Glucomannan Appetite Suppressor – Clinical Proof

All about GlucomannanGlucomannan is a high-fibre root extract sourced from a perennial plant called konjac.

It’s often used as an appetite suppressing ingredient in diet pills and it’s ability to control hunger has been put to the test and proven in numerous clinical trails.

Although the root extract is sometimes listed on diet pill bottles under the name “konjac”, glucomannan is the name most commonly used.

Glucomannan: An Appetite Suppressor

Despite the fact that in some Asian countries glucomannan flour is used to make noodles, the ingredient has very little nutritional value and contains next to no calories at all.

However, the fact that it’s ultra low in calories is neither here nor there.

Glucomannan’s real value as a weight loss aids is due to its phenomenal ability to soak up water.

When glucomannan is combined with water, it can absorb up to 50 times its own weight in liquid and the resulting combination is an nondigestible gel that fills the stomach and takes away the appetite.

Glucomannan: An Appetite SuppressorCalorie Reduction and Weight Loss the Glucomannan Way

When people talk about calorie restricted or low-calorie diets, they are talking about a diet that is designed to deliberately cause the body to experience an energy shortage.

A calorie is a unit of energy and the calories in food are the fuel that powers the body. When people overeat or eat too much high calorie food, the body gets more calories than it needs and stores the excess as fat.

When the situation is reversed, the body reclaims calories from its stores of fat and burns them to get energy. It’s quite simple really.

The hard thing is sticking to a diet that is low enough in calories to cause the desired fat burning effect.

Many failed dieters saw their dreams of a slimmer body go up in smoke because the hunger pangs they experienced were too powerful for them to bear.

A full stomach is a happy stomach, but food is not needed when the stomach has been filled with glucomannan gel.

Glucomannan powder diet pills

Proof That Glucomannan Works

Numerous studies show glucomannan is an appetite suppressant that works. After one eight-week double-blind placebo study, involving 20 obese individuals, the researchers noted a “significant weight loss” that was accompanied by a lowering of the volunteers’ cholesterol levels.

In a much larger study, Norwegian researchers enlisted the help of 176 volunteers and assigned each of them a place in one of four groups.

  • Group one received glucomannan only
  • Group two got glucomannan and guar gum
  • Group three were given glucomannan and alginate
  • Group four got the placebo

All four groups were put on a calorie-controlled diet. The members of all four groups successfully lost weight, but the placebo group lost less than the other three groups and the member of group one (glucomannan only) lost the most weight of all.

This lead the researchers to conclude:

“Glucomannan induced body weight reduction in healthy overweight subjects, whereas the addition of guar gum and alginate did not seem to cause additional loss of weight.”

Additional Benefits

A number of other claims are made for glucomannan, but its ability to support weight loss and control cholesterol are the only two that can be supported by sufficient scientific proof.

However, glucomannan is also believed to be capable of slowing nutrient absorption rates sufficiently to prevent post-eating blood sugar spikes and the resulting rush of insulin that can force the blood sugar to drop so low it initiates a desire for high-calorie food.

Glucomannan is also believed to be capable of boosting friendly gut-living bacteria (prebiotics). When this kind of bacteria flourishes it’s believed to be very beneficial for the health and may have the potential to improve weight loss.

The Bottom Line

Glucomannan’s ability to fill up the stomach and limit the desire for food has been proven by science.

It works well, suppresses the appetite in a very natural way, and is unlikely to cause side effects like certain other diet pill ingredients do.

It’s alleged potential in other areas is certainly interesting, and future studies may prove some of the theories about glucomannan that are being presented today.

However, as far as weight loss goes, the only proven certainty is glucomannan is an appetite suppressing diet pill ingredient that works.

Best Glucomannan Diet Pills

Lean Bean Australian WebsiteOne of the best Glucomannan diet pills we have reviewed is LeanBean. It contains the exact amount of Glucomannan for optimum benefit plus some other ingredients that can help you burn fat.

LeanBean also contains ingredients that can help overcome hormonal imbalance. The negative, if you can call it a negative is that it is exclusively for women.

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CurraNZ Blackcurrant Extract Capsules – What You Should Know

CurraNZ PillsResearch suggests people who take two CurraNZ New Zealand blackcurrant extract capsules per day may burn as much fat as they would normally burn during four weeks of regular exercise.

