6 Week Bikini Body Review – by Nutrologie. Does It Work, Side Effects and Stockists

6 Week Bikini Body Review6 Week Bikini Body is a crash dieting system designed for women who want to lose weight fast.  The diet was launched in 2010, by the British company Nutrologie, and quickly became the fastest selling weight loss system in the UK.

As the name suggests, Nutrologie’s product has been created for a specific target consumer group—women who are looking forward to summer, while worrying their bikini body will draw attention for all the wrong reasons. They need to shape up for summer and, if Nutrologie’s marketing is to be believed, the Bikini Diet will help them to achieve this in just six weeks. Nutrologie is an established brand in the UK and sold via Holland and Barrett – the largest independent health and nutrition retailer in the British Isles.

Order 52 fast diet pillThe 5:2 diet is the undoubted most popular diet in circulation. There have been many success stories attributed to it. A product that has been created to work either as a sole diet aid or to coincide with a calories controlled diet is the 5:2 Fast Formula – it is without gimmick and to say that it has been a success is an understatement

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What Is The 6 Week Bikini Diet And How Does It Work?

The diet consists of four supplements that work alongside specially designed fitness and diet plans that must be utilized if the desired results are to be achieved.

  • 6 week capsulesLipo Tablets: Containing high amounts of anthocyanin’s, flavonoids, and other natural fat burners, these tablets have been thoroughly tested at the American University of Paris and have been proved to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning.
  • Detox Tablets: Intended to help the user to feel as good as they look (on successful completion of the diet); the tablets contain seven herbal extracts, “healthy bacteria”, and dietary fiber.
  • Meal Replacement Shakes: In a choice of two flavors, and touted as providing a “full up feeling”, the shakes replace one meal each day.
  • Meta-Lite Capsules: Taken before training to provide an extra boost to the workout and ensure rapid fat metabolism.

Lipo tablets

The Accompanying Plans:

  • Diet Plan: Created by nutrition expert, Nadia Mason, the plan contains over 60 figure-friendly recipes that can be prepared in less than five minutes.
  • Fitness Plan: Put together by celebrity trainer, Lex Dunn, the home workouts target abs, bums, and tums.  Each workout can be completed in less than 45 minutes.

Key Ingredients

Quite a lengthy list of ingredients are involved in the production of the four supplements. Not all of them have a proven track record of encouraging weight loss, but many of them do. The ones of key importance are found in the Meta-Lite capsules.

  • Green Tea Extract: One of the main ingredients in the capsules, green tea has the purported ability to encourage weight loss, but here is no conclusive evidence to support this. Recent studies suggest that green tea may, however, offer some benefits when combined with other ingredients.
  • Cayenne Powder: Renowned for its ability to boost the metabolism, cayenne pepper has been tested by scientists and is a key ingredient of many weight loss systems.
  • Black Pepper: Scientists have discovered black pepper contains an alkaloid called piperine. It is responsible for giving black pepper its distinctive taste. In 2010 the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published the results of a study that suggests piperine can boost the metabolism and help to encourage weight loss.

Media Focus

Nutrologie produced an effective, and memorable, TV advert as part of their initial advertising campaign. It features a young lady who is so proud of her new curves she decides to wear her bikini to work.  The advert ends with the statement, “Feel the real you this summer with the 6 Week Bikini Diet.” The advert first appeared on British television in 2010 and the diet continues to thrive on the back of its success.

Watch the 6 Week Bikini Body UK Advert – its nothing if not cheesy

6 Week Bikini Diet Success Stories

The 6 Week Bikini Diet website contains four testimonials from satisfied customers. One of them is by a young lady from Manchester, who used the diet to slim down for her wedding and successfully lost 2.3 stone. Independent reviewers also report similar success stories, so overall the response to this diet continues to be positive.

 Possible Side Effects

All of the ingredients are natural and there are no known side effects attributed to the use of any of the supplements that form this diet.

As with any diet, however, it is not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing mothers, or those who are taking a prescribed medication.

Anyone who has doubts about their health should, of course, seek medical advice before commencing any new diet or beginning a course of pills or supplements.

The Bottom Line – Is It Recommended

Before embarking on this or any other speed dieting system potential buyers should be aware that the medical fraternity as a whole does not recommend losing more than 2lbs a week, so any crash diet or dieting system can be a cause for concern.

Nutrologie’s 6 Week Bikini Diet, with its unique structure and natural ingredients, could, however, be seen a safer option than many alternative fast weight loss systems.

This diet also comes with a higher price attached to it than many competing diets, but if all aspects of the system are used in the recommended manner—including the workout routines—significant weight loss should be achievable in the stated period of time.

We give it a partial recommendation but others are preferred.

Where To Buy 6 Week Bikini Diet, Stockists

Very much focused towards a British based customer, but available to all countries. The sole stockists is Holland and Barrett online store Holland and Barrett Website

Preferred Alternative

Phen375 fat burnerOur preference is for