NooCube Review – Nootropic Supplement

Noocube Review AustraliaNooCube is a stimulant-free nootropic supplement designed to deliver powerful brain-boosting benefits. For anyone who has seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper and marvelled at the nootropic drug called NZT-48 and though it just resided in fiction – think again.

Firstly though, Noocube isn’t NZT-48 – you will not learn Russian, Chinese and become a chess master in an afternoon. What you will do though is maximise your cognitive function.

What that basically means is:

  • Better concentration
  • Improved cognitive function
  • More focus
  • Extra mental energy
  • Improved memory
  • Enhanced learning abilities
  • Better multitasking capabilities
  • Enhanced brain function

In theory NooCube should could be very useful for students who need help with their studies, business people who are struggling to keep up with the stress and challenges they face every day, or anyone who needs to give their mental abilities a little shove. However, good results will require the right blend of ingredients, so let’s take a look at that now.

Noocube website AustraliaNoocube is available from it’s official website only. The website is available in many languages and available to buy in many currencies including AUD$.

There are special offers and price discounts when multiple bottles are purchased.

Free shipping is offered anywhere in the world and all orders are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Click here to view special offers from the NooCube website

Key Ingredients

  • ALPHA GPCAlpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC): A powerful nootropic ingredient that has the ability to increase the amount of acetylcholine present in the brain. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter required for effective memory function and for concentrating on and learning new things. A team of Mexican researchers carried out a 180-day study using volunteers who were suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. At the end of the study the data revealed supplementation with Alpha GPC had increased cognitive function.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: A plant extract that is rich in antioxidants and has a good reputation for improving the memory and boosting mental function. After one scientific study, conducted in New South Wales, and designed to test bacopa monnieri’s ability to improve memory performance, the scientists concluded: “Bacopa significantly improved memory acquisition and retention in healthy older Australians.”
  • Oat Straw: A natural ingredient that offers more than one nootropic benefit. Oat straw can improve blood flow to the brain by reducing inflammation of the artery walls, and it also has the ability to boost the activity of alpha-2 brain waves. The ingredient has proved its worth in a number of studies, including one that supports the claims made for the ingredient’s ability to boost mental performance and increase thinking speed.
  • Huperzine A: An extract sourced from Chinese Club Moss. Huperzine A is a powerful nootropic ingredient that has been used in China for many centuries. Research shows the ingredient contains an alkaloid that initiates a number of reactions that result in the brain being less susceptible to the damaging effects of glutamate.
  • Cat’s Claw: A derivative sourced from a species of vine. Cat’s Claw provides antioxidants that support the efficient repair of brain tissue. The ingredient is known to provide a powerful boost to the memory and is also reputed to offer protection against cognitive decline.
  • L-Tyrosine: An amino acid the body requires to manufacture important neurotransmitters, including dopamine and noradrenaline. L-Tyrosine boosts mental focus and a research team based in Holland conducted a study that suggests it can help improve multitasking abilities.
  • L-Theanine: An amino acid found in green tea. Supplementation with L-Theanine increases neurotransmitter activity. It also offers protection against stress. The results of a study conducted by scientists in Korea suggest L-Theanine is a versatile nootropic ingredient with much to offer.

Usage Instructions – The maximum dosage is four capsules each day, but the manufacturer suggests new users begin with just two capsules per day (taken at breakfast) and then up the dose if the results are not in keeping with original expectations. Some users may find two capsules to be the optimum dose, while others may fair better with three or four.

Noocube Customer Testimonials

Noocube Customer Testimonials

“NooCube is a real game changer. It takes all the stress out of even the busiest of days and helps me to maintain my concentration while working on boring or difficult tasks.”

“NooCube has really helped me with my studies. I read and understand the texts much faster and find it easy to recall important dates and information.”

“I had my doubts about NooCube, but I’m glad I decided to try it because it has given my brain the jump-start it needed and helps me to concentrate on my work.”

Noocube Customer comments

Noocube Side Effects & Health Considerations

NooCube is a stimulant-free formulation and side effects are unlikely to be an issue. However, pregnant or nursing mothers should not use any form of supplement unless their doctor has approved it. The same advice holds true for people who have existing health issues or are taking medications or other supplements.

