Diet Ultima and Cleanse Ultima

Diet Ultima Cleanse ultimaDiet Ultima is a weight loss product sold on the back of big promises that does not appear to be supported by any of the information (such as it is) available on the Diet Ultima website.

In some countries (Australia, US, Canada and the UK) Cleanse Ultima is offered as a dual purchase option.

The main selling points of the product are as follows:

  • Lose weight without diet or exercise
  • Improve your health while improving your body
  • Detoxify your body and allow for body sculpting
  • Fit into those skinny jeans and look your best again

No diet, no exercise—just a few pills? That would mean they would have to be magic pills and, although many dieters may wish this was not so, such things simply do not exist.

How the Formulation Works

Diet Ultima capsules appear to be designed to assist weight loss by providing

  • Appetite suppression
  • Carb blocking
  • Fat burning

Diet Ultima website

Marketing Bias

The use of a predominantly pink website that displays toned bikini-clad models suggests the company behind Diet Ultima see the capsules as being particularly suitable for female dieters, but there is nothing in the formulation that would make it unsuitable for male users as well.

Active Ingredients

No inclusion rates are supplied, but Diet Ultima contains:

  • Raspberry Ketone: Several studies suggest raspberry ketone may be an effective fat burner, but the high cost of the ingredient resulted in the development of a cheaper, synthetic version that does not provide the same kick as the original. It is unclear which version is used here, but, bearing in mind the lack of inclusion rates, that is somewhat of a moot point.
  • White Kidney Beans: White kidney beans contain a component that prevents specific digestive enzymes from functioning, causing carbohydrates to remain undigested and pass through the body without releasing any of their calories.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: A fruit-based ingredient that provides appetite suppression and fat burning. It can also prevent excess carbohydrate from being converted into fat, but the inclusion of white kidney beans makes it highly unlikely this ability will be required. Garcinia cambogia ia arguably the standout ingredient in the formulaGreen Coffee Beans: Normal coffee beans that have not been roasted and, consequentially, retain the full quotient of chlorogenic acid. Numerous studies have proven chlorogenic acid to be an effective fat burner, but if the quantity used here is insufficient its inclusion will provide little or no benefit.
  • Guarana: A potent source of caffeine that should boost energy levels and put an extra spring in the step, but such benefits may come at a price. Possible side effects may include restlessness, nausea, and heart palpitations.Citrus Aurantium: Also called bitter orange, citrus aurantium contains the stimulant synephrine. Believed to provide appetite suppression and fat burning, synephrine is a controversial ingredient that has been linked to cardiovascular-related side effects including heart attacks and seizures.
How to Use Diet Ultima

The Diet Ultima website lacks usage instructions, but each bottle lasts for 30 days and contains 60 capsules so, doing the math, the dosage must be 2 capsules a day.

Customer Response

The Diet Ultima website provides three glowing endorsement that are attributed to product users. Claimed weight losses range from 25lbs. to 65lbs., but comments placed on product websites can never be relied upon, and the before and after pictures used on the Diet Ultima site raise some questions. None of the before pictures show the belly-owner’s face and big bellies seldom become little bellies without leaving saggy, unsightly skin, yet all the skin on show looks tight and firm.

Side Effects & Health Considerations

The official site fails to mention the possibility of side effects, but white kidney beans can be hard on the stomach and gas may be an issue. A far greater issue is presented by the inclusion of citrus aurantium, so all potential users should seek medical advice prior to commencing supplementation.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Diet Ultima can only be purchased from the Diet Ultima website, which is remarkably devoid of information about the price, but offers visitors the opportunity to try a free bottle of pills (before stocks run out).

Here is the problem: A card payment is required to cover the cost of the postage, and the (very) small print, hidden at the bottom of the page and unlikely to be read, states acceptance of the trial bottle results in automatic enrollment into an automatic billing and shipping cycle:

“—we will ship you a monthly supply every month if you do not cancel your enrollment within 14 days of placing your order.”

That’s not good, but it gets worse:

“We will send you a fresh 30-day supply of our product every 30 days for the low price of £150/£87.00 plus shipping.”

There’s a name for this tactic. It’s called the Free Trial Auto-Billing Scam and it’s very common—especially with raspberry ketone products—and $150/£87 is very expensive for an untested product that may not work and could potentially endanger the health.

The Verdict

It’s hard to know where to start with this one because there are so many reasons not to buy.

  • Unproven formulation
  • Unsupported claims
  • No inclusion rates provided
  • Use of a potentially dangerous ingredient
  • No independent feedback
  • Expensive product
  • Use of free trial auto-billing scam

Needless to say, there are many better options available.

Recommended Diet Pills

Garcinia Extra As touched upon above the standout ingredients are Garcinia cambogia and Raspberry Ketone.

Garcinia Extra contains both of these ingredients in their recommended quantities.

Garcinia Extra is a leading brand and comes highly recommended.

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