Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock Review – can you achieve extreme weight loss

D4 Thermal Shock reviewAccording to the manufacturers, D4 Thermal Shock weight loss capsules are a ‘high energy fat burner’ that can provide the user with:

  • Extreme fat loss
  • Explosive energy
  • Mental focus
  • Appetite support

The product is produced by Cellucor and sold world-wide via their online store and from a variety of independent online retailers.

D4 can also be purchased from Amazon and eBay so most people should be able to purchase the capsules easily enough. Prices vary from one supplier to the next, but consumers who purchase directly from Cellucor can expect to pay around $60 for 60 capsules.

Purchasing a tub of 120 capsules will prove to be more cost effective.  More significant savings can be made by simply avoiding the Cellucor (overpriced) online store altogether and purchasing elsewhere. It is often possible to purchase 120 capsules from Amazon for just $28, but Cellucor only offer a money back guarantee to customers who buy directly from their site.

Marketing Bias

D4 Thermal shock is probably better suited to the needs of people involved in sports or pursing some other kind of athletic pursuit (including bodybuilding). Although many people may be attracted to a product that supposedly ‘incinerates body fat’ the average dieter is unlikely to require one that promises ‘explosive energy’ and an ‘adrenaline rush’.

D4 Thermal Shock marketing

Usage Instructions & Considerations

D4 Thermal Shock is not designed for continuous use. Capsules can be taken for a maximum of eight weeks, after which supplementation must be stopped for at least four weeks.

One capsule should be taken each morning. A second capsule is taken in the afternoon, but at least six hours should be left between doses and Cellucor recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day. They also warn that some of the ingredients used in the formulation may not be compliant with the restrictions imposed by some sporting organizations.

Consumers who have developed a high tolerance to stimulants may double each dose if required.

List of Ingredients

Each capsule contains 588mg of product, but all the ingredients are hidden in a proprietary blend, inclusion rates are unavailable,  and it is impossible to say what benefits (or side effects) D4 may provide.

  • Amla Fruit Extract:  Often dubbed the Indian gooseberry. One study showed the ingredient may be able to lower blood glucose levels, but further testing is required.
  • Caffeine:  A powerful stimulant that can certainly pep-up the energy levels, but side effects are common.
  • White Willow Bark Extract:  Believed to be an anti-inflammatory, but not generally associated with weight loss.
  • Octopamine:  A substance taken from the salivary glands of octopi. It is often credited with appetite suppressing qualities, but this ability has never been adequately proven.
  • Yohimbine Bark:  A stimulant often included in bodybuilding supplements. It is believed (not proven) to be a fat burner, but large doses can result in hallucinations, panic attacks, and blood pressure problems.
  • Evodiamine:  Some evidence suggests evodiamine can assist weight loss, but it can also slow blood clotting, and should always be avoided by pregnant women because its use can result in uterus shrinkage.
  • Passion flower extract:  There is some evidence that passion flower extracts can help reduce anxiety levels, but its presence adds little of value here.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine:  May assist muscle growth, but the reason for its inclusion here is hard to determine.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is available on many sites and, overall, shows a mixed response to the product.

Some customers feel they’ve wasted their money:

“Does not work !! Waste of money !!! Taking it for a month didn’t lose a pound and I exercised.”

Other people love it:

“Best fat burner I have used! Excellent energy, I experienced zero crash and I kept wanting to go harder and harder! Highly recommend!”

While still others state it made them feel ill:

“Jitters, headache, clouded vision, felt like I was going to pass out & throw up. After all that went away I had a rush of energy, bur more or less felt drunk or like I was on some sort of hardcore drug (I’ll assume that’s what meth is like). Didn’t understand what was going on around me until I woke up from a necessary nap.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

D4 Thermal Shock contains several stimulants that could cause side effects, and the lack of  inclusion rates makes it difficult to estimate how bad the side effects may be, but some customers report very severe reactions to the formulation so all potential users should seek medical advice before using D4 Thermal Shock.

The Bottom Line

Cellucor’s blend may offer some benefits to users whose primary need is for extra stimulation to get them through a workout or other sporting endeavor, but the lack of inclusion rates makes it difficult to ascertain whether there will be enough benefits to justify the manufacturer’s (high) price, and use of the blend may entail nasty side effects that many users may find unacceptable.

As a weight loss aid the formulation falls flat on its face.  It’s sold as a ‘high energy fat burner’ but the blend only contains one (unproven) fat burning ingredient that is diluted with seven other ingredients. Needless to say, many better options are available.

Not Recommended

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