7-DFBX Australia, Does It Work, Stockists

7DFBX diet pill7-DFBX or 7 Day Fat Burner X has been available for several years and is a regular feature on many ‘diet pill review’website that appear to be a little less bias than perhaps they should.

The manufacturers have stark warning on the official website that reads ‘extreme weight loss’ and promise weight loss within 7 days or money back.

This appears to be heavily targeted towards an American based customer but is starting to gain curiosity in Australia.

What Is 7-DFBX And How Does It Work

7-DFBX website AustraliaThe research and development of the 7 Day Fat Burner X have ‘worked around the clock’ to bring to the over the counter market the quickest acting and fastest work fat burner on the open market. The product is not only designed to burn fat but also detox the system and suppress appetite. This isa according to the official website.

There are over 35 ingredients in the formula that have been combined to help clear your system of toxins that stop your metabolism from working as it should. 7-DFBX also is target towards removing excess water from your system

It is the water removal that appears to be its main mechanic of action and one that is applied by hundreds of other product that loosely call themselves diet pills. Once the water that is removed is re-introduced – the weight that has been lost is put straight back on again. 7DFBX is nothing more than a glorified diuretic.

There are over 30 ingredients, way too many and the main mechanic of action appears be a diuretic.

Ingredients – Whats In It

There are over 30 ingredients – quite possible the largest and longest list of ingredients we have ever found in a commercial diet pill. Although the phrase ‘you can never have enough of a good thing’ is true in some respects it most certainly isn’t in this industry. Having many ingredients only serves to dilute the effect of the main or key ingredients.

Here are some of the better known ingredients:

The 7-DFB contains a large number of natural ingredients such as Apple Cider Vinegar, Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi, Cranberry and Fennel Seed, that have diuretic results

Does 7-DFBX Cause Side Effects

There are no reports of any side effects or negatives reaction. Customer interaction with the 7-DFBX is pretty much anonymous.

Does 7-DFBX Is It Recommended

It is almost impossible to recommend. Over-hyped with a lack of real testimonials does not appeal.

Where To Buy 7-DFBX In Australia

The official website appears to offer the most straightforward purchasing opportunity. It is unlikely to be sold in high profile chemists and pharmacy chains in Australia (Blooms, Chemist Warehouse and Rett White etc.) or supplement specialists such as GNC.

Alternative Fat Burners

Phen375 testimonials from real peopleThe fat burner market has a handful of products that are head of shoulders above the rest with arguably Phen375 the pick of the bunch.

Phen375 has received many positive reviews form many countries for its policy of encouraging ordinary people (as opposed to the paid celebrity) to send in their weight loss stories. There are many testimonials and this tactic has worked famously.

Phen375 is also produced in FDA registered facilities and used premium ingredients. Definitely one for the short list.

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