Rapidcuts Femme – 3 Stage Fat Burning Product For Women

Rapid Cuts Femme diet pillRapidcuts Femme is a fat burning product designed for women. However, there is nothing in the formulation that cannot be found in any number of other products that are used by men and women alike, so the “built just for women” angle appears to be nothing more than a marketing ploy.

AllMax as a brand is one of the industries good guys and produces all manner of reputable products. This review is opinion based and features our take on the product,

How the Formulation is Designed to Work

Rapid Cuts Femme websiteAccording All Max Nutrition, Rapidcuts Femme contains three proprietary blends that provide weight loss in three stages. The Target blend sets the body up for extreme fat loss, the Release blend stimulates lipolysis, and the Ignite blend accelerates fat burning.

The Target blend is designed to provide fat burning by acting as a cortisol blocker, but the link between cortisol (a hormone) and weight loss is shaky at best and experts at the Mayo Clinic state “The role of hormones on weight gain remains unclear”.

The Release blend has been included to break down lipid fats into fatty acids that can be used as a source of energy. The Ignite blend’s presence is supposed to ensure the released fatty acids are eliminated from the body as heat.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

All Max Nutrition appears to be unsure about the ingredients and quantities used in their formulation. The website provides one list of ingredients at the bottom of the Rapidcuts Femme sales page:

And a different list via the “Supplement Facts” pop-up:

Discrepancies such as this make blend evaluation very difficult. For instance, does each Rapidcuts Femme capsule contain 500mg of the Release blend or only 350mg? And, more importantly, does the Release blend contain yerba mate and green tea, or just two forms of green coffee bean extract?

It seem probable that the Target blend contains some quantity of Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract, and research suggests the ingredient has value as a stress reducer, but its role here is to reduce cortisol levels and its value in this regard cannot be wholly supported.

Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract

Both lists state the Release blend contains green coffee bean extract, and it is one of the most popular fat burning ingredients in the world, so it seems likely that Rapidcuts Femme will be capable of providing some fat burning if the quantity provided is sufficient.

Although white willow only appears in one list, caffeine and cocoa extract appear in both. Caffeine is first and foremost a stimulant, so it’s good for providing energy, but it can also boost the metabolism and support thermogenic fat burning. The theobromine provided by cocoa is also believed to be a fat burner, but not all studies support this claim.

Usage Guidelines – The capsules should be washed down with 6-8oz. of water and only two doses are required each day. The first dose should be taken half-an-hour before breakfast. The second dose is taken six or more hours later. This can be half-an-hour before eating the afternoon/evening meal, or half-an-hour before commencing exercise. The maximum dose of two capsules per day should not be exceeded in any 24-hour period, and All Max Nutrition states best results will be achieved if supplementation is continued for at least 12 weeks.

Customer Testimonials

I have certainly lost a few pounds since I began the treatment, and feel unusually energetic, but I made some lifestyle improvements as well, so I am not sure if the weight loss came via the pill or through diet and exercise. There have been no side effects though, and I would buy again for the extra energy boost.”
I run 15 miles a week and eat healthy, but it was never enough to help me lose weight. Rapidcuts Femme has tipped the balance in my favor. I don’t know if the pills could do it on their own but, when used alongside my existing exercise level and dietary restrictions, Rapidcuts Femme has enabled me to lose 2 KG per week and that’s not too shabby.”
Rapidcuts Femme didn’t do a thing for me. It’s been 30 days and I have not lost any weight, nor do I feel more energetic than normal.
I didn’t really understand all the scientific stuff in the advertisement, but it sounded pretty good, so I gave it a try and it works. I’ve only been taking the pills for a few weeks and have already gone into a smaller dress size.”

Side Effects & Precautions

All Max Nutrition states women of “childbearing age” should obtain a doctor’s advice prior to commencing supplementation. They also state Rapidcuts Femme is not a suitable dieting option for people who are taking lithium, and further warn against using the pills alongside other products that provide caffeine or have the ability to elevate the blood pressure.

Manufacture and Distribution

Rapidcuts Femme is manufactured by All Max Nutrition, but the official company website fails to provide any information about the company or where it is based. All sales are made via third party suppliers including A1 Supplements, the Bodybuilding.com online store, and Amazon. Each pack contains 42 capsules and prices generally range from $19 to $27 (depending on supplier).


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