Trimplex Elite Review with customer feedback

Trimplex Elite reviewTrimplex Elite is slimming pill that contains raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract.

Both are highly respected weight loss ingredients, but the manufacturer does not provide any information about the quantities involved.

That’s less than ideal, but customers who order the pills are promised the following benefits:

  • Boosts the metabolism without stimulants
  • Burns body fat
  • Provides powerful appetite suppression
  • Elevates energy levels

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What Is Trimplex Elite and How Does It Work?

Trimplex Elite is designed to boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite. When the appetite is suppressed it makes it easier to eat less food because hunger pangs are no longer such a problem.

A faster metabolism burns more calories. When the body runs out of calories it starts to burn its fat to get extra energy. However, although the calories released from the body fat can be good for fuelling activity, dieting can lead to fatigue, so many diet pills contain stimulants to provide extra invigoration.

The Trimplex Elite formulation is free from stimulants, so it is unclear how the promised energy boost is likely to be achieved.

Trimplex Elite australia

Key Ingredients

A full list of ingredients is not provided, but the formulation contains raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract.

  • Raspberry ketone is a phenol that is generally obtained from raspberries, but it can also be sourced from certain other fruits, including grapes and peaches. Its fat-fighting abilities are scientifically proven, but the ingredient was largely ignored by diet supplement manufacturers until the American health and wellness expert, Dr OZ, endorsed it during one of his shows, calling it “a miracle fat-burner in a bottle.”
  • Green coffee bean extract provides a powerful fat burning chemical called chlorogenic acid and, like raspberry ketone, the ingredient obtained its present popularity thanks to an on-screen endorsement from Dr Oz. The chlorogenic acid provided by green coffee bean extract further assists weight loss by slowing the absorption of dietary fat and providing appetite suppression. The results of one 22 week study, presented during the 243rd National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society, showed supplementation with green coffee bean extract had reduced body fat by 16%.
Usage Instructions – The recommended dose is one capsule before breakfast and another one before dinner. Customers are told they should keep on taking the pills after they reach their ideal weight, so they can “retain and transform” their new slim figure.


The manufacturer promises a money back guarantee, but an examination of the terms and conditions page reveals this only applies to “test orders” and it is not possible to place such an order.

Customer Feedback

Some customers say the pills work. Others complain they were scammed.

A few typical comments read:

“I’ve only been taking these for 2 weeks. I’ve already lost 1kg and I feel really energetic.”

“Please don’t be fooled by the false reviews. These pills don’t work and the price breaks the bank. I couldn’t get in touch with the company to try and cancel the pills because nobody answers the phone. In the end I had to cancel my card.”

“You may not believe this, but I lost 5kg in 14 days.” 

“I got conned by the free trial. I knew nothing about the costs involved until I saw my credit card had been billed—twice. The total cost was a little over $200!!!! and the pills don’t even work.” 

Trimplex Elite Side Effects & Health Issues

Raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract are unlikely to cause problems, but a full ingredient profile is not provided, so there is no way of knowing if other ingredients are involved. With this in mind, all potential users are advised to show the bottle to a doctor, prior to use, and ask him/her to confirm the product is safe.

The Bottom Line

Trimplex Elite contains two powerful weight loss ingredients, but the lack of a full ingredient profile is a problem. As is the way the company markets the product. Raspberry ketone works for weight loss. Green coffee bean gets the job done as well but, even presuming an adequate inclusion rate, a price tag that exceeds $100 per month is over-the-top. Especially when there are competing products that have more to offer and cost a fraction of the price.

Manufacturer Credibility

Nothing is known about the company behind the product. The official website is hosted on a server located in San Francisco but, at the present moment in time, the company appears to be only targeting customers in France. The company also seems to be marketing the pills via an autoship scam.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

There are a number of (English language) affiliate websites promoting the product, but anyone who tries to place an order will discover the affiliate links lead to an inactive site.

Anyone who tries to visit the official website ( will only find an error message.

However, one site, run by a french affiliate, links to the official French Language version of the site. It does not allow anyone to purchase the product. Customers can only order a free 14-day trial bottle of pills and they have to pay $5.94 to cover postage.

A close examination of the term and conditions reveals people who accept the offer of a free bottle of pills are automatically enrolled in an automated shipping program. This is not made clear to customers, but if they do not opt-out within 14 days of placing the order they will be charged €99.89 ($106) for the bottle of “free” pills.

This is expensive, but it gets worse. The cost will be doubled because, by that point, another bottle of pills is already on the way and will have been charged to the card as well.

Recommended Diet Pill

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