Ketovox – Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant

Ketovox reviewJudging by its distinctive pink and white bottle, Ketovox diet pills appear to be marketed towards women rather than men. The product is also shrouded in mystery because it appears to be solely marketed via the Fit Solution Nutrition online store and the sales page fails to disclose the identity of the manufacturer, the required dosage, possible side effects, ingredient inclusion rates, or how the product is designed to work.

However, what the page lacks in information, it make up for with spiel.

According to the Ketovox sales page the product is:

  • Backed by solid science
  • Provides safe weight loss quickly
  • Is the hottest weight loss pill
  • Delivers fat burning, appetite suppression and high energy

What is Ketovox and What does it Do?

Judging by the statements above, the formulation appears to be designed to speed up the metabolism and encourage fat burning while also ensuring a lowered calorie intake by helping to keep eating habits under control. Any number of other products are designed to work in the same way, so this is nothing new.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

In all fairness to Fit Solution Nutrition, they do provide quite a bit of information about the five ingredients that power the Ketovox blend. Unfortunately it all means nothing without an idea of the weights and ratios involved. It is also worth noting the present formulation is very different to that shown on other review sites, so the blend has been completely changed at least once.

Raspberry ketones seems to take top-billing as the main ingredient in the present formulation and the sales page states its abilities are supported by five more ingredients, but only lists four. So either there has been an error in counting or the present blend contains an undisclosed ingredient.

The Ketovox weight loss formulation contains:

  • Raspberry Ketones: Scientific research suggests supplementation with raspberry ketones can result in increased adiponectin levels. When the availability of this form of protein is increased the appetite is suppressed and chemical changes occur in the body that ultimately result in an improved ability to burn fat. Raspberry Ketones is a good ingredient and it performed very well when the American weight loss expert Dr Oz put it through its paces on National TV. However, raspberry ketones is an incredibly expensive ingredient, so many manufacturers scrimp on inclusion rates or use sub-standard synthetic forms; so the fact that no inclusion rate is provided is a major issue.
  • L-Carnitine: An amino acid that is manufactured within the body, but is often included in supplements that are designed to provide weight loss or improved muscle growth. Some studies suggest it has the ability to boost energy levels and provide a feeling of improved vitality. L-carnitine is also an antioxidant that can offer protection against the damaging effects of the free radicals (toxins) found in some foods.
  • Maqui Berry Extract: An ingredient that is derived from the fruit of an evergreen shrub that is native to Chile and Argentina. It is credited with several medicinal benefits, and is a good source of antioxidants, but the claims made for its potential as a weight loss aid cannot be supported by sufficient scientific proof.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): A vitamin-like ingredient that is known to be an antioxidant. It is naturally occurring in broccoli, potatoes, liver, and many other foods and can also be manufactured in a laboratory. The body uses ALA to assist the breakdown of carbohydrates, so it can have value as an energy provider.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: The chlorogenic acid provided by green coffee beans is renowned for its fat burning abilities, so it is not unusual to see green coffee bean extract used as a standalone weight loss provider. The dosage used in most scientific studies ranges from 120-300mg, but how this compares to the amount used here is anybody’s guess.
How to Take Ketovox –¬†We were unable to find any information about the required dosage or any instructions regarding the product’s use other than the pills should be used in conjunction with diet and exercise

Ketovox Customer Feedback

The only customer feedback available comes courtesy of the site selling the product and is highly suggestive of a weight loss product that works. But reviews and testimonials gathered from sites that have a vested interest in any product’s reputation can never be relied upon to be wholly accurate or unbiased.

Possible Side Effects Of Ketovox

No side effects are mentioned, but the formulation is unlikely to be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. People who have existing health issues, or are using medication, should always consult with their doctor prior to using any brand of weight loss supplement.

Is There a Guarantee

The manufacturer does not offer a money back guarantee, but Fit Solution Nutrition does and it is good for 90 days.

Where To Order Ketovox

A bottle of Ketovox diet pills costs $39.95 from the Fit Solution Nutrition online store. Customers who purchase two or more bottles receive a discount and an auto-ship option is also available that allows customers to get their pills at a discounted price if they agree to receive a fresh shipment of pills every month.

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