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PhenElite bottlePhenElite capsules are produced in the USA for Boost Marketing Group and although the company tries to hide its location by a using post office box in Michigan, it is actually based in Utah.

That’s not good. So many diet pill manufacturers are based there it is often called the Diet Pill Capital of the world, and diet pills that are produced in Utah are renowned for being overly hyped and for failing to deliver on the promises made for them.

PhenElite Pros PhenElite Cons
      • Some of the ingredients have potential (Garcinia Cambogia especially is proven)
      • A 30 day money back guarantee is offered
    • Use of a proprietary blend
    • No proof the product works
    • Customer endorsements may not be real
    • Possible side effects

What is PhenElite?

Despite the name, which was no doubt chosen to try and cash-in on the reputation of Phentermine, PhenElite is not a Phentermine substitute. Looking at the claims made for it PhenElite appears to primarily offer appetite suppression and fat burning. If Boost Marketing is to be believed the capsules can deliver a quick and easy 15lb. weight loss, but none of the promises are backed up by any supportive evidence so there is no proof use of the capsules will provide and weight loss at all.

Other claims made for the product include:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Amazing appetite suppressant
  • Energy enhancements
  • Feel the effects in just days

How the Formulation Works

If it can deliver on the claims made for it PhenElite should quell the desire for food, thereby enabling capsule users to lower their calorie intake without the torment of hunger pangs. Fewer calories consumed mean less likelihood of further weight gain and if the body is sufficiently deprived of calories it will begin burning body fat. Effective fat burning compounds can turbocharge the weight loss process, but ingredients are everything and unless the PhenElite formulation has the right ingredients, included in adequate quantities, the benefits offered may be minimal to zero.

The PhenElite Formulation

Each (2 capsule) serving contains 1,300mg of a proprietary blend. The use of such a blend allows the manufacturers to keep their ingredient amounts and ratios a secret. This is beneficial for manufacturers who have developed an effective blend because it ensures nobody can copy their formulation. Unfortunately—and more commonly so—it also allows less knowledgeable manufacturers to hide the fact that their formulation contains insufficient amounts of important ingredients (cost cutting) and poor ratios (lack of knowledge).

  • Green Coffee Bean: Green coffee beans are one of the best fat burning ingredients available and are proven metabolism boosters. This makes the lack of inclusion rates especially frustrating because if not enough green coffee bean is included its potential will be wasted.
  • Raspberry Ketone: Also believed to provide fat burning, but there are two kinds of raspberry ketone—fruit derived and synthetic. It is expensive to extract raspberry ketones from raspberries so some manufacturers use the cheaper, synthetic version. The results are not as good. Boost marketing fails to say which version they use, but it’s a moot point when the inclusion rate is unknown.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: An overrated superfruit ingredient. Some studies show the Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) contained in the fruit’s rind can assist fat burning, but the weight loss that ensues is usually not particularly notable.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A stimulant commonly used to boost energy levels and provide improved levels of focus/concentration. Also reputed to provide appetite suppression.
  • Green Tea Extract: A proven thermogenic fat burner. It’s power is due to a specific type of antioxidant (green tea catechins) that can boost the metabolism, raise the body’s temperature at the core and create an environment that is conducive to quick and efficient fat burning.

How to Take PhenElite

According to the label one to two capsules should be consumed with 8oz water 30 minutes before a meal. The label also points out the importance of a sensible diet and exercise. This contradicts the Amazon sales page that promises a 15lb+ weight loss without the need for diet and exercise.

PhenElite Customer Feedback

Obvious attempts have been made to abuse the Amazon feedback system and numerous five star ratings are accompanied by comments that are stuffed with keywords and read like sales pitches.

Genuine one star reviews are plentiful though, and one customer states it’s the worst product they’ve used, adding: “I hope before anyone else buys this they read the real reviews and not all those fake 5 star reviews.”

PhenElite Side Effects & Health Considerations

Several users report experiencing side effects including twitching eyes, dizziness and vomiting.

This product is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or anyone who has existing health issues. People who have any health concerns are advised to seek medical advice before using PhenElite

Where to Buy PhenElite

PhenElite can only be purchased via so customers based in the UK can expect a 10 to 20 day wait for their delivery and a shipping charge of around £6.50 ($9.99).

Each bottle contains a month’s supply of capsules (60) and the list price is nearly $60, but this is usually discounted down to around $23 so in British money that’s about £15.

A 30 day guarantee is offered.

Recommended Alternative

bestdietpillPhenElite looks to be taking on PhenQ – a battle that it is never going to win.

PhenQ has many, many customer testimonials from virtually every country that allows free trade.

PhenQ offers customer a fat burning, fat blocking and appetite suppressing experience that is covered by a 60 day guarantee

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