Secret Diet Drops Review – is it really the diet secret of the stars

review od Secret Diet DropsSecret Diet Drops are a weight loss supplement marketed in the UK by Secret Diet Drops LTD.  The manufacturers claim to have developed a very effective product—don’t they all?—but potential users should be aware the product must be used in conjunction with the recommended diet plan.

This is called the “Protocol” and strict adherence is necessary, but many people may find it incredibly hard to stick to a diet insists on such a restricted food intake.

The manufacturers state their product is “brand new, straight from America” and “the secret protocol of the rich and famous”. It is also the diet that “they don’t want you to know about”. The identity of these would-be keepers of the secret is not revealed, but people are naturally inquisitive, so any talk of a secret is a guaranteed way of getting attention.

Diet Drops are becoming popular which is worrying. There are two other similar product that use this kind of delivery methods, Raspberry Ultra Drops and HCG x30 Drops

How Do Secret Diet Drops Work?

official website of Secret Diet DropsAs already stated the diet drops are designed to be used alongside a strict dietary “protocol” that many dieters may find it hard to live with. It is also worth noting the protocol entails such a severe reduction in food that weight loss should be possible without any need for the diet drops.

The recommended dose is 15 drops, taken three times a day. This means users are consuming a total of 45 drops a day. This is a little worrying because the drops contain over 20 different ingredients, but no inclusion rates are provided and this makes it difficult to evaluate any side effects that may be experienced due to known issues with any given ingredient.

Key Ingredients: L-Omithine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Tryosine, Tryptophan, Beta-Alanine, Chromium, (irvingia gabonensis), Grapefruit Powder, Green Tea Leaf Extract EGCG, Glycyrrhizin Extract, Panax Ginseng, Maca Powder Extract,  Grape seed Extract Pyruvate, Blue Green Algae, Ginger Root, Guarana, Garcinia, Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), Capsicum.

*Consumers should also be aware there may be inconsistencies between different blends.*

Taken from the official website:

” Please note that Secret Diet Drops could possibly contain African Mango and/or L-carnitine. This depends on what batch you have received. You can check this on your packaging when it is delivered. It will make no difference to weight loss.”

These ingredients are not at all similar, and African Mango has a superior reputation for assisting weight loss, so a statement like this fails to impress. To be fair though, many of the ingredients are known to have merit, but the absence of inclusion rates continues to be a problem.

The Protocol:  This is probably the most important part of the system, and will very likely be the sole reason for weight loss. The protocol is split into three parts.

  1. Loading Phase (2 days): All and any food and drink is allowed.
  2. Diet Phase (43 days): Breakfast is not allowed. Tea and coffee are okay, but no sugar. Milk is permitted, but the daily allowance is just one spoon a day. A typical lunch would be either one egg or a tub of cottage cheese. An alternative would be 100g of meat or fish, served with 100g of vegetable. No butter or oil is permitted. A similar evening meal is allowed. Two snacks are also permitted each day (1 apple or ½ grapefruit etc.).
  3. Maintenance Phase (6 weeks): The drops are dispensed with and calorie intake is increased to between 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day, over a period of three weeks. Starchy food is then reintroduced over the following three weeks.

Customer Feedback

Secret Diet Drops FacebookSecret Diet Drops actively encourage customers to provide feedback via their Facebook page.  Independent reviews are also available, but the majority of them are negative, with many users complaining the diet made them ill.

Some users also state that any negative comments they left on the company’s Facebook page were removed. Some consumers also relay concerns about positive comments that appear to have been copied from the Facebook page and pasted to independent review sites.

Side Effects

This product has never been clinically tested, the blend can vary, and inclusion rates are a well-kept secret; so it is impossible to predict any side effects that may be encountered.

But it seems likely that the recommended—near starvation—diet could be damaging to the health, so it is strongly recommended that all potential users seek medical advice before using this product and its accompanying protocol.

The Bottom Line

At first glance Secret Diet Drops LTD appear to be a reputable company, but the many claims of negative product feedback being removed, and positive feedback being copied to other sites, may suggest questionable ethics.

It seems likely that anyone who follows the Secret Diet Drops protocol will probably lose weight without any need of diet drops or any other form of supplementation.

The severe reduction in calories would almost guarantee it, but such extreme dieting is known to be damaging to the health.

It cannot be recommended and neither can this product. There are many safer options available.

Recommended Diet Product

what is raspberry ketoneIf you are looking for a diet product with a high success rate  then raspberry ketone should be high on your wish-list

There is lots of positivity about this superfruit and its fat burning benefits have been well documented.

For anyone considering buying a diet drop based slimming product we urge them to consider  capsule based raspberry ketone product.

Read about raspberry ketone here

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