Raspberry Ketone Lean Review – Does It Work, Stockists

Raspberry Ketone Lean reviewRaspberry Ketone Lean is another brand that has been introduced to benefit from the good publicity brought about by the generic ingredient raspberry ketone.

There are dozens of comparable products that appear to be almost identical in everything apart from the brand name. There are however only very few that can stand up to closer inspection and scrutiny.

We take a look at this particular brand an pitch it against the current market leader to find out if it is worth purchasing.

Sold primarily on Ebay and Amazon – does not seem to have to have its own official website

What is Raspberry Ketone Lean

Raspberry Ketone Lean EbayAs mentioned above, a newly introduced brand containing both raspberry ketone and african mango.

It is capsule based and advised to taken twice daily.

The recommended daily dosage is 200mg of the ketone ingredient although on the label it does imply a strong dosage of 1200mg – this though takes the other ingredients into consideration

Each serving size in theĀ proprietary formula (1200mg) is two (2) capsules.

  • Servings Per Container: 30
  • Per serving, there is 100 mg of Raspberry Ketone.

Each serving also contains 50 mg of caffeine, about the same as a cup of coffee.

What Does It Do, How Does It Work

Primarily a fat burner that can help to prevent the formation the new fat cells.

Any Side Effects

a completely natural formula that should not cause side effects and health issue if taken as suggested. It is alo non-addictive.

As a precaution it is advised that expecting or nursing mothers should not use.

Raspberry Ketone Lean Liquid is alos available – a diet drop product that is introduced by a small pippette instead of a capsule or pill.

Media Attention

There has not be any media or press attention for this specific brand – most of the press focus has been on the generic ingredient.

Where To Buy Raspberry Ketone Lean In Australia

There does not to be any stockists that supply in store. The GNC and Pharmasave etc do not hold stock. Ebay and Amazon appear to be the only resellers – even then the branding is not entirely clear with several different product labels.

Is It Recommended

Very hard to to recommend if only due to the the existence of the market leader – see below.


Raspberry Ketone Plus AustraliaRaspberry Ketone Plus is arguably the originator and considered the best example of a raspberry ketone diet pill.

It was the actual brand that was featured on the Fox News reports.

The manufacturers are the chief distributors and ship to all countries including Australia and New Zealand.

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