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XLS Medical fat BinderOne of the newest weight loss products to hit the market is XLS Medical Fat Binder, it has been a big seller in the UK and across Europe.

This all-natural weight loss aid is said to be well-tolerated because it is gentle enough that it does not disrupt your body’s normal functions.

You can lose weight safely and effectively according to the manufacturer’s claims. So does XLS Medical Fat Binder live up to these claims?

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaPhenQ is very worth competitor where it is extremely popular in Austrialia. XLS’s  main ingredient, Litramine is also found in other products and not just exclusive to XLS.

Litramine is an effective fat binder (fat blocker) – but this is it’s sole and only mechanic of action.

PhenQ is often compared to XLS – In our opinion it a superior product –  it can not only block fat but also burn excess body fat.

In addition to this it can suppress appetite and help detox your system. It truly is a remarkable diet product that is available direct from the manufacturers who offer a 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping to Australia (and also other destinations such as the UK ,Canada, UK and mainland Europe

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XLS Medical is often billed as the $2 a day diet pill that can help reduce 27% of fat intake without making radical changes to your diet

How the Product Works

what is LitramineXLS Medical Fat Binder is made with Litramine, a trademark ingredient made from the dried leaves of cactus.

It also includes vitamins A, D and E which are fat-soluble vitamins. The product works in two ways.

First, it binds your fat molecules and forms a combination of fat and fibre that is much too large to be absorbed by your intestines (known as the fat-binding phase).

Second, it releases the fat-soluble vitamins into your body and then it is eventually all secreted out of your body. XLS Medical Fat Binder reportedly binds up to twenty-seven percent of dietary fat that is in your stomach.

Basically, the product reduces the speed of food leaving your body. It also is said to keep your blood sugar levels from spiking so you feel fuller longer and your craving for sweets is reduced.

Ho XLS works

XLS Medical Fat Binder comes from a plant source that is organic and it is also certified as a Medical Device Class IIB which means it has been tested for effectiveness and safety.

The protocol is to take two tablets with water three times a day thirty minutes or less after each meal for twelve weeks. You should begin seeing results at four weeks.

Although it is not recommended, you can take XLS Medical Fat Binder longer than the twelve weeks. However, it is advised that you take a break from it for three to five days after every month.

The Pros and Cons

XLS Medical Fat Binder cites studies and testimonials on their website stating that it does indeed work. And because it is made from a natural ingredient as well as vitamins, there is no reason to believe it is unsafe to use.

The website also provides tips that you should follow while on the twelve-week regimen including eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and drinking a lot of water throughout the day which is necessary when you are consuming any high fibre diet.

XLS TestimonialThere is one high profile testimonial that belongs to former songstress Mica Paris. Mica, well know in the UK – she used XLS Medical to shed two stone and drop two dress sizes, all in only three-and-half months.

So far the only known side effect is constipation which is largely due to the fact that some people do not adhere to the rule of taking the capsules with water and drinking water throughout the day as well. Two celebrities have endorsed the product and the fact that it has been classified as a medical device means it has gone through some extensive testing for safety and efficacy.

With all that said, the product is not without some negatives. The first is that there is no guarantee which makes you wonder if the makers of XLS Medical Fat Binder do not fully believe that their product really works.

Most manufacturers back their claim with a one-hundred percent money-back guarantee because they have complete faith in their product. It is also quite expensive. A month’s supply will cost a little more than ninety-four dollars.

Finally, because the product is considered fairly new, there are limited testimonials—most of which are quotes from users.

There are no before and after photographs (apart from the celebrity endorsement detailed above) or anything to show the product actually works other than some positive words from people who “claim” to have used XLS Medical Fat Binder.

Should You Use XLS Medical Fat Binder?

While there is so far no medical reason you cannot take the product, aside from an increased chance of suffering from constipation, there are many other fat binder products on the market that can offer more, have been around longer and can offer guarantees and actual visual testimonials of their product in action.

how does PhenQ workPerhaps in time as XLS Medical Fat Binder gets a bit more exposure and a lot more people to try it, they will be able to offer it with guarantees, more convincing testimonials and a lower price.

In our opinion PhenQ has raised the bar in this genre. It is multi action and risk free considering its 60 day money back guarantee and free delivery.

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