Capsiplex And Capsiplex Plus

There are some products that seem to revolutionise the industry they are part of, Capsiplex (and now Capsiplex Plus) have done exactly that.

The creation of a British company who released the product into their native UK customer base just after the new year in 2010 when new year resolutions are gathering momentum.

Such was the furore and clamour it sold out after a few days with the story even making the national press (Daily Mail newspaper).

Now Capsiplex has gone global with its popularity rising in the USA, Canada and most of Europe. Australia it seems is warming rather nicely to its arrival

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Capsiplex Review

If this is the first you have read of or even heard of Capsiplex then it would be in your interest to read on. Hopefully this review will provide some real insight and seriousness and less jingoism that appears to be highly prevalent and widespread on the internet.

Capsiplex contains capsicum (chili peppers) – a natural substance that has been studied for nearly three decades.

The link between red hot chili and the fat burning process has been well know and well documented. The problem with using chili in the weight loss industry was not its mechanic of action but its delivery method.

Not enough chili per serving is relatively useless and too much as you can run the risk of gastric irritation.

Manufacturers Claims

Contains the correct dosage of capsicum per serving to effectively act as a fat burner without causing any gastric irritation die to its unique caplet design.

Can help burn around 280 calories per day by thermogenically mobilising body fat

What Are The Ingredients

As mentioned above, capsicum is the the main key active ingredient but also contained are:

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 is particularly important, not just in the fat burning process but for general health. Niacin can help to increase your HDL or “good” cholesterol, by as much as 15 to 35 percent. It can also lower the “bad” cholesterol levels and triglycerides – two major causes of heart disease

Also present are Piperine this can raise the thermogenesis process which helps increase energy in your cells.

Capsiplex Plus contains everything found in the original but also includes 5HTP. 5HTP is a natural substance that can help raise the level serotonin in the brain. Suffers of depression have low levels of serotonin.

5HTP is affectionately known as the happy pill – if you are feeling down or mildly depressed seriously try 5HTP – it is non habit forming and will not cause side effects that some prescription medication could cause.

Weight gain has often been associated with negativity and a lack of happiness. Combining an effective fat burning agent with an effective natural pick-me-up is what the manufacturers consider to be a perfect partnership.

Capsiplex Customer Feedback

Perhaps the most compelling selling point that Capsiplex has to offer is its positive feedback.

Testimonials, feedback and comments that appear on product brands own website’s can sometimes be taken with a large inch of salt. Capsiplex has arguably the most independent comments and testimonials we have seen for a very long time.

Media Highlights

May not mean much to an Australia customer but one of the longest running TV programmes is Emmerdale (formally Emmerdale Farm) – one of the mainstays of the programme, Roxanne Pallet is used sparingly as the face and body of Capsiplex.

Capsiplex is far removed the Kardashian type media hype.

Potential Side Effects

Gastric irritation could have been an issue but the way the capsule is designed the problem seems to have been negated.

If you are pregnant of breast feeding do not use – similarly, if you are on medication for any other condition consult with your doctor before taking

Does Capsiplex Work

While all things don’t work for all for all people – If there was one product that is worthy of using it is this one.

Capsiplex Stockists In Australia

There is not a stockist in Australia that supplies over the counter. All purchases are made through the official website.

Pricing starts at around $47 (Australian) and multiple months packages are available. The official website displays US currency by default – but if you look towards the top you will see a familiar Australian flag.

if you want to try the product there is coupon code CMN10 – this will give you 10% of all packages.

Click here to visit the Official Capsiplex Website

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