ZetaTrim – the high performance fat burner and appetite suppressant

Zetatrim reviewsZetaTrim is a fat burning formulation that promises to offer the added benefit of long-lasting appetite control. It is produced in capsule format and distributed worldwide by Vivid Health Nutrition.

Good fat burning supplements can fire-up the metabolism and help the body to use an increased amount of calories while also burning body fat.

Good appetite suppressants can help dieters to commit to their low-calorie diets by quelling the desire to eat between meals or overindulge at mealtimes. When combined, fat burners and appetite suppressant can provide powerful results, so formulations such as ZetaTrim, that offer both benefits from a single capsule, are very popular with dieters and supplement manufacturers alike.

What does garcinia Cambogia look likeZetatrim is advertised as the high performance, multi stage fat burner and appetite suppressant. Some of the key benefits are that it reduces appetite, increases energy levels and sculpts lean muscle.

The highlight of the formula as far as ingredients are concerned is Garcinia Cambogia. We are concerned that there is not enough or quantity of the better ingredients to make Zetaclear a viable option.

For this reason we recommend Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Zetatrim Key Ingredients

Two ZetaTrim capsules provide:

  • Vitamin B3 (20mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (15mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (20mcg)
  • Chromium (100mcg)

Unfortunately the bulk of the ingredients (725mg) are utilized in a proprietary blend so the label on the bottle fails to provide any inclusion rates.

  • Guarana
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Fucoxanthin
  • E&Z Guggulsterones
  • DHEA

It is always a source of annoyance when manufacturers fail to provide inclusion rates, especially when the blend contains respected ingredients such a garcinia cambogia. Fortunately in this case the official websites fills in one of the blanks by stating each (2 capsule) serving provides 200mg of garcinia cambogia. While this is not as generous a dose as some competing products provide, it should still be sufficient to secure some good results.

Zetatrim Blend Potential

  • Vitamins B3, B6, B12: B vitamins smooth the conversion of macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) into energy. If the diet fails to provide a sufficient amount of them, energy levels can start to flag and the metabolism to slow—leading to weight gain.
  • Chromium: An important mineral that is required for good health and is reputed to be a fat burner. Early studies, conducted on rodents, suggested chromium may be invaluable for controlling blood sugar and triggering fat burning. Later study results were less promising so scientific opinions differ.
  • Guarana is a potent source of caffeine and, like all caffeine suppliers; it can suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism. The benefits of caffeine are usually short-lived, but guarana releases its caffeine at an unusually slow rate, so its presence in the blend may attribute to the promised “long lasting appetite control”.
  • Fucoxanthin: A pigment extracted from seaweed. Studies conducted on laboratory rodents, at Hokkaido University (Japan), suggest it can increase the expression of thermogenin and trigger fat burning within white adipose tissue, but further testing (conducted on humans) is much to be desired.
  • E&Z guggulsterones: A plant extract that is often used to try and manipulate thyroid activity. A healthy thyroid is known to be important for ensuring an efficient metabolism, so supplement manufacturers often try and stimulate the thyroid into producing an increased amount of hormones. Although guggul extracts are often used for this, it has greater potential for lowering cholesterol levels.
  • DHEA: A hormone that is manufactured by the adrenal glands. It can also be synthesised from wild yam and soy. It is favoured by diet pill manufacturers because its use is believed to speed up the metabolism. An article posted on the Mayo Clinic website is somewhat supportive of this, but recommends further “higher quality, long-term studies”.
  • Garcinia Cambogia. An ingredient that shot to fame after its potential was highlighted on America’s Dr Oz show. The active component is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and it appears to have the power to suppress the activity of an important enzyme (citrate lyase) that is necessary for storing away excess carbohydrates in fresh fat cells. Garcinia cambogia is the favoured weight loss provider of many celebrities, including the American songstress Christina Aguilera.


Capsules should always be taken with water, but never within six hours of bedtime. Best results are achieved by taking two capsules on waking, and a further two capsules half an hour before lunch.

Zetatrim Customer Feedback

The ZetaTrim website shows a couple of customer testimonials. One user states he lost 24kg / 53lbs, another says she lost 21kg / 48lbs. Independent feedback is harder to find, but one user airs her views via her blog and states:

“. . . It doesn’t work. I wish it did, I really wanted to get back into shape . . .”

A weight loss forum user reports more successful results.

“I lost 4kg / 9lbs in two weeks using ZetaTrim and never experienced any side effects at all.”

Possible Zetarim Side Effects

Side effects are unlikely, but pregnant or nursing mothers should always err on the side of safety and avoid using any form of dietary supplement unless its use has been sanctioned by a doctor. People who have existing health problems, or are taking medication, should seek the advice of a trained medical professional before commencing supplementation.

What Is The Guarantee

A money back guarantee is offered, so it’s there in principal, but the relevant terms and conditions are not specified.

Where To Buy Zetatrim

Amazon is usually a cheaper option, but customer who purchase directly from the Vivid Health Nutrition website can purchase a (60 capsule) bottle for $24.95. The price is the same when purchasing via the ZetaTrim website and it offers bulk buy incentives the other site does not.

Recommended Alternative

Garcinia ExtraAs we have pointed out near the top of this review Garcinia Cambogia is the standout ingredient but the concern is that there may not be enough quantity of the more effective ingredients.

A product we highly recommend Is Garcinia Cambogia Extra – it contains additional Raspberry Ketone and in the the correct quantity.

Read why we rate it so highly by clicking here

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