogenic fat burning.

Instant Knockout AustraliaInstant Knockout boasts another important diet pill feature as well—it provides an energy boost. So ladies who find they run out of steam during an intense cardio session or lifting weights at the gym should be able to keep going that little bit longer and achieve superior results.

Instant Knockout is the perfect weight loss companion for ladies with active lifestyles. The manufacturer states it’s 100% guaranteed to work and back this statement with a nice, long money back guarantee.

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Orlistol Review with Customer Feedback, Pros and Cons

Orlistol Diet PillOrlistol is a diet pill developed by the American company Nutratech Health LLC. They are also responsible for Atrafen

According to the marketing material, it’s intended to mimic the results of the prescription weight loss drug Orlistat by providing many of the same benefits and delivering “ongoing fat loss through a variety of factors”.

However, there’s a big problem here. The drug Orlistat is a fat blocker. That’s all it does. There isn’t a variety of factors involved. Nutratech Health’s Orlistol is designed to work as a fat blocker, a carb blocker, and an appetite suppressant. It’s a multifunctional diet pill. Not a dedicated fat blocker.

Method of Action (Orlistat v Orlistol)

Fat blockers reduce calorie intake by limiting the digestion of food-provided fat. Each gram of fat that is blocked passes through the body without being absorbed and is unable to deliver the nine calories of energy it contains.

The drug Orlistat blocks up to 30% of all fat consumed. Unfortunately, it’s also capable of causing nasty side effects, so a safer alternative is much to be desired.

Orlistol contains seven ingredients. Only one of them is a fat blocker. The formulation also contains one carb-blocking ingredient. There’s an appetite suppressant too, but some of the inclusions have little to offer at all and will only serve to dilute the other ingredients and weaken the blend.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each Orlistol capsule provides 725mg of a proprietary blend that contains unspecified quantities of the following seven ingredients:

  • Chitosan: An ingredient that attracts and absorbs dietary fat. The body cannot digest chitosan and any fat it captures becomes indigestible too. There are two kinds of chitosan. The most popular version is taken from the shells of crabs, lobsters, and other sea-living crustaceans. The most powerful form is obtained from a species of fungus (aspergillus niger) and the results of one study show it can reduce mean body weight by up to 3kg in 90 days. It’s unclear which version Orlistol contains.
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris: More commonly known as white kidney bean, phaseolus vulgaris is a popular carb-blocking ingredient. It stops carbohydrate digestion by suppressing the activity of an important enzyme called amylase.
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract: A respected appetite suppressing ingredient. The key component is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it also has the ability to scupper the growth of fresh fat cells within the body.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: A lot of wild claims are made about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar, and many celebrities, including Victoria Becham, swear by it. Claims are often made about research that shows it can reduce sugar cravings and help burn fat, but links are never provided and we were unable to locate a study of this nature at any of the normal sources.
  • Sylvestre: Sometimes referred to as a sugar destroyer, gymnema sylvestre is a popular herb in the Ayurvedic system of medicine. An article published in BioMed Research International refers to it as “an important medicinal plant” and states it can control sugar cravings, promote regeneration of the pancreas, and provide a number of other favorable benefits.
  • Aloe Vera Extract: An ingredient that’s sometimes used in skin-care preparations and is also known to function as a laxative.
  • California Buckthorn: Also known as cascara, California buckthorn is generally used as a laxative. It was often paired with aloe vera in over-the-counter remedies for constipation, but this has not been the case since 2002 because safety concerns caused the FDA to issue a ban.

Usage Guidelines – Orlistol is meant to be used before meals. The maximum dose is four capsules per day, but deciding how many pills to take is likely to be a bit of a  pain because strict calorie counting is needed. If the upcoming meal provides 500 calories or less, only one capsule will be needed. If it provides more than 500 calories, the dose has to be upped to two capsules. Most other diet pills are a lot easier to use, so this complicated way of doing things is unlikely to work in Orlistol’s favor.

Orlistol Customer Comments

If you skip the on-site testimonials Nutratech use to push the virtues of their product, and seek less biased sources, you’ll find customer feedback is a pretty mixed bag. Some people say Orlistol works, others say it does not.

A few sample customer comments read:

“I can definitely feel my appetite being suppressed by these pills and I’m losing weight so I guess they are worth the money and am happy to recommend them.”

“Wow! What a stinker. I paid for two bottles and used this product for a month. All it did was turn me into a pooping machine. I never got any benefit from it at all.” 

“I’ve lost 28lbs in 12 weeks by using Orlistol with diet and exercise.”


“Just another diet pill that doesn’t work and this one is more expensive to use than most. Save your money for something else.”

Orlistol Side Effects & Health Considerations

Nutratech issue a standard warning that points out pregnant and nursing mothers, and children under 18, should get a doctor’s advice before using the product.

The same suggestion is made to people who have existing health problems, but the possibility of side effects is not mentioned.

The company also fail to state which version of chitosan is in use. If it’s not the fungi based version it will not be suitable for anyone with seafood allergies, so anyone who has this problem would be wise to choose an alternative product instead.

It’s also worth noting “blocker” type supplements can sometimes cause stomach discomfort and/or a build-up of intestinal gas. Fat blocker usage can also result in a deficiency of certain fat-soluble vitamins, so fat blockers are best used alongside a vitamin supplement that can take up the slack.

Where To Buy Orlistol

People who wish to buy this product appear to be limited to two options.

They can buy it from the manufacturer’s website or order it from Amazon. The price is the same. A 60-capsule bottle costs $39.99. If you think that’s cheap, try to contain your excitement.

People who take the maximum dose (4 capsules a day) will find their bottle of Orlistol only lasts 15 days. So the monthly cost of using this product will be closer to $80.


The homepage of the Nutratech Health website states the company’s products are backed by a 31-day money back guarantee. The Refunds and Returns page say’s the guarantee is only good for 30 days. Either way, that’s not long and the countdown begins at the point of purchase, not when products arrive at a customer’s door.

The Verdict

Orlistol cannot be seen as an Orlistat replacement because it’s designed to provide benefits the drug does not.

It may still have value as a weight loss aid, especially if it’s used with diet and exercise, but customer reviews suggest it’s just as likely to let people down. The formulation would probably be greatly improved if all the other ingredients were removed in preference for a higher dose of chitosan.

That would allow Orlistol to be a dedicated fat blocker and work in the same way as the drug its intended to mimic.

It would also increase the chances of appetite suppression and, although the prescription drug does not offer that kind of support, appetite suppression is still a good diet pill feature because fighting hunger urges is hard and most dieters would be glad of some extra help.

Recommended Alternative

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaIn the is category of diet it is difficult to look at any thing beyond PhenQ – a true multi action diet pill that can burn and block fat while also reducing calorie consumption by suppressing appetite.

PhenQ has a long list of satisfied customers and is available to buy direct from the official website.

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