Prescopodene Australia Review, Does It Work

Prescopodene AustraliaPrescopodene is Australia’s most powerful diet pill. It is also America’s most powerful diet pill too. It is also the UK’s and whole host of other countries too. The marketing people behind the product are not shy when it comes to making ambitious claims about the products place in the market.

In reality, Prescopodene is not Australia’s most powerful diet pill, nor any other country’s for that matter but full marks for the marketing team – they have created a buzz about their brand. Unfortunately there is little else to get excited about, the product is a bit of a stinker.

The official website likes to display facts and figures – but these can largely be taken with gigantic pinch of salt, they do not actually mean anything!

What Is Prescopodene And How Does It Work

Prescopodene Australia websiteIt is a combination appetite and fat burner that is available buy without prescription. It is considered a commercial diet pill and does not contain any pharmaceutical chemicals.

A non prescription fat burner and appetite suppressant containing natural non chemical ingredients.

Its mechanic of action is two-fold, firstly by reducing your appetite and then by raising the metabolism. This dual action methodology is employed by a majority of todays commercial diet pills with varying degrees of greatness.

The Marketing Hype

As alluded to above the facts and figures given on the official website are mystifying.

  • Average weight loss of 13.5kg – we guess this is per person.
  • Average body fat dropped 4.77% – pretty self explanatory
  • 1888 less calories consumed – this cannot be person as the average daily calorie intake per day is around 2000 for a women
  • 2458 extra calorie burnt daily – no idea what this equates to, per person, per hundred subjects ?

Any Reported Side Effects

Should cause nay serious side effects. It is advised that expecting or nursing mothers should avoid, as should anyone who has an existing illness or health condition.

Does Prescopodene Work Is It Recommended

Virtually nothing by way of clinical evidence – most evidence presented on the official website is anecdotal and certainly nothing that can be validated.

Extremely hard to recommend

Where To Buy Prescopodene In Australia

Availability is limited to the official website – or websites. There is not an Australian pharmacy that stocks.

Alternative Diet Pills

Phen375 ReviewPhen375 without any shadow of a doubt. It is formulated in FDA approved facilities and contains premium ingredients. The sheer weight of satisfied customers is testament enough.

Phen374 actively encourage customer to send in their experiences either by before and after photos or video. They have a great community that gaining momentum across the weight loss world.

Read the Phen375 Review


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