Lean Xtreme – can it really help you lose weight and keep muscle tone

Lean Xtreme reviewLean Xtreme is a sports supplement produced in the USA by Driven Sports. It has been designed expressly for men and contains only herbal ingredients.

Listed benefits include:

  • Cortisol control support: DON’T let the destructive side of cortisol hold you back!
  • Maintain mass: Promotes optimal thyroid and testosterone output!
  • No Jitter fat loss support: Stacks perfectly with the stimulant fat burner of your choice!

Cortisol is a catabolic compound that reduces protein synthesis and breaks down muscle tissue and limits growth potential. The adrenal glands release cortisol during moments of mental and physical stress (such as while training), so any supplement that can successfully control its release offers obvious benefits.

Healthy thyroid function is important for the metabolism and testosterone enhances performance and accelerates healing. So, again, the benefits are obvious, and the lack of stimulants should ensure jitter-free usage, but how well the formulation works will depend on quality and quantity of the ingredients used.

Lean Xtreme Pros and Cons at a Glance

The Pros The Cons
  • Contains green tea
  • Some good customer reviews
  • Reputable company
  • No inclusion rates provided
  • Some negative reviews
  • Guarantee not available


Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each capsule provides 455mg of a proprietary blend. Individual inclusion rates are not available.

  • what is green teaGreen Tea Extract (leaf) – Green tea is a good source of antioxidants and clinical research supports the many claims made for its potential as metabolism booster and fat burner. The kind of results offered are usually not extreme, but they are practically guaranteed—presuming an adequate quantity is included. Whether the Lean Xtreme formulation provides this is impossible to say due to the lack of inclusion rates.
  • Salvia Miltiorrhiza (root) (15-hydramax™) – A patented form of red sage extract that is believed to help control cortisol levels and provide numerous other health benefits, but is still very much in the experimental stage and lacks sufficient proof to adequately back up any of the claims made for it.
  • Forskohlii (root) Driven Sports claim forskohlii can mimic the abilities of the hormone that regulates thyroid activity and can aid the conversion of T4 hormone to ACTIVE T3 hormone. This is a bit of an exaggeration. Many of the claims that are in circulation about the ingredients abilities lack the necessary scientific proof required to validate them and the consensus of expert opinion appears to be that further evaluation is required.
  • Phosphatidylserine – A compound that is naturally occurring in certain meat products and in white beans. Studies show phosphatidylserine can boost cogitative function and aid post exercise recovery, but tests show that doses of less than 400mg are not effective.
  • 7b-hydroxy, 17b-dihydro DHEA (5-AT™) – A branded supplement that consists of a by-product of a DHEA-type hormone that is manufactured in the body, but can be produced synthetically. It is believed to function as an antioxidant and stimulate the immune system, and Driven Sports state it can help control cortisol levels, but further evaluation is required.
  • Black Pepper Extract (fruit) (BioPerine) There is evidence to suggest black pepper can be invaluable for helping other ingredients to be absorbed quickly and may also boost their capabilities.
How to Take Lean Xtreme – One capsule should be taken two to three times per day. Best results will be obtained if the first capsule is taken directly upon waking, the second capsule four hours later, and the final capsule with the evening meal or just before retiring to bed.

To maximise results supplementation should be continued for at least four weeks, but the pills are not suitable for more than eight weeks of continuous use.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is predominantly good, but a few users were less than wowed by the results obtained.

A few sample testimonials read:

“I only took it for a month, but it did the job, all the excess puppy fat is gone.”

“It helped me to retain muscle mass during cutting cycles, so as far as I’m concerned it was worth every penny.”

“Don’t waste your money it doesn’t work. I took two bottles and followed the instruction carefully. ZERO RESULTS!!!”

Cant really tell if it worked or not, dont feel, look any different. I’m guessing by my own deduction it didn’t work 🙁

Possible Side Effects From Lean Xtreme

A few customers report side effects that include upset stomachs and skin rashes, but the formulation appears to be tolerated well by the majority of users. However, pregnant and nursing mothers should never use any form of dietary supplement. Anyone who has existing health issues or is taking medication should consult a doctor prior to commencing supplementation.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Lean Xtreme costs USD$ 49.19 to USD$ 56.99 (depending on promotion) when purchased from the Driven Sports website. It is also possible to purchase the pill from a number of online stores and from Amazon.

Recommended Alternative

Lean Xtreme certainly puts a (fairly) unique spin with its angle on Cortisol – however we are not entirely convinced.

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