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Svetol Green Coffee Evolution SLimmingSvetol green coffee bean extract is a natural product manufactured by Naturex. The company is known produce high quality ingredients than can be found in everything from cosmetics and pharmaceutical products to foodstuffs and beverages. Svetol is used as an ingredient in weight management supplements.

Green coffee beans are normal coffee beans that have not undergone the normal roasting process that helps give coffee is unique rich flavor. In their natural state green coffee beans contain high quantities of chlorogenic acid (a tested and proven fat burner), but the roasting process destroys this valuable component.

Evolution Slimming SvetolSvetol is made from green robusta coffee beans and is known to be more potent than other forms of green coffee bean extract. The brand that we recommend over and above all others is from Evolution Slimming.

Evolution Slimming’s brand is authentic, original and contains the required and optimum daily dosage of CGA.

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Recommended Use & Potency Considerations

SvetolNaturex recommends a dose of 400mg a day and due to the extreme potency of the product each dose is equivalent to between three and six cups of coffee (depending on brand and mixing), but Svetol contains much less caffeine than normal coffee beverages. It also lacks the molecules that can make high intakes of normal coffee harmful to the health. Needless to say Svetol is a potent provider of chlorogenic acid and, as an added bonus; it is also rich in the antioxidant caffeic acid.

Daily Svetol supplementation should be continued for at least two months and two to three supplementation periods per year are recommended.

As with any weight management supplements better result can be had by taking regular exercise and adopting sensible (healthy) eating habits.

Svetol Studies

Diet testsTests conducted at Bordeaux University in 2007, are of particular importance because the results explained the reason for Svetol’s powerful fat burning abilities when they revealed it has the power to inhibit glucose-6-phosphate.

That same year scientists at Berken (France) conducted their own studies and concluded Svetol usage (at the recommended dosage) can reduce body mass index (BMI) and ‘increase the lean mass to fat mass ratio’. Test subjects received daily (400mg) Svetol supplements and, after 60 days, had lost an average of 5kg while also increasing the lean to fat mass ratio by 4%.

Dr. S. Lafay noted:

“Due to its specific mechanism of action, Svetol works as a fat burner. Based on our findings from scientific literature, we came to the promising conclusion that Svetol’s active molecules could decrease the glucose intestinal absorption and inhibit the glucose-6-phosphatase. Thanks to the inhibition of G-6-Pase, the body has to get energy from another source, i.e. to burn fat from the adipose tissue.”

The results of the study were later published in Phytothérapie.

The Mechanic of Svetol-Induced Weight Loss

Research has shown Svetol can help people to attain their weight management goals by:

  1. Green Coffee beansReducing the likelihood of fresh fat cells being formed. This is achieved due to Svetol’s ability to encourage healthy blood glucose levels, reduce the likelihood of food cravings, and inhibit the likelihood of fresh body fat being accumulated.
  2. Enhancing the body’s fat burning abilities.

The fat burning effects of Svetol green coffee bean extract will also provide an extra source of energy that should prove particularly useful to users who have active lifestyles.


In 2006, Health Ingredients Europe (HIE) gave Svetol a bronze award.

Possibility of Side Effects or Other Issues

Most dieters should be able to use Svetol supplements without ill effect; but any product that contains caffeine has the potential to cause side effects that may include:

  • Insomnia
  • The Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness

Pregnant and nursing mother are advised never to use any weight management product unless their doctor has advised them it is safe to do so. Anyone who has any health issues or worries should also seek medical advice before taking Svetol green coffee bean extract or any other form of  supplement.

Concluding Thoughts

Svetol green coffee bean extract is the safest, most potent, version of one of the best weight loss ingredients available at the present time. It is a very also a very popular ingredient that can be found in any number of weight loss products.

The presence of a good ingredient like Svetol does not guarantee an effective blend though, especially if inclusion rates are too low. The recommended daily dose of Svetol is 400mg, but some formulations provide considerably less and in such cases Svetol-related weight loss results are unlikely.

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