Slim Fruits – Sugar free high fibre pastiles

Slim fruits ReviewThey’re sugar-free, they’re fat-free, they’re high in fibre—they’re Slim Fruits and they are supposedly “the healthiest sweet on the market”.

As we will elaborate on further down, Slim Fruits is not a direct weight loss aid – it is a low calorie sweet that can help suppress your appetite. If you are going t snack it may as well be on these.

But are they really that good? Let’s have a squiz and see what all the fuss is about.

Who Makes Slim Fruits

Slim Fruits are manufactured by Ferndale Confectionary—the same people who make Jibba jelly Beans and Jila Mints. The company is based in Victoria (Australia) and they’ve been around since 1995. Many of their products are household names, and Fernadale is about as straight up as they come—so no problems there.

Proposed Benefits

Marketed as a “luscious, guilt-free treat”, Slim Fruits are a pastille-type lolly made from acacia gum. They are sweetened by sucralose. It’s 600 times as sweet as sugar, but provides only a fifth of the kilojoules. It’s so sweet it doesn’t take much of it to do the job and all that fibre in them apparently gives Slim Fruits appetite supressing abilities.

Why High Fibre?

The World Health Organization recommends eating 20g to 40g of fibre per day, yet the average Australian consumes only 14g of fibre per day. Eat a packet of Slim Fruits and you’ve bagged about 50% of the daily fibre requirement. According to the Slim Fruit website that’s the equivalent of 15 slices of ryebread and, if it’s a choice between lollies and ryebread, you can bet your sweet bippy most people will prefer lollies every time.

Can Slim Fruits Really Help you Get Slim?

The manufacturers are very up front about this and admit Slim Fruits alone are unlikely to help anyone lose much weight, but they point out lolly-eating individuals can significantly reduce their kilojoule intake by making the switch to Slim Fruits

Slim Fruits’ ability to assist weight loss is far from being oversold, but the soluble fibre provided by the acacia gum offers a couple of weight-loss benefits

  • It can create a feeling of fullness that may suppress the appetite
  • It forms a gel that can slow the absorption of carbs and prevent them from releasing all their kilojoules. There’s a name for this kind of thing. It’s called carb blocking, and carb blockers are becoming an increasingly popular weight loss option these days.

The fibre also often begins to ferment as it travels further down the intestinal tract. This can boost levels of good bacteria, which then makes for a healthy, more efficient gut.

How Many to Eat

The manufacturers recommend around five pastilles each day, but say eating a few more won’t do any harm.

Flavour Choices

At the moment the flavour options appear to be limited to “Luscious Rhubarb and Strawberry” and “Luscious Peach melba”, but a few customers have already expressed their desire for a few more options so some more “luscious” flavours will probably become available sooner rather than later.

Customer Feedback

Most people seem to be impressed by Slim Fruits.

A few average customer comments read:

“these are great, great way to eat something a bit naughty without the bad effects of excess sugar. ll calories are fibre so the glycemic load is next to nothing. Great.”

“I bought these after seeing them advertised! They taste great – can I suggest a lemon flavour next? These are a godsend for someone like me who has a sweet tooth and piles on the calories”

“I LOVE these Slim fruits, I am on a very low carb diet  but found it really hard to give up sweets – I can have these without worrying it will affect my diet”

Side Effects & Health Issues

They’re lollies, but they’re healthy lollies and they are even kind to the teeth. Sadly the sucralose sweetener has an undeserved reputation for being unsafe, but numerous tests have been carried out and, despite the online scaremongering, sucralose has been proven safe for human consumption.

The Bottom Line

Ferndale Confectionary market Slim Fruits as healthy lollies. They are just that and it would be pretty hard to dispute it. They may also help people get slim, but some exercise would probably be required and, as a primary weight loss aid, their abilities may be a little stretched. It seems likely they would come into their own though when used alongside another weight loss product because if the temptation to snack should prove too great, a Slim Fruits pastille or two could sate the apetite without breaking the diet.

Where to Buy Slim Fruits

If your local store stocks Jibba Jelly Beans the chances are they will stock Slim Fruits as well. If they don’t try the store next door because Slim Fruits is available all over the country.

Recommended Diet Products

Although Slim Fruits get our blessing they should not be used a s sole diet aid. Please view our best diet pill page and read up on some of the effective diet pills that are available.

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