Is Liproxenol The Best Diet Pill In Australia

Liproxenol is very much focused towards Australian customers with a dedicated website (ending with and claiming to be Australia’s leading all natural diet pill that has helped over 3 million people lose weight without causing side effects or having to embark on a strict starvation diet regime.

Once you have listened to Caroline’s video introduction on the official website you may well feel inclined to make a purchase. It is worth noting that there is also a dedicated US and UK website, with the former engaging in an auto-billing scheme that is not illegal but nonetheless can be misleading and cause all manner of problems when trying to cancel a subscription.

Manufacturers Claims

  • Australia’s leading diet pills with over 3 million bottles sold
  • Can burn fat and suppress appetite
  • No strict starvation diet needed
  • Does not cause side effects

Liproxenol Review

Liproxenol Australia websiteAs mentioned above the initially feeling is “sold” do I order – this is largely due a very slick and well presented (albeit one page) website. There is lots of information regarding ingredients and what each individual one does, there are also lots of testimonials.

There are also free gifts given away such a pedometer and some bottles of an accompanying cleaning product. It is still pretty hard to resist making a purchase.

How Does it Work

Liproxenol is a fat burner by definition that targets your metabolism whilst also helping to suppress your appetite. The manufacturers claim that their product can sustain metabolic fat burning with their clinically proven ingredients that have undergone clinical research.

What Is In It

There are 5 main ingredients:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (50% HCA): This is derived from a small fruit that is near identical to mangosteens are often referred to as “monkey fruits”. Many commercial appetite suppressants contain Garcinia as either a main of combination ingredients.
  • L-Carnitine: A fact burning agent that has just s many critics as supporters. No real evidence exists that L-Carnitine can help burn excess fat
  • Dandelion Leaf: An ever-present in herbal remedies it would seem. A diuretic that can also help fight infection. Not effective for permanent weight loss as the weight lost initially is often put straight back on again
  • Green Tea: A rich source antioxidants that is a proven fat burner. Green tea is generic – there are highly effective varieties and some which are relatively useless. there is no indication as to what type of green tea is in Liproxenol
  • Cayenne Powder: Red hot chili pepper – the most interesting ingredient that has lots of study and research attached to it. Unfortunately the amount per serving contained is a mystery

Media Highlights

Nothing of any great importance to report.

Liproxenol Side Effects 

Should not pose any great health risk if used in accordance with the manufacturers directives. Should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers – or by anyone currently on prescription medication or with an existing medical condition

Liproxenol Success Stories Or Complaints

The only success stories are in its own official website. Elsewhere on more unbiased sources there is a slightly different story.

There are several complaints lodges mainly aimed at the auto-billing subscription scheme that is in operation on the US based website.

The actual effectiveness of the product is conspicuous by its absence

Does It Work

Judged purely on the ingredient list given there is nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that would warrant a purchase

Liproxenol Stockists Where To Buy Australia

Australian customers should look to the official website and avoid buying from third party stockists such as Amazon and Ebay.

Stockist that sell supplements in-store such as chemists and pharmacies are also unlikely to stock.

Recommended Alternatives

Phen375 is a combination appetite suppressant and fat burner that draws from premium grade ingredients that have been formalised in FDA approved facilities.

Possibly the biggest selling point that Phen375 has is its use of real life customer testimonials. We have yet to find a commercial diet that offers the transparency that Phen375 does.

Read our review of Phen375

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