Avesil Review, Does It Work And Where To Buy

Avesil has been in existence for quite some time and has been the subject of many reviews, most of which are not what could be considered complimentary. There seems to some hostility surrounding some of its marketing tactics that somewhat detracts from the product itself.

For a start, once you are on the official website it is hard to get even the most basic information about the product (even price) without first going through the process of signing up and inputting at least an email address.

Other disturbing factors about the official website is that nothing is clickable, there are a few testimonials and clinical references – but they are not available to actually read further. There is a rather large banner that reads “Get Your Trial Today” – trials are pretty much frowned upon nowadays especially free trials as should be avoided.

Avesil advertise a free trial. It is strongly advised that you resist the temptation as the free trial is not exactly free!

Avesil Review

Websites and business practises aside lets take a closer look at the product itself.

The four main benefits and key selling points are that you can lose weight, reduce appetite, burn fat and increase energy. Pretty standard ‘key selling points’ for a diet pill in reality.

Manufacturers Claims

Geared towards suppressing appetite, increasing the metabolic rate and burning excess body fat.The manufactures highlight that you could experience quick weight loss results by employing the minimum of effort.

They are also keen to underline its referenced clinical data by pointing out nearly 300 published studies.

In addition they point out that you can lose up to 3 times more weight using it than without.

What Is In It – Ingredients

The formula is comprised of 100mcg Chromium (this is classed as the primary or active ingredients) with an additional proprietary blend of Decaffeinated Green Tea with Ashwagandha Extract (475mg) and Caffeine USP (75mg).

Avesil Testimonials And Customer Comments

The only testimonials that are published are on the official website. These do look a tad contrived . It is hard to find any real comments from customers of either a positive of negative nature.

Media Highlights

There is not much speculation in the Australian press either on television, radio or national or local newspapers. In truth not much media interest in any country.

Side Effects An Precautions

There have not been any cases of any severe side effects or any warnings issued. Although it should be noted that one or references have highlighted the long term effects are largely an unknown quantity.

Does Avesil Work

Just analysing the company tactics is enough to put potentials buyers off. Even more so when the ingredient list is looked into in any depth – where are the power ingredients, whet are the raspberry ketones, the capsicum and ingredients that are making the headlines.

Products such as this do not really inspire confidence in the industry. A lack of real clinical evidence, media interest and customer comments really lead us to obvious conclusion.

Very hard to give any sort of recommendation to – avoid!

Where To Buy Avesil In Australia

The official website is the most obvious stockist. Potential buyers from Australia will be disappointed if they walked into Chemist Warehouse or My Chemist expecting to find Avesil in the weight loss section

Recommended Alternatives

If you had to invest your time, money and weight loss aspirations to one product and you asked us to pin our colours to just one we would point you towards Phen375.

Phen375 is incredibly popular in many countries across the world and can boast many success stories and testimonials. Its official website has written and video testimonials from real life satisfied customers and encourage users to send in their progress

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