Progenex Burn Review With Customer Comments

Progenex Burn AustraliaProgenex Burn is a pretty simple product that’s marketed alongside a lot of jargon that makes it sound more complicated than it is.

The only unique thing about it is it’s produced in the form of pop-rock candy. If there’s another supplement manufacturer distributing a supplement like this, they’ve escaped our attention. Progenex Burn appears to be the first.

Although the idea of a pop-rock candy that boosts the metabolism and turns fat into fuel may be appealing to many people who are looking for a good way to loose weight, Burn is not the best way to go. Progenex specializes in producing sports supplements and customer reviews suggest Burn is likely to have more value as an energy provider than it does as a fat burner.

Promised Benefits

  • Increases your body’s resting metabolic rate
  • Enhances endurance and helps you lean out
  • Burns more calories throughout the day

What is Progenex Burn and How Does it Work?

Progenex Burn supposedly has the ability to increase resting energy expenditure. If it is capable of doing this the body will be burning extra calories even when it’s at rest.

In theory this could cause a calorie shortage that would encourage the body to begin using fat as fuel, but this would only happen if a calorie controlled diet was in place and the body was already primed for weight loss.

According to Progenex Burn also causes the body to burn fat and sugars alongside each other to provide extra energy.

The active ingredient in Burn is a pepper extract that may have the ability to do the things Progenex claim, but their marketing spiel starts to take a walk on the daft side when they say Burn works by activating energy receptors in the mouth.

Any benefits that are experienced will be after the active ingredients have been digested, the whole “popping” thing is just a marketing angle.

Key Ingredients

The only active ingredient in Progenex Burn is a sweet pepper extract called dihydrocapsiate. It’s alleged to have similar abilities to that of the capsaicin obtained from chili peppers, but is gentler on the stomach. However, although capsaicin has proven value as a fat burner, there is little evidence to suggest dihydrocapsiate works in this way too.

Usage Instructions – Customers are told to “pop” one pack per day, first thing in the morning, before a meal, or prior to a workout. The contents of the pack should be left on the tongue, until the popping sensation stops. People who wish to obtain maximum benefits can pop up to three packs per day.

Progenex Burn Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed.

A few average reviews read:

“I pop some burn before my morning workout and find I have more energy. So if you are looking for a good pre-workout sup that has no stimulants in it, Burn is for you.” 

“Tastes plain nasty and doesn’t do a thing. No weight lost + no extra energy = big waste of money.” 

“My energy levels are definitely higher and Burn doesn’t give me the jitters like other pre-workouts do.”

“I can’t say I noticed any difference. Maybe made me sweat a little more, but that’s about it.”

Progenex Burn Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects are unlikely, but women who are pregnant or nursing a child should get a doctor’s approval before using a supplement of this nature. The same advice is offered to people who have existing health problems and to anyone using medication(s).

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Progenex Burn is only available from the manufacturer’s websites. There are two of them. One for customers living in the USA and one for people living in Europe and the rest of the world (Australia?).

A box of Burn contains 30 sachets and costs just under $25. Customers who subscribe to the auto-ship option (only available in Europe) and agree to receive a fresh box of Burn every month are rewarded with a 15% discount.

If you are only using one sachet per day the price is not bad. If you are using two or three sachets per day, burn will work out more expensive to use than most of the top-rated diet pills and many of the best bodybuilding supplements.


Progenex has a 30-day returns policy, but it’s unclear if they offer a refund on products that have been opened and used.

The Bottom Line

It’s possible that Progenex Burn may help people to burn a little extra fat, but only if they are sticking to a low-calorie diet, and Burn will not be as powerful as leading weight loss products, like PhenQ.

Customer reviews suggest the formulation is good for providing energy though, so it probably has more value as a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement.

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaAs far as weight loss goes, another big problem with Burn is it’s ability is too limited. One of the hardest things about losing weight is eating less food, and Burn does not contain anything to help take hunger urges away.

It’s a fun product. Who doesn’t love pop-rock? But if you are serious about losing weight you’d be better off buying a good all-rounder, like PhenQ, and popping that into your mouth instead.

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