CurraNZ capsules are available in many health food stores and is an Amazon best seller in sports supplements.

As far as the cost goes, it appears pretty cheap, but anyone using the recommended dose of two capsules per day will need to buy two 30-capsule boxes per month.

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New Zealand blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants that can benefit the health in many ways.

They also contain anthocyanins that can increase blood flow during exercise. Two 7-day research studies suggests this may accelerate the fat burning process by an average of 27 percent for women and 21 percent for men.

According to, study author, Dr Sam Shepherd, from Liverpool John Moores University, an improvement that is 20 percent or more would normally only be attained by doing three to four weeks of endurance training.

“Seven days is not a very long time to see such big changes,” Shepherd points out. “It was positive to see that the effects of blackcurrants on fat burning extend to females, especially since women already have a greater dependence on fat as a fuel compared to men.'”

Shepherd and his team believe their findings suggest consuming New Zealand Blackcurrant extract may be a good way to treat obesity and type-2 diabetes.

“Unhealthy people have a reduced capacity for fat burning compared to healthy people,” Shepherd points out, “and therefore, in theory, the supplement could potentially exert at least a similar or greater effect in unhealthy individuals.”

The key word here is “theory”. As yet there is no way to be certain using CurraNZ will produce the same dramatic fat burning results for people who don’t have active lifestyles or for anyone who has mobility problems caused by obesity or other health issues.

However, Professor Mark Willems, from the University of Chichester, who conducted the previous studies of CurraNZ, is thrilled to hear about the results obtained by Shepherd and his team.

“It’s great to know that there are now observations of enhanced exercise-induced fat oxidation by New Zealand blackcurrant extract in endurance trained women and men,” Willems said. “These high-impact findings reinforce the unprecedented effect blackcurrant is having on fat oxidation, which is an exciting development in unlocking the potential of New Zealand blackcurrant extract for all from athletes to unhealthy people.”


CurraNZ Method of Research

Early research involving endurance-trained male cyclists had already revealed CurraNZ’s potential as a fat burner, so Shepherd and his team set out to see if it could work in the same way for women.

They selected 16 endurance-trained females to take part in a randomised, crossover, double-blind study.

Some of the women were given 600mg (2 capsules) of CurraNZ per day. The rest got a placebo.

On the seventh day of the study, all the women performed 120 minutes of cycling.

The researchers monitored the women’s expelled air the entire time and took blood samples at 15 minute intervals, so they could monitor levels of glucose, glycerol, and non-essential fatty acids.

The resulting data lead the researchers to believe supplementing with CurraNZ can “enhance fat oxidation during exercise in females”.

CurraNZ can "enhance fat oxidation during exercise in females".

The Value of CurraNZ as a Weight Loss Aid

CurraNZ certainly appears to have the potential to boost the fat burning capabilities of certain individuals, but until it has been tested on people who have a normal level of fitness, there is no way to be know if it will work in the same way for the average person who needs to lose weight.

It also has to be remembered there are more aspects to weight loss than fat burning.

The body only starts to burn fat when it’s supply of food-provided calories runs out. People become overweight for a reason and it’s always the same reason.

Their overweight nature is the result of regularly supplying the body with more calories than it needs. Either by overeating throughout the day, making unhealthy food choices, or both. These are hard habits to break.

Battling hunger urges is the greatest challenge dieters have to face and CurraNZ will not be able to help in this regard because New Zealand blackcurrant extract does not offer the powerful appetite suppression most dieters need to get their eating habits under control.

If the necessary dietary changes are not made, it won’t matter how much CurraNZ is consumed because the body will still have a surplus of calories and will continue to be prone to putting on weight.

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Liposorb Fat Blocker Review – Contains Chitosan

Liposorb is a fat blocking diet pillLiposorb is a fat blocking diet pill manufactured in New Zealand by Good Health.

The company has been trading for over a century and is responsible for marketing an impressive range of products that includes vitamin pills, joint care capsules, sleep enhancers, bee pollen, and royal jelly.

According to the Liposorb marketing material, Liposorb is recommended for:

  • Using as part of a weight management program
  • Supporting elimination of dietary fats
  • Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
  • Guilt-free high fat treats

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How Does Liposorb Fat Blocker Work

Fat blockers restrict the amount of fat the body can absorb from food.

