Abidexin Review – The Diet Pill That Used To Be Called Apidexin

Abidexin fat burner AustraliaAbidexin a fat burner that is available to buy without prescription and direct from its official website.

Abidexin is looks and sounds a lot like Apidexin  – that is because it is.

For an as yet unknown reason Apidexin has been rebranded and relaunched. Maybe because of the many negative reviews that seem to fill up the various search engines.

Read our review and see if you think it is worthy of a purchase

What is Abidexin?

Official website of AbidexinAbidexin contains GreenSelect Phytosome green tea, caffeine anhydrous, coenzyme Q10 and green coffee bean extract.

Each one of these ingredients is designed to help you lose weight without all the adverse side effects normally felt during dieting. The patented green tea contains forty percent EGCG and sixty percent polyphenols which have been proven to help people lose weight.

Caffeine anhydrous provides that energy boost that many people need. It also helps to stimulate thermogenesis and helps you to focus better. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is naturally found in your body’s cells.It helps to convert food into energy and is great for the health of your heart, but  CoEnxyme Q10 is unapproved by the FDA for supplement use.

What are green coffee beansFinally, green coffee bean extract has been the latest craze in weight loss. A lot of research has shown that taking green coffee bean extract has a positive effect on weight loss.

One study showed that in only twenty-two weeks, subjects lost seventeen pounds on average. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean is what gives it its power to aid in weight loss and the more of this acid in a product, the better it works. Abidexin has fifty percent chlorogenic acid.

Differences Between Apidexin and Abidexin

Replace the P with a B and that is about it

Apidexin and abidexin differences

What Does Abidexin Do?

Abidexin claims it can reduce body fat by boosting your metabolism, curb your cravings so that eating less than you normally do is not a challenge, and increase your energy and focus without that jittery feeling.

They are also proud to say that their product is made in the United States. You are required to take anywhere from one to three capsules at least a half hour before you eat breakfast and lunch, although it is recommended that you start out with one capsule as you may experience some side effects from the caffeine.

The Pros

Generally speaking, the ingredients are natural and do not pose a serious health threat. They offer a ninety-day money back guarantee even if you used one full bottle which means they believe in the success of their product.

They also include their seventy-two hour cleanse and free shipping in the United States if you order two or more bottles of Abidexin. The price is pretty low at only $36.65 per bottle.

The Cons

All natural does not necessarily mean it is good for you. The fact that they recommend starting with one capsule, but you can take as many as three is ambiguous and may leave a user wondering what the right dosage is to take.

They say too many capsules can cause too much weight loss and too much caffeine in the system, but some people, in an effort to lose a lot of weight, may think that it is okay to start with three capsules whereby potentially creating a health problem they do not need or want.

Testimonials on the site seem authentic, but it is difficult to tell if they are the real deal given the fact that many of these weight loss supplement sites use stock pictures.

Should You Try Abidexin?

For the price, it may be tempting to try Abidexin, but if you are someone who is sensitive to caffeine, this is not the product for you. And do not think that you can take this product without changing your eating habits or including regular exercise.

Their website clearly states that you should do both in order to lose weight more effectively. One could win an argument that if you do those two things by themselves, there is no need to spend your money on Abidexin.

Where To Buy Abidexin

Can be ordered from their own website that ships to all countries including Australia.

Other Diet Pills To Consider

Its hard to outside of Phen375 and Garcina Cambogia when fat burners are brought into the equation.

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