Hellfire EPh150 Review – is it really a fat burning metabolic incinerator

Hellfire EPh150 AustraliaHellfire EPh150 is a diet pill marketed online by a company called Innovative Diet Labs.

The company describe the product as a “fat burning metabolic incinerator” and state it will deliver “ultimate hardcore energy”.

It’s quite a hyped-up product, and with it predominantly black packaging and pictures of purple flames on the label it has a bad-boy look that is a good choice for a product with a name like Hellfire.

Advertised benefits include:

  • Attacks unwanted body fat
  • Promotes euphoric feeling
  • Increase energy levels
  • Helps achieve desired physique
  • Improves alertness & focus
  • Increases your metabolism

However, potential users need to be aware the marketing material is suggestive of a supplement that may be problematic for many users. The manufacturers state it is a “real metabolic monster” that has even stunned veteran hardcore supplement users. The following statement is particularly worrying: “HELLFIRE is the hard-pumping, stimulant-filled, get-up-and-go supplement for people used to living on the edge and getting that adrenaline pumping.”

What is Hellfire EPh150 and what does it Do?

Judging by the marketing material, Hellfire EPh150 appears to be a combined stimulant and fat burning supplement that probably offers the most potential for bodybuilders who are more accustomed to high amounts of stimulants and need a way to amp-up their training sessions.

Key Ingredients

One of the most worrying things about this product is the amount of inconsistencies about the ingredients used in the formulation. The eBay sales page lists two proprietary blends that contain 9 active ingredients, but one website selling the product lists 12 ingredients. Another lists 15. This suggests the blend have been changed a number of time and/or that there may be different versions of the product on the market.

One picture of the label states each capsule contains three proprietary blends and a generous helping of caffeine:

  • Caffeine anyhdrous (150mg)
  • Ephedran (150mg): Caralluma Fimbriata (pregnane + megastigmane glycosides)
  • StimMax (140mg): Black tea, green tea, B-Phenethylamine , Evodiamine 98%, alpha yohimbine
  • ThermoCore (95mg): Coleus forkohili, peppermint

Blend Potential

Caffeine has potential as a thermogenic fat burner, but its main value is as a stimulant; so its presence here should help deliver some of the promised energy.

Caralluma fimbriata is an ingredient sourced from a species of cactus. It has a longstanding reputation for providing appetite suppression and is also believed capable of suppressing the formation of fresh fat cells.

Green tea is a healthy ingredient that provides numerous antioxidants and can speed the metabolism and triggering thermogenic fat burning. One study shows the fat-fighting abilities of green tea can be enhanced when combined with other sources of caffeine.

Black tea also offers weight less benefits, but is not nearly as powerful as green tea

Tests conducted on laboratory mice indicate evodiamine may have thermogenic fat burning abilities, but it has never been adequately proven to be effective for humans. Yohimbe is a fat burning stimulant, and coleus forskohlii is believed to be a metabolism booster. In theory all the inclusions have merit, but the big question is: are these all the inclusions and, if not, what else is included in the mix?

How to Take Hellfire EPh150 –¬†New users should commence supplementation with a daily dose of just one capsule per day. If no negative issues are encountered the dosage can be increased to one capsule, taken twice per day, but Hellfire EPh150 should never be taken within six hours of bedtime and two capsules should never be exceeded in any 24-hour period.

A 20-day break is required after ever 45-day period of continuous supplementation.

Customer Feedback

We could only find two customer reviews:

This product scared the life out of me. I felt very shaky, started sweating, and broke out in goose bumps. I felt totally spaced out. It was most unpleasant. I will not be ordering again.”
“Hellfire EPh150 is a fantastic product that helps you to lose weight without making you all jittery and agitated. It gives you lots of energy and puts you in a wonderful mood.”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

The manufacturers state Hellfire EPh150 is unsuitable for pregnaant or nursing mothers or anyone who is under 18-years of age. People who have existing health issues or are using prescription medications are advised to consult a physician prior to commencing supplementation. The manufacturers also state the importance of drinking at least two litres of water per day and warn that combining use of the capsules with sources of caffeine may experience “serious activity in high temperature condition (greater than 80F)”.

The health warning on the label states Users who experience rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, or any other negative reaction should to halt supplementation and seek medical attention.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Hellfire EPh150 is available some of the lesser-known online supplement stores, but is not stocked by any of the main suppliers like GNC or from any of the popular pharmacy chains. The product is also marketed extensively via eBay. At the time of this review were able to find one eBay supplier from Poland who was selling 100 capsules for USD$ 24.99 and offering free international shipping.

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