Best Diet Pills 2022 for Australia

Our list of best diet pills for 2022 is not particularly long.

It only contains five products.

That does not sound like a lot bearing in mind the tens of thousands of options available, but the truth of the matter is most diet pills have a varied level of success – we opt for the best of the best.

The list has been updated and includes the best selling products for this year.

The five diet pills that made our list for 2022 have already proved to be incredibly good at helping people to burn extra calories and get slim. That’s one of the reasons they met with our approval.

The other criteria we take into consideration is customer service, guarantee and customer perception.


PhenQ 2022PhenQ is a diet pill manufactured in the USA and Europe. It’s only been available since 2015 and, if you are looking for a diet pill success story, PhenQ is it.

Over 190,000 people say it was the secret sauce that allowed them to finally lose weight.

That’s an astounding number of testimonials for a product that has only been available for such a limited amount of time.

It would be all to easy to put this success down to the fact that formulation contains an innovative new fat loss ingredient called a-Laceys Reset, but the truth of the matter is all the ingredients are good.

The way PhenQ is designed to work is also a major consideration.

It has the ability to support weight loss in five different ways and offers dieters such a complete level of support it’s little wonder so many people are sharing their PhenQ dieting success stories. It’s an appetite suppressant, a fat burner, an energy provider and so much more.

You can get a more in depth explanation of how the capsules work by reading our PhenQ Review


Phentaslim AustraliaUnlike PhenQ, Phentaslim is not a new diet pill. It’s been helping people to lose weight for a long time and is often favoured by dieters who are looking for a safe and legal alternative to the weight loss drug Phentermine (Duromine).

A lot of people who were prescribed Phentermine by their doctor, and then switched to Phentaslim, say they were shocked to discover it provided them with superior results.

Customer reviews show the Phentaslim formulation is also capable of providing side effect-free weight loss and it’s often said to be the best Phentermine substitutes money can buy.

Phentaslim AustraliaHowever, unlike the prescription weight loss drug, Phentaslim is not solely an appetite suppressant.

It offers dieters a number of different benefits that can accelerate weight loss in a safe and natural way.

If you want to know more about how this popular Phentermine substitute works, we suggest you take a look at our Phentaslim Review


Phen375 fat burnerThe next entry on our list of best diet pills for 2018 is also a product that has won the favour of thousands of people who went online looking to find a good Phentermine substitute.

The average weight loss reported by Phen375 users is 3 – 5lbs per week, but there a plenty of people who report losing a lot more and some users report weight losses that exceed 100lbs.

Often imitated, but never bettered, Phen375 has become a victim of its own success because many of the less scrupulous diet pill manufacturers have tried to line their pockets by producing fake versions of the product or marketing inferior products that have names that sound similar enough to confuse dieters into buying the wrong product.

If you need further information about all the benefits you can get by using the real Phen375, please check out our Phen375 review

Proactol XS

Proactol XS AustraliaProactol XS is a popular fat binding product and the reason it’s become so popular is very simple—it works. Proactol XS is powered by Chitosan.

There are plenty of other Chitosan fat binding products on the market, but it would be a serious error to group Proactol XS in with such an average crowd.

The formulation contains a superior form of Chitosan that’ s sourced from fungi and has proven to be far more efficient than the Chitosan taken from the shells of crabs and lobsters, which is still used in the majority of fat binding diet pills and is totally unsuitable for anyone who is vegetarian or allergic to seafood.

Proactol XSAlthough it’s primarily a product that helps reduce the amount of calories the body receives from dietary fat, Proactol XS also has the ability to suppress the appetite.

Admittedly, the amount of support provided is somewhat limited when compared with the other products that made our list of best diet pills for 2018, but Proactol XS remains the best option for anyone who prefers to lose weight by using a fat binding product.

Our Proactol XS review provides a more in depth look at this product and how it can help you to lose weight.

Garcinia Extra

Garcinia ExtraGarcinia Extra is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a diet pill that does not contain stimulants.

As the name suggests, it’s a weight loss product that contains garcinia cambogia. The pills get a little “extra” help from raspberry ketones though, and both fruits are so good at boosting weight loss results they belong to a class of food known as superfruits.

Garcinia cambogia provides a fat fighting chemical called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that suppress the desire to eat and help prevent the body from generating fresh stores of fat.

Garcinia Cambogia In AustraliaRaspberry ketones is also an appetite suppressant, and it accelerates fat burning too, so the combination provided here delivers a powerful punch. Some customers report losing 28lbs in less than three months.

That’s not bad at all for a fruit-powered diet pill, and no side effects have been reported, so Garcinia Extra is a very good fit for our list of best diet pills for 2018.

Think this could be the best diet pill for you, you can get a better idea of its abilities by reading our Garcinia Extra review.



Best Fat Burning Diet Pills For 2018

Putting together a list of the best fat burning diet pills for 2018 was no easy task but, after weighing all the pros and cons of a number of products, we finally decided on three.

All of them are manufactured by reputable companies and have succeeded in generating excellent customer feedback.

They are the three hottest fat burners available, it’s as simple as that, but none of them are overly expensive to buy and all of them come with a money back guarantee.


Buy PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ has only been available since the back end of 2015, so it’s still pretty much the new kid on the block, but it’s been kicking booty from day number one.

The fact that it contained a powerful new fat burning ingredient (a-LACYS RESET), and customers were being offered a 60-day money back guarantee (unheard of at the time), caused PhenQ to get a lot of attention.

Dieters were impressed—so impressed they decided to buy PhenQ instead of opting for more established products.

It seems likely the level of interest would have died down after a while, but when thousands of people began leaving feedback, saying how well PhenQ works, the new kid on the block’s street cred went through the roof.