There are nine calories in a gram of fat, so anyone who uses Liposorb as part of a weight management program that includes healthy food choices should be able to lower their daily calorie intake.

Cholesterol is a form of fat, so Liposorb has the potential to support healthy cholesterol levels too.

The problem is, a lot of people who buy fat blockers do so because they see them as a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card that will allow them to continue overdoing it with high fat food and protect them from the normal consequences (weight gain + elevated cholesterol levels).

Good Health’s promise of “guilt-free high fat treats” could be seen as encouraging such an attitude, but fat blockers are not a magic bullet for weight loss. Unhealthy living always incurs unhealthy consequences.

Liposorb Fat Blocker Ingredient Profile

Liposorb Fat Blocker Ingredient Profile

One capsule provides:

  • Chitosan (500mg): There are two kinds of chitosan. The one used here is taken from marine crustaceans like as shrimps and prawns. Chitosan has value as a calorie-reducing aid because the body cannot digest it. This alone does not make it unduly special, but chitosan also absorbs fat. When chitosan is taken alongside food, it attracts dietary fat, absorbs it, and makes it indigestible as well.
  • Vitamin C (Included as Ascorbic Acid) (100mg): Research involving guinea pigs suggests adding Vitamin C to chitosan may improve it’s ability to block fat. Further (human-based) research is necessary, but the combination does appear to have potential.

How to Use – The manufacturer’s guidelines state two to three capsules are necessary before high-fat meals, but people who are trying to lose weight would be better off avoiding meals that are high in fat.

Liposorb Fat Blocker Customer Comments

We were unable to locate any customer feedback for this product.

Liposorb Fat Blocker Side Effects

The chitosan used in Liposorb Fat Blocker is taken from marine sources, so this is not a fat blocker that is suitable for vegetarians or people with seafood allergies.

Failing an allergic reaction, side effects are not likely, but using diet pills of this kind can deplete the body’s stores of fat-soluble vitamins.

Liposorb will not be suitable for anyone who is vegetarian or has seafood allergies. No side effects have been reported, but using diet pills that block fat absorption can cause the body to run short of important fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are provided by dietary fat. The body cannot manufacture them or attain them from elsewhere.

Although the body’s demand for them is much lower than it is for water-soluble vitamins, it still requires all of them to function normally and retain good health.

This means ongoing use of fat blocking supplements will require the ongoing support of a supplement that provides the fat-soluble vitamins the body needs.

A gap of at least two hours will need to be left between doses of the vitamin supplement and doses of the fat blocker.

Some people find fat blockers more attractive than other forms of diet pill because they believe they will be able to eat lots of high fat food without risking weight gain.

This is not so. Fat blockers block less than 40% of dietary fat, so it’s still possible to gain weight while using them, and giving a fat blocker extra fat to block can results in sudden attacks of diarrhoea

The Best Place to Buy Liposorb

Liposorb is mostly marketed via online stores located in New Zealand.

Pharmacy Online still has it listed in its online inventory, but when we checked the site it was out of stock.

It’s possible that some of the larger pharmacies in certain territories may sell Liposorb or be able to obtain it, but most people may find the easiest thing to do is find a supplier in New Zealand that offers shipping to Australia.


Good Health fails to provide customers with a money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Is Liposorb a good fat blocker? The main ingredient is known to have value in this regard, so we have to assume that it is.

Unfortunately, the fact that it blocks fat is not enough to make it a particularly good weight loss aid. Weight loss supplements are intended to “supplement” the efforts people are already making and help them obtain better results.

For most dieters, eating less will cause them to be plagued by hunger pangs. A diet pill that suppresses hunger makes things easier by taking those pangs away.

Fat burning diet pills speed up the metabolism and cause the body to burn calories more quickly. This helps people to lose weight faster.

Fat blockers like Liposorb have a contradictory nature.

PhenQ AustralianUnless you are eating a reasonable amount of fat, they will have nothing to work upon and are unlikely to be of benefit.

If you are serious about losing weight, the best thing to do is lower your fat intake, instead of trying to block it, and then supplement your efforts with a diet pill that’s a good all-rounder. We suggest PhenQ.

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