Body Lab Thermodynamic TotalBurn Review

Body Lab Thermodynamic Total Burn reviewThermodynamic Total Burn is a weight management product produced in the USA by Body Lab. It is manufactured in capsule form and is designed exclusively for women.

Body Lab state their formulation is the “ultimate thermogenic formula for powerful fat burning, increased metabolic rate and enhanced energy” and although big claims are common in the world of diet supplements, in this case the consumer has to sit up and notice because the product is endorsed by Jennifer Lopez and her shapely figure can even be seen adorning the box.

It is the unusually large amount of negative customers reviews that disappoints us most about TotalBurn.

How the Formulation Works

Body Lab begins by pointing out women store more fatty tissue than men, which is absolutely true. Body Lab then state the Thermodynamic Total Burn formulation has been designed to switch a woman’s body into “fat breakdown mode” and start burning fat “sinks” to use as fuel.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each (2 capsule) serving provides 866 mg of a proprietary blend that contains unspecified amount of the following ingredients:

  • Citrus (fruit) Extract: It’s hard to say what this ingredient is likely to be, but we are presuming it is citrus aurantium. The fruit’s peel contains the fat burning stimulant synephrine.
  • Guaraná (fruit) Extract: A fruit extract that is often incorporated into energy drinks because it is known to provide a slow caffeine release that can ensure a continued supply of energy that lasts for several hours. Some studies show caffeine can also function as an appetite suppressant and may also contribute to fat burning.
  • Coffee (bean) Extract: Coffee beans also contain caffeine, but they release it quite quickly, so effects are not long lasting. Although Body Lab fails to state it, we think they are probably referring to green coffee beans. If so the extract will also provide chlorogenic acid—a powerful fat burner.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: The body uses alpha lipoic acid to break down carbohydrates and use them for energy. For this reason it is quite a common inclusion in supplements, but further study of its abilities is much to be desired.
  • Cacao (Theobroma cacao) (seed) Extract: A mild stimulant that can lower cholesterol, but has never be adequately proven to be effective for weight loss.
  • Kola (seed) Extract: An ingredient that appears to have mild metabolism boosting abilities and may also provide appetite suppression.
  • White Willow (bark) Extract: A source of salicin (similar to aspirin), white willow bark has value as a pain killer and may have the potential to encourage weight loss when combined with kola nut.
  • Cayenne (fruit) Powder: The capsaicin provided by cayenne pepper is known to be a powerful metabolism booster and fat burner. Some studies indicate the ingredient may also provide appetite suppression.

All in all the blend does not look that bad in theory, but there are a lot of ingredients involved and the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to say if the ingredients with the most potential are included in sufficient quantity.

How to Take Thermodynamic Total Burn

Two capsules should be taken in the morning, followed by a further two capsules with the main meal of the day. Capsules should be taken with water and a sensible diet and regular exercise is recommended.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed.

A few average testimonials read:

“Total waste of time and money. Do yourself a favour and try something else.”

“Finally something that works. I’ve already dropped two dress sizes and my husband is so over the moon with my new look I’m even burning extra calories when I should be sleeping.” 

“Works well if you watch what you eat and get plenty of exercise”

“I may have lost a pound or two. I’m not really sure, but for the price of these pills I expected better.”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

Totalburn Jennifer Lopez diet pillsBody Lab states the formulation is not suitable for anyone who is under the age of 18 or for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Body Lab also points out the formulation contains caffeine and other stimulants (around 100mg per serving) and suggest potential users who are taking medications, or have existing health issues, seek medical advice before commencing supplementation. Users are also warned not to use the product alongside other stimulants.

Thermodynamic Total Burn is not suitable for people who are allergic to aspirin or other salicylates, and usage should be discontinued two weeks before scheduled surgery.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Thermodynamic Total Burn costs $29.99 when purchased from the manufacturer’s website and all purchases are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee. The product is also available from a number of online stores. Potential customers need to be aware each bottle contains 60 pills and, when used in the recommended manner, will only last for 15 days.

Recommended Alternative

Phentaslim special offersAlthough TotalBurn looks like a product worth investing your time in the lack of real positive reviews make this a nono as far as we are concerned.

If you want something that can burn fat and has a very reputation then look at Phentaslim. You will be hard pushed to find a negative review on Phentaslim.

Read our Phentaslim review here

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