PhenQ before and after

PhenQ AustralianIn less than two years, the pills have already helped over 190,000 thousand people to lose weight, allowing PhenQ to become the top selling diet pill in the world.

Although there can be no doubts about the product’s ability to burn fat, it offers dieters support in a number of other ways as well.

PhenQ is an appetite suppressant, a fat blocker, an energy provider, and does so much more it is often said to pack the power of multiple weight loss products rolled into one.

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Phentaslim AustraliaPhentaslim is the grandaddy on our list of best fat burning diet pills for 2017. It’s been around for a long time and the label on the bottle tells it like it is by stating Phentaslim is a “maximum strength hardcore fat burner”.

Customer feedback proves the label does not exaggerate and many former users state the product allowed them to lose weight even though they decided not to make the normal commitment to diet and exercise.

Although it’s always nice to read stories of dieting success, the results could only have been better if these people had put in a little extra work.

Phentaslim Resuts

Like the other two diet pills that made our list, Phentaslim is not just a fat burner. It contains ingredients that speed up the metabolism and provide appetite suppression. When the metabolism is faster it burns extra calories.

Phentaslim AustraliaIf the food the body receives is insufficient to provide them it has to burn fat calories instead. The appetite suppressing abilities of Phentaslim make it easier for dieters to eat less food without feeling hungry.

Once you stop and think about the various ways the product is designed to work, it’s not the slightest bit surprising this particular fat burning diet pills has become such a roaring success.

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Phen375Phen375 was an easy addition to our list of best fat burning diet pills for 2017. So many customers love this product it’s a wonder none of them have created a Phen375 fan club.

Judging by the information provided in customer reviews, dieters who use Phen375 are likely to average a weight loss of 3-6 pounds each week.

That’s not too shabby and some past users boast they have lost considerably more.

Phen375 before and after

In some ways its surprising Phen375 has managed to earn such acclaim. The marketing material the manufacturer is using somewhat understates the product’s abilities.

Phen375 Terry WhiteIt describes it as an appetite suppressing fat burner that provides assistance to people who need to lose weight. In a world where so many other diet pill manufacturers are making fantastic claims for their products,

Phen375 is the king of non-hype and the marketing material fails to make it clear the pills also boost the metabolism and provide extra energy as well.

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Over the Counter Diet Pills – Which Diet Pills Are Best

OTC diet Pills AustraliaA lot of people who are struggling to lose weight put a misguided amount of faith in prescription diet pills.

However, although there can be no denying the abilities of products such as Phentermine and Xenical (Orlistat), they were created many years ago, are largely chemical based, and do not compare well to some of today’s leading over-the-counter weight loss solutions.

Popular Misconceptions About Prescription Diet Pills

There are many misconceptions about prescription diet pills. Some of the more common ones include:

  • They are stronger than other options
  • They always work
  • There is no need for diet and exercise
  • They are suitable for long-term weight loss

Diet Pills over the counter AustraliaPrescription diet pills help can support weight loss, but they are only ever used for the short-term treatment of obesity and don’t work for everyone. Many people fail to lose weight using such medications.

This can because the chemical in the medication is not a good match for the person who needs to lose weight, but it can also be because they have not made the necessary lifestyle changes.

All the weight loss medications that are approved for prescription use have to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. If they are not results can suffer and, when a doctor sees their patient is not making the expected progress, they generally refuse to provide further prescriptions.

Why Over-the-Counter Diet Pills Can Be a Better Option

As with any industry, there are a few rogue manufacturers who are more interested in lining their pockets than helping people to lose weight more easily but, overall, the commercial marketplace has some excellent products to offer. Some of the best ones often contain pharmacy grade natural ingredients and are manufactured in facilities that are known to follow good manufacturing practice.

Unlike prescription diet pills, the formulations available to buy in the private sector are natural and do not contain chemicals. This a huge point in their favour.

Phentermine prescription onlySome chemicals such as the phenyl-tertiary-butylamine, used in Phentermine (prescription appetite suppressant), are habit forming. And all of the prescription diet pills available today have a long list of known side effects. This is one the biggest reasons they are only available via a doctor.

Commercially available diet pills, that are powered by natural ingredients, such as nopal cactus extract (appetite suppressant/fat blocker) and capsicum pepper (metabolism booster/fat burner), are a much better alternative.

The way they are designed to work also gives over-the-counter diet pills an edge that prescription weight loss drugs cannot match. Despite its limitations, Phentermine is often thought of as the ultimate weight loss drug. But it’s an appetite suppressant. Nothing more. Xenical also offers extremely limited benefits. It’s only a fat blocker.

Appetite suppressants and fat blockers can help reduce daily calorie intake, but they don’t speed up the metabolism or improve the body’s ability to burn fat.

PhenQ Australia fat burnerThe best natural alternatives, such as PhenQ and Garcinia Cambogia Extra, offer dieters multiple benefits.

Experts agree pills that work in this way offer the best results.

Natural ingredients can be blended in a way that provides this kind of overall dietary support, but the chemicals used in prescription weight loss drugs all offer such a wide range of side effects combining them would be extremely unwise.

How to Spot a Good Diet Pill

These days, anyone wishing to buy an over-the-counter diet pill will be spoiled for choice, but not all of the options available will really do the things they are claimed to do. That’s the cold hard truth. However, there are certain indications dieters can look for when searching for a pill to help them to lose weight.

Points to look for include:

  • Respected manufacturer
  • A money back guarantee
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Multiple benefits
  • No known side effects
  • Good customer reviews

All of the entries on our list of approved products meet the above criteria, so it’s a good place to start, but please be aware, as with prescription diet pills, good results will require a commitment to diet and exercise.

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