Spartan Physique Sport Fat Burner – lose the fat not the muscle mass

Spartan Physique Sport Fat BurnerSpartan Physique Sport Fat Burner produced in the USA. Although there is an official website it provides no information about the company behind the product and lacks an online store. All sales are made via the market place and a select few other third party resellers and stockists

Each bottle contains 60 capsules and costs around $50 (£32) plus shipping charges. That’s a little expensive and although a money back guarantee is offered its duration is not stated.

Promised Benefits

According to the manufacturer the formulation provides “4 Kickass Benefits” customers will enjoy:

  1. Preserves hard earned muscles
  2. Breaks through plateaus to allow continual progress
  3. Maximizes weight loss results
  4. The Spartan Trifecta: Increased metabolism, energy, and focus during fat loss

Men can become a “Spartan”, while women get the sexier body they always dreamed about and if the hype is to be believed the results are fast: “Your Fittest Body Ever–in 4 weeks!”

How the Formulation Works

As the name suggests Spartan Physique Sport Fat Burner has been formulated to provide fat burning. Fat burning is the process by which the body breaks down body fat to release calories it can use for energy. Unaided by supplements the process is usually triggered in one of two ways.

  • The calories provided by food are insufficient for the body’s needs (the reasoning behind calorie controlled diets).
  • The available calories have been diminished (often due to increased aerobic activity/exercise).

Spartan Physique Sport Fat Burner is also credited with appetite supressing abilities. If the formulation really does provide this benefit it will enable capsule users to adhere to a calorie controlled diet more easily.

Usage Instructions  – The recommended dose is one capsule per day, which should be taken first thing each morning. If no tolerance problems are encountered a second capsule may be taken during the afternoon. After eight weeks supplementation should be stopped for at least 14 days.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Spartan Physique Sport Fat Burner has only been on sale since May 2014 and changes were made to the formulation within the first few months of it becoming available, so further changes cannot be ruled out.

At the time of this review each capsule utilized three proprietary blends and each capsule contained:

  • Energy and Focus Blend (450 mg): Caffeine, Phenylethlamine, HCI, Acacia Rigidula, Fursultiamine, L-Tyrosine.
  • Thermogenesis Blend (40 mg): Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones.
  • Lipogenic Blend (4mg): Methyl Synephrine, Yohimbe HCL 99%, Alpha Yohimbine.

The ingredients used in the Energy and Focus Blend make up the biggest part of the formulation. Caffeine can provide energy and focus, but the inclusion rate is unknown. Phenylethlamine may provide appetite suppression, but is apparently included here to enhance the mood, and there is some evidence it may be capable of this, but side effects are many and include dizziness, intense headache, and chest pain. The other ingredients may further the aim of the blend, but it is not particularly likely.

The Thermogenesis Blend appears to be the fat burning blend, but at 40g per capsule it is unlikely to offer much benefit. Green tea catechins are proven thermogens, but the green tea content here is diluted with raspberry ketone—a supposed fat burner. Although restrictions are not as yet adequately enforced, in 2013 the Food Standards Agency ruled raspberry ketones a “novel food”, making the sale of Raspberry Ketone diet products illegal in the UK.

Judging by its name the Lipogenic Blend is probably supposed to prevent the build-up of fresh body fat. It is unlikely to achieve this and all the ingredients used are known to be extremely dangerous. Yohimbe and yohimbine (essentially different forms of the same ingredients) can cause a staggering number of side effects including kidney failure and heart attacks. Synephrine is also known to have an adverse effect on the cardiovascular system. People have died due to its use, including a 24-year-old American soldier who suffered a synephrine-induced heart attack during training.

Spartan Physique Sport Fat Burner Customer Feedback

Although the level of positive feedback left by Amazon customers is quite high, and suggests an effective product, it is known the manufacturers contact customers and offer them free product in exchange for reviews, so many of the positive reviews may be biased and unreliable. At the other end of the scale many of the negative reviews mention unpleasant side effects and one user states: Terrible. Gave me headache and made me feel sick and crampy.”

Alternative That We Recommend

Phentaslim special offersWe recommend Phentaslim – a strong dedicated fat burner for both men and women.

Phentaslim is ideal for everyone, whether you are on a weight training cutting cycle, need to lose body fat as part of your sports regime or simply just want to get into shape.

Phentaslim is very fast acting and becoming one of the most popular supplements in many countries.

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