5-2 Fast Formula Review – the appetite suppressant that makes dieting so much easier

5-2 Fast Diet PillThe 5:2 diet is a popular fasting diet developed by British Dr. Michael J. Mosley.

Unlike the liquid diets or other calorie-restricted eating plans, this one allows adherents to eat normally 5 days per week, and then limit their calories on 2 (preferably non-consecutive) days.

5:2 Fast Formula is the first supplement developed to complement this diet.  What is it though, and does it work?

5-2 fast formula what is itCreated to be used as either a standalone diet pill or in combination with fasting type diets the 5:2 Fast Formula is highly effective and natural.

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What Is 5:2 Fast Formula and How Does It Work

5-2 fast pill supplementIt is an appetite suppressant diet pill developed by British based Nuropharm  and to be taken either as a sole diet aid or for better results in combination with the calorie-restricted or “fasting” days of the 5:2 diet.

On those days, dieters are restricted to 500 calories a day for women or 600 calories for men.  The calories are to be consumed in a series of small meals.  On fasting days, participants can experience hunger, increased appetite, low energy and also take in fewer nutrients than normal.

5:2 Fast Formula addresses all of these by suppressing hunger, decreasing appetite, providing supplemental nutrients and enabling increased energy.

Whats In It – Key Ingredients

glucomannan in the 52 diet pillThe highlighted key ingredient is Konjac, from the plant with the same name  (scientific name Amorphophallus konjac).

This plant comes from warm areas in Eastern Asia and its corms (bulblike tubular underground growths) are used for food.  Konjac helps users feel full longer by slowing gastric emptying.

This also delays the release of sugar into the bloodstream, helping to lower blood glucose and insulin levels.  Konjac has lots of fiber with almost no calories!

The capsule also contains Copper, Iron, and B Vitamins.  Copper is an essential trace element that is important in proper organ function and metabolic processes.  Iron is important in oxygen transport to all areas of the body.  B Vitamins increase energy and improve mood, while some help cells burn fat and glucose for energy.

The main ingredient Konjac, is also used as a vegan gelatin substitute. The root powder is used to produce alternative, vegan versions of seafood like shrimp, scallops, crab and fish.

Media Focus

Michael Mosley Fast Diet creatorIn August of 2012, the Dr. Mosley was featured on British television in a documentary called Eat, Fast & Live Longer.

He lost 20 pounds  in 9 weeks and reduced his cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  After this airing, the 5:2 diet became extremely popular in the United Kingdom.  In February of 2013, Dr. Mosley’s book, The Fast Diet became a top-selling book in the UK.

It was co-written with fashion and food writer Mimi Spencer.  The diet has been featured in online and print media from the UK, the United States and countries around the world.

fast diet bookBritish celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall swears by the 5:2 diet, as do several media personalities and celebrity trainers.

It is rumored that stars like Beyoncé, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler are fans of the plan, but even Ms. Spencer wrote in a blog on the Fast Diet website that she is skeptical of some of the celebrity rumors.

Instead, she is happier to hear from the thousands of non-celebrities on the diet the way “the diet is making a real difference to the lives of so many.”

Any Side Effects

When taken as directed, 5:2 Fast Formula should not cause any side effects.  Pregnant or breastfeeding women should always check with their health care provider before taking any medications or supplements.

what is in the 52 fast formula

They should also consult a physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.  Pregnant women are generally not advised to undertake calorie-restricted diets, such as the one 5:2 Fast Formula is meant to supplement.  Post-partum, breast feeding women should be sure to discuss plans to begin any diet with their physician.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

5-2 diet failuresThe 5:2 diet itself is hailed as a sensible lifestyle choice, rather than a traditional diet.  It emphasizes moderation but otherwise does not regulate what someone eats 5 days a week.

On the other 2 days a modified, calorie-reduced “fast” provides weight-loss and can also result in lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The diet pill supports this lifestyle by replacing nutrients lost on fasting days, boosting energy, and controlling hunger.  Hunger and lack of energy in particular are two factors that contribute to people abandoning a fasting plan.

By eliminating these two factors, 5:2 Fast Formula is a great addition for anyone living the fasting diet experience!

Highly Recommended

Where To Buy 5:2 Fast Formula

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