Phen Caps – Is it worth considering over PhenQ or Phen375

Phencaps diet pillsPhen Caps is a Phentermine substitute that promises to provide the same powerful weight loss benefits as the banned prescription drug, Phentermine.

Although it is no longer available the drug’s reputation for assisting weight loss is eclipsed only by its reputation for producing dangerous side effects, but its non-availability has resulted in the creation of a profusion of Phentermine substitutes, many of which turn out to be over-hyped, over expensive products, that under deliver on the promises made for them.

Phen Caps are produced in the US by Careworld LLC. All sales are made via the official product website. The site is well-presented and visitors can contact the company via an online form. A telephone number and mailing address are also provided, so first impressions are good.

Proposed Benefits

  • Fat Reduction
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Improved digestion
  • Protects the heart

The capsules are also claimed to be the “official non-prescription alternative to phentermine”, and the site sales page implies the capsules were developed by the team responsible for creating Phentermine. If this is true it hardly inspires confidence, the fact that Phentermine was banned is a poor endorsement for its creators.

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Dosage – How To Take

How to take Phen CapsThe official website fails to provide adequate usage instructions, but the dose appears to be on capsule, twice a day, and users are advised to eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise.

Careworld also recommend halving the dosage when the desired weight is reached, but continuing supplementation indefinitely to avoid the “nasty yo-yo effect”. This advice is questionable because long-term supplementation is seldom to be advised, but such a practice would certainly ensure a continued revenue for Careworld.

Key Ingredients

Each serving (720 mg capsule) contains:

  • PEA – Phenylethylamine (150 mg):  May trigger a state of fight or flight that could potentially suppress the appetite and encourage fat burning, but side effects can include headaches and dizziness.
  • Caffeine (25 mg):  A powerful stimulant. May also provide appetite suppression, but a cup of coffee can contain over three times the amount included here.
  • Theobromine (25 mg):  An alkaloid, extracted from the cacao plant, and often used in heart medications. Large doses can be toxic, but the inclusion rate here is too low to be of issue.
  • Caralluma (250 mg):  An extract taken from an Indian succulent plant. Often used for appetite suppression, but may cause gastro-intestinal problems.
  • Synephrine (35 mg) + Methylsynephrine (15 mg):  Both ingredients are extracted from bitter orange peel, but although some evidence suggests they may assist weight loss their use has been linked to cardio-vascular-related side effects.
  • L-Carnitine (100 mg):  A powerful anti-oxidant, and an undeniably healthy ingredient, but there is no evidence to suggest its use may encourage weight loss.
  • Red Raspberry Ketones (50 mg):  A nutritious “super fruit”, but any weight loss potential is disputable and the inclusion rate here is so low it seems pointless.
  • Crateagus spp. Extract (70 mg):  An extract taken from hawthorn berries.  Hawthorn has a long history of medicinal use, but it is not proven to assist weight loss, and some users may experience nasty side effects, including, sweating, nose bleeds and heart palpitations.

Endorsements and Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is not available, but Phen Caps are endorsed by Dr. Karen Vieira, PHD, and she recommends them for, “Anyone who wishes to lose a significant amount of weight”. This appears to be an impressive endorsement, but Vieira is a doctor of philosophy, not medicine.

She also owns “”—a business that creates sales copy for supplements—and her endorsement is somewhat compromised by the fact that she also provides equally glowing endorsements for competing products.

Possible Side Effects and Health Issues

Careworld state Phen Caps is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 and admit the capsules should be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers.

Although the inclusion rates used in this formulation are low, several ingredients may potentially cause side effects, so people with known health issues are advised to seek medical advice before use.

Phencaps marketing

Are They Recommended

Phen Caps fail to live up to their marketing hype. The endorsement by the manufacturers’ chosen doctor would have carried more weight if she was a health care professional rather than someone so involved with the business of product marketing, so her enthusiastic words fail to have the desired effect.

Had it been available, positive independent feedback would have been more convincing, but in its absence the list of ingredients provides a more than adequate insight into the product’s true potential. Some of the ingredients may have merit, and a few may cause side effects, but the inclusion rates are so low that results of any kind are likely to be too limited to justify the high price of the capsules. Phen Caps is not a recommended product.

Where To Buy PhenCaps

The official website is most obvious. Purchases are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee, but a bottle of 60 capsules costs $49.95. Additional charges are made for postage, but these are waived for US customers who spend $100 or more. Taking advantage of bulk buying options can further reduce the price, by up to $50 (360 capsules), but the cheapest shipping option available to non-US customers is $29.04.

Recommended Alternative

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaIf you are planning to buy a phentermine alternative then PhenQ is our preference. The sheer number of satisfied customers by way of positive comments and testimonials rates PhenQ way above PhenCaps.

PhenQ is formulated and produced in FDA registered facilities and has one of the lowest return rates and highest re-order rates in the industry.

PhenQ has a 60 day peace of mind money back guarantee and ships free anywhere in the world (even Australian and New Zealand)

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