Noocube Summary

We liked the idea of a stimulant-free nootropic right from the start and ERGO Group deserve a pat on the back for taking a good idea and making it work.

The blend contains some powerful ingredients that should deliver good results and customer reviews suggest the product has already changed many lives for the better. We doubt that it will be needed, but it’s also good to see a money back guarantee.

NooCube is a highly recommended nootropic supplement that should produce some very good results.

Where To Buy NooCube

Noocube Review AustraliaNooCube is only available from the manufacturer’s site. A single bottle of pills contains 60 capsules and should be sufficient for 15 – 30 days, depending on usage.

There are special offers and price discounts when multiple bottles are purchased.

Free shipping is offered anywhere in the world and all orders are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

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Best Fat Burning Diet Pills For 2018

Putting together a list of the best fat burning diet pills for 2018 was no easy task but, after weighing all the pros and cons of a number of products, we finally decided on three.

All of them are manufactured by reputable companies and have succeeded in generating excellent customer feedback.

They are the three hottest fat burners available, it’s as simple as that, but none of them are overly expensive to buy and all of them come with a money back guarantee.


Buy PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ has only been available since the back end of 2015, so it’s still pretty much the new kid on the block, but it’s been kicking booty from day number one.

The fact that it contained a powerful new fat burning ingredient (a-LACYS RESET), and customers were being offered a 60-day money back guarantee (unheard of at the time), caused PhenQ to get a lot of attention.

Dieters were impressed—so impressed they decided to buy PhenQ instead of opting for more established products.

It seems likely the level of interest would have died down after a while, but when thousands of people began leaving feedback, saying how well PhenQ works, the new kid on the block’s street cred went through the roof.

PhenQ before and after

PhenQ AustralianIn less than two years, the pills have already helped over 190,000 thousand people to lose weight, allowing PhenQ to become the top selling diet pill in the world.

Although there can be no doubts about the product’s ability to burn fat, it offers dieters support in a number of other ways as well.

PhenQ is an appetite suppressant, a fat blocker, an energy provider, and does so much more it is often said to pack the power of multiple weight loss products rolled into one.

Read our review to find out more


Phentaslim AustraliaPhentaslim is the grandaddy on our list of best fat burning diet pills for 2017. It’s been around for a long time and the label on the bottle tells it like it is by stating Phentaslim is a “maximum strength hardcore fat burner”.

Customer feedback proves the label does not exaggerate and many former users state the product allowed them to lose weight even though they decided not to make the normal commitment to diet and exercise.

Although it’s always nice to read stories of dieting success, the results could only have been better if these people had put in a little extra work.

Phentaslim Resuts

Like the other two diet pills that made our list, Phentaslim is not just a fat burner. It contains ingredients that speed up the metabolism and provide appetite suppression. When the metabolism is faster it burns extra calories.

Phentaslim AustraliaIf the food the body receives is insufficient to provide them it has to burn fat calories instead. The appetite suppressing abilities of Phentaslim make it easier for dieters to eat less food without feeling hungry.

Once you stop and think about the various ways the product is designed to work, it’s not the slightest bit surprising this particular fat burning diet pills has become such a roaring success.

Read our review to find out more


Phen375Phen375 was an easy addition to our list of best fat burning diet pills for 2017. So many customers love this product it’s a wonder none of them have created a Phen375 fan club.

Judging by the information provided in customer reviews, dieters who use Phen375 are likely to average a weight loss of 3-6 pounds each week.

That’s not too shabby and some past users boast they have lost considerably more.

Phen375 before and after

In some ways its surprising Phen375 has managed to earn such acclaim. The marketing material the manufacturer is using somewhat understates the product’s abilities.

Phen375 Terry WhiteIt describes it as an appetite suppressing fat burner that provides assistance to people who need to lose weight. In a world where so many other diet pill manufacturers are making fantastic claims for their products,

Phen375 is the king of non-hype and the marketing material fails to make it clear the pills also boost the metabolism and provide extra energy as well.

Read our review to find out more

Regal Slim Review – Garcinia Cambogia

Regal Slim Review AustraliaRegal Slim is a diet pill that’s only available online. It’s marketed by Regal Nutra LLC and visiting the Regal Slim website is quite an experience.

At first glance it appears quite impressive, but if you disregard the pictures of slim-looking ladies, the sea, the sand, the palm trees, and the bottles of Regal Slim, there is not a lot there.

