This website functions by using cookies. Cookies are very tiny text based files that are stored by your internet browser and recalled at certain times to remember little pieces of information about former visits.

Cookies have been used by almost very single computer since the mid 90’s and not a new technology. Cookies are small and should not really be of any cause for convern and will not effect your privacy.

How We Use Cookies

Sometimes a cookie is used for referral links and hyperlinks between websites that we link to and to monitor the process of interaction whilst on our site.

All cookies that are stored by us are anonymous, a randomly generated alphanumeric jumble and does not contain any personal information. Privacy is of utmost importance, there will be no record of names, or addresses or any passwords etc.

Your Right To Choose

We do respect your privacy and you well within your right to not accept cookies on each and every visit.

You can make your own choices concerning cookies and by using the tools in your web browser you can choose to delete and/or permanently block cookies.

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