Nuvoryn Review, Whats in it, how does it work and Is it worth buying

Nuvoryn reviewNuvoryn is a weight loss supplement that promises spectacular weight loss. It comes in pill form and is sold worldwide via several official websites, presented in various different languages. These are the only source of supply.

The official websites look slick and professional, and offer many bulk-buy incentives that may encourage consumers to purchase large initial quantities of the product, but complaints are common and some customers claim to have paid for quantities of pills they never received.

Nuvoryn is heavily advertised and has been the subject of many a forum discussion – mostly complaining about its efficacy and customer service

official nuvoryn websiteThere is also some confusion over the manufacturer’s identity. The website terms and conditions page states that all returns should be sent to Nathans Naturals and provides the address of a post office box.

The rest of the page has frequent references to Avilan Marketing LLC (USA division) and L.G.O. Goods Online Ltd. (EU division). One or more of these may be fulfillment companies and it is always a cause for concern when a manufacturer goes to such lengths to remain anonymous.

What Is Nuvoryn And How Does It Work?

Nuvoryn is diet pill that is claimed to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning. All of the ingredients are natural, and some of them may assist weight loss, but the manufacturers fail to disclose the inclusion quantities and this makes it very difficult to predict how effective this product is likely to be.

Key Ingredients

  • Green Tea:  A popular ingredient of many weight loss supplements, but its reputation as a fat burner is more optimistic than scientific. The Nuvoryn websites reference several studies that are purported to prove the weight loss benefits of green tea, but one of the studies referenced concludes that “calorie losses were small in study subjects and wouldn’t make a big difference in the life of an obese person”.
  • Guarana:  A potent source of caffeine and a proven stimulant, but there is no evidence that the use of guarana can promote weight loss.
  • Yerba Mate:  Sourced from a South America shrub that is used in a popular beverage named “mate”. Yerba mate also has a history of medicinal use, and is believed to aid weight loss, but there is a distinct lack of clinical evidence to support this claim.
  • Resveratrol:  Usually extracted from red grapes. Resveratrol is a known antioxidant and many health benefits are attributed to its use. It also has a reputation as a fat burner, but clinical evidence is lacking. The Nuvoryn websites reference some online resources that appear to support resveratrol’s fat –fighting credentials, but one of the resources is an article in an article directory. Anyone can submit articles to such directories so the article cannot be relied upon for accuracy.
  • Siberian Ginseng:  Ginseng offers many health benefits and has a long history of use in Eastern medicine, but it has never been proved to assist weight loss. The Nuvoryn website references a study that appears to be supportive, but the study was conducted on mice, all of which received unusually high doses of ginseng. A diet pill capable of providing a human with an equal percentage of ginseng would be too big to swallow.
  • Pomegranate Extract:  A natural anti-inflammatory and a source of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The Nuvoryn website states the extract can support weight loss, but the point of reference provided on the site is an online article, not a clinical trial.

Nuvoryn Success Stories

Nuvoryn testimonialsThe product websites are the only notable source of positive reviews and testimonials. Nuvoryn seem to be in the middle of a clean-up campaign at the moment, but up until recently the same woman was shown on all sites. She was Kate T. on one site and Katie T on another. She was also Katilyn T., and Barbara Ha; her supposed weight loss varied from site to site and ranged from 10.5 kg to 16kg. An inconsistency such as this should tell the consumer all they need to know about the reliability of the rest of the site endorsements.

Possible Side Effects Of Nuvoryn

Nuvoryn has never been the subject of scientific testing; so there is no data available to support any weight loss claims attributed to it, or to suggest if its use is likely to result in side effects.

Some of the ingredients are known to be sources of caffeine though, and large quantities of caffeine can produce some nasty side effects, including heart palpitations. This is especially worrying because the inclusion rate is not known.

The Bottom Line – Is It Worth Buying

Everything about the product is surrounded in mystery. The manufacturers are unknown, the inclusion rate of ingredients is unknown, and—more importantly—its ability to aid weight loss is also unknown. The things that are known fail to impress:

  • The websites contain a wealth of misleading information
  • Dubious sources of reference are provided to back up claims for the ingredients
  • Many customers complain they have not received their orders
Nuvoryn is not a recommended product. There are many better alternatives available—ones that are tested, proven to work, and have genuine, positive testimonials from satisfied customers.

Where To Buy Nuvoryn In Australia And New Zealand

The official website(s) is the only stockist. There is no in-store presence anywhere in Australia or New Zealand – GNC, Chemist Warehouse etc have no plans to stock.

Nuvoryn has been spotted on Amazon and Ebay – our advice is to avoid buying any health supplement for Amazon or Ebay.

Recommended Alternative

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ is an extremely popular and highly effective commercial diet pill. It contains a hybrid formula that has spawned many copycat products. PhenQ is the original.

There are many real and believable testimonials on the official website – users are keenly requested to send in their PhenQ experience good, bad or indifferent by either email or video.

To read our review on PhenQ


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