PhenXTREME Review Australia – What Is It And How Does It Work

PhenXtreme AustraliaPhenXTREME is a diet pill that was brought to market by an American company called SuppleSense.

Judging by the name, it appears the company may have been trying to make a Phentermine substitute.

It is advertised as having multiple benefits to weight loss – as most new products are now leaning towards.

It is also sold on ebay and Amazon – we have pointed out in the past that buying supplements (not exclusively diet pills but all health supplements) can be a gamble. Buying from the manufacturer or trusted reseller or distributor is always favourable.

Advertised Benefits

  • Maximum Appetite Suppression
  • Promotes Rapid Fat Loss
  • Gives You Extra Energy
  • Boosts the Metabolism
  • Instant Peak-Energy Boost
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • Made in an FDA certified cGMP Lab
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Helps You to Lose 15 Pounds or More – Quickly and Safely!
  • Gives You the Lean and Healthy Body You Deserve.

Active Ingredients

Two PhenXTREME capsules contain:

  • Proprietary Blend (936mg): Caffeine anhydrous, guarana, green coffee bean extract, schisandra fruit, capsicum, L-Arginine, beta alanine, uva ursi, raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, tribulus terrestris.
  • Vitamin B6 (2mg)

Blend Potential

Although the quantities involved are not stated, the combination of caffeine anhydrous and guarana should be capable of delivering the promised energy boost. Both ingredients are often added to energy drinks and, although the effects of caffeine anhydrous will kick-in quite fast, guarana releases its caffeine content more slowly.

This allows guarana to be particularly good for providing ongoing stimulation. Caffeine is also known to have value as an appetite suppressant, and it is a proven thermogenic fat burner as well, so its presence here serves many functions.

The PhenXTREME formulation also contains green coffee bean extract, and its addition offers a third dose of caffeine, so it is possible PhenXTREME may not be a good diet pill for people who are sensitive to stimulants. Green coffee bean extract is a good addition though. It contains the fat burning chemical chlorogenic acid and it has such a good reputation for delivering results green coffee bean extract is often used as a standalone weight loss provider.

The value of uva ursi is highly debatable because it’s a diuretic. That makes it useful for treating bloating and water retention, but most diet pill users will not have this problem and the presence of a diuretic in the PhenXTREME formulation may mislead capsule users into believing the formulation is more effective than it is. Diuretics reduce the amount of water the body retains and, although a body that is carrying less water will be somewhat lighter in weight, water levels will return to normal as soon as supplementation is ceased. Water loss and fat loss are two different things.

The rest of the ingredients should be capable of helping support the aims of the blend, and raspberry ketones and garcinia cambogia stand out as being two of the more potent inclusions. Both are renowned for their appetite suppressing abilities and the hydroxycitric acid provided by garcinia cambogia can further assist weight loss by preventing the body from using excess calories to build fresh stores of fat. The proven fat burning abilities of capsicum should also help empower the blend, but good results will depend on an adequate inclusion rate.

Recommended Usage  – The recommended dose is 2 capsules and 2 doses are required each day. The capsules should always be taken with an 8oz glass of water, and SuppleSense also state it is important that users increase the amount of water they drink throughout the day.

PhenXTREME Side Effects & Other Considerations

PhenXTREME is a vegetarian friendly diet pill, but the caffeine content may make it unsuitable for people who have an unusually low tolerance of stimulants. It is unlikely that the formulation will be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child. People who have health problems will need to ask a physician’s advice prior to using this or any other brand of dieting product. The same advice is applicable to people who are using prescription or over-the-counter medication.


There is no money back guarantee.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

All of the Amazon customer reviews disappeared with the sales page and we were unable to find any feedback posted on other sites.

Pricing & Availability

SuppleSense used to sell PhenXTREME via Amazon, but the product has been removed from all of Amazon’s sites.

An eBay seller based in the USA appears is selling the product on an international level and, at the time of this review, the price listed on was AUD$ 23.50.

The authenticity of the product is highly questionable because the eBay seller is running auctions for health and wellness products produced by other manufacturers as well and does not appear to have any ties with SuppleSense.

The Final Judgement

The fact that the formulation contains garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract, and capsicum is a point in its favour because the weight loss enhancing abilities of all four ingredients have been endorsed on American prime-time TV by the weight loss expert Dr Mehmet Oz.

Unfortunately, the inclusion rates are unknown and it could be much of the capsule weight is made up of unnecessary binders and fillers. That would make for a weaker product and may explain why SuppleSense appears to have removed PhenXTREME from the market. The product looks good on paper, but the reality is it may not have worked as well as the company expected it to.

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