The site offers no useful information about the product at all, although visitors who give the landing page hard scrutiny may be lucky enough to find a link to a PDF fact sheet that provides guidance on dosing and a full list of ingredients.

What is Regal Slim and How Does it Work?

Regal Slim is a diet pill that provides garcinia cambogia. Customers who are thinking of buying the product are told they will need to follow three simple steps if they want get results.

The three steps are:

  1. Take the pills two to three times a day (the fact sheet says two pills per day).
  2. Start torching fat.
  3. Tighten and transform your body and never look back.

This suggests the product is intended to be a fat burner, but Regal Nutra don’t actually come out and say this, nor do they explain how users can complete step 2 and start torching fat. However, it stands to reason most people will presume the pills are responsible for lighting the torch. Step 3 is equally ambiguous.

Key Ingredients

The supplement fact are a little unclear, but the ingredient list refers to each serving and the online fact sheet states a serving is two capsules (the full daily dose). That means a daily dose of Regal Slim will provide:

  • Calcium (50mg): Some research suggest consuming three to four serving of low fat dairy products each day may help the body to burn its stores of fat. However, the lead researcher is very specific about the value of “low-fat dairy products”. Calcium supplements may not work in the same way.
  • Chromium (2000mcg): Chromium’s ability to prevent post-eating fluctuations in blood sugar levels has allowed it to become a popular diet pill ingredient because fluctuations of this nature can bring on a desire for sweet food.
  • Potassium (50mg): Potassium it’s an important electrolyte and people who have potassium deficiencies are more likely to feel tired and worn out. The presence of potassium here won’t directly encourage weight loss, but people who are eating less food and getting a reduced amount of potassium in their diet may be able to avoid diet-related fatigue.
  • What does garcinia Cambogia look likeGarcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) (1000mg): A popular diet pill ingredient that’s often considered to be strong enough to go it alone. The garcinia cambogia used in diet supplements is extracted from the rind of the garcinia cambogia tropical fruit. The active ingredient is a compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it assists weight loss by stopping the body from making fresh stores of fat. It’s also a good appetite suppressant. Garcinia cambogia only works when the HCA level is at least 60%, so the extract used here appears to be quality stuff. However, the amount provided per day may be a little too low.

Usage Instructions – According to the fact sheet provided on the official website, one capsule is required two times per day.

Where To Buy Regal Slim

Regal Slim is only available via the manufacturer’s website and customers who are interested in obtaining a supply of the product can only do so by accepting the offer of a free trial. As is generally the case with free diet pill trials, the offer is not as good as it may seem.

Customers have to provide their card details before they can obtain their free bottle of diet pills. This is so they can pay a small shipping and handling charge ($4.97).

However, customers also have to tick a box that states they agree to the terms and conditions.

Most customers probably don’t even fully examine the terms of the trial. If they did they would realize they are also opting into an auto-shipment program.

It gets worse. Although the trial bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills, the trial period is only 14 days and customers who don’t contact the company and shout “stop!” within 18 days of placing their order will find a payment of $89.97 has been charged against their card to cover the full price of the pills.

They will also find a second charge of $89.97 + $4.97 (for shipping and handling) has been charged at around the same time or shortly afterward. This is to cover the next shipment of pills and the charge will recur again, every month, until the auto-ship agreement is canceled.


There is no guarantee. Customers who return unopened bottles of pills within 30 days of placing their order, and also satisfy certain other conditions, can claim a refund, but it’s less shipping costs and we found one customer complaint that suggests there may be additional charges deducted from the refunded amount as well.

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any Regal Slim customer reviews, but some former Regal Nutra customers, who feel they were tricked into signing up for the auto-ship option, are letting off steam via the internet scam boards and complaint sites.

Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but people who are under a doctor’s care or using medication are warned to obtain medical clearance prior to using the product. The same advice is offered to women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

The Bottom Line

Garcinia Cambogia In AustraliaAlthough garcinia cambogia is a respected weight loss ingredient, Regal Slim is a very expensive product that is marketed in a manner that has caused lots of customers to complain.

If you are considering buying Regal Slim, we suggest you think again and go for a cheaper, more trusted alternative, like Garcinia Extra.

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