Reducta Hunger Reduction – does it work, success stories, side effects and alternatives

Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets reviewsReducta Hunger Reduction is an appetite suppressant produced by Naturopathica, a division of the Australia based PharmaCare Laboratories.

It claims to help people tackle one of the major obstacles to successful dieting – controlling their hunger and eating less.

With all of the products vying for attention in the weight-loss supplement market consumers cannot help but wonder, if this product works and it it’s worth it.

Reducta Chewing GumReducta have launched a new product that can used be in tandem with Hunger Reduction tablets – Reducta Chewing Gum.

Naturopathica claim their product has virtually zero calories and the chewing action can burns calories (albeit a small number). In addition the act of chewing prevent snacking.

It has to be said that customer feedback is far from complimentary.

Which product do we recommend that can suppress appetite and burn fat

What Is Reducta Hunger Reduction and How Does It Work

Reducat WebsiteReducta hunger reduction is a tablet that is to be taken twice per day morning and evening 30 minutes before meals.  It is also available in a shake and a chewing gum. It lists only one ingredient, derived from a plant found primarily in India.

Although it does mention the amount of this active ingredient, it doesn’t mention what, if any, other ingredients there are like fillers or binders.  It also does not mention how exactly this ingredient works, beyond questionable anecdotal tales which border on the insulting.

For example the ingredient was supposedly used for centuries in India, where the “people within the tribe” would chew it.  Which people?  Which tribe? Are they implying there is only one tribe in India?  If a company is unwilling or unable to produce scientific studies, surely the least they can do is fabricate a decent pseudo-historical tale.

Key Ingredients

Caralluma fimbriata appetite suppressantThe website list the one and only ingredient as Caralluma fimbriata extract.  It is derived from a cactus like plant in India, where it has been eaten for hundreds of years.  It is taken to reduce appetite, quench thirst and increase endurance.  However, there is little scientific evidence to support these claims, and in particular that it is effective in suppressing appetite.

A medical website noted that there appears to be some contradictory evidence derived from people taking 1 gram of the extract per day for 60 days.  The website describes results that included reduced waistline and hunger but showed no decrease in weight or body fat.

Reducta Hunger Reduction Success Stories

The website contains testimonials for the gum but not the tablets or the shakes.  These are sparse, flimsy and generic.  Only the shallowest of consumers would use these to help decide whether or not to purchase this product.

Possible Side Effects

There is not enough evidence to determine whether the listed main ingredient is safe for long term use.  Short term side effects appear to be gastrointestinal related and include upset stomach, constipation and flatulence.

It should also be noted that these effects were based on taking 1 gram of the extract per day.  Reducta Hunger Reduction tablets, having enthusiastically embraced the mantra ‘more is better’, have decided to present this product with 6 grams of Caralluma fimbriata extract per tablet, making the daily dose a whopping 12 grams.  There is simply no way of determining what effects or interactions may be encountered as such a high dose.

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement.  Pregnant or nursing women should not take this or any other weight loss supplement without first consulting a healthcare provider.

Is It Recommended

Short answer: no.  Reducta Hunger Reduction is a one-trick pony based on flimsy scientific evidence and even flimsier historical anecdote.  The website could be better stocked with information.

There is no clear ingredient listing, nor is there any medical research presented to back up claims of effectiveness.  The tale of use by Indian tribesman appears to be lifted directly from other internet pages.

There is a page on the site called “Natural Hunger Reduction” that offers additional ways to naturally reduce hunger.  Their suggestions are water, green vegetables, apples and fibre.  Consumers would be better served if there was a page dedicated to actual product information rather than this primary school-level primer on eating healthy.

To compound the insult, this product is expensive.  It costs $30.00 for just 20 tablets – a mere 10 day supply.  Consumers will spend $90.00 to get one month’s worth.

All of this is surprising, given the pedigree of this product.  It is distributed under the Naturopathica label, whose parent company is PharmaCare Laboratories.  PharmaCare Laboratories was established in Australia close to 30 years ago and sells products in over 40 countries.

Over the years it has developed or acquired a diverse set of well-known brands like Brut and Nature’s Way.  That it should also be connected to such a transparently ill-advised product is regrettable.  At the very least, they should invest the resources in a higher quality website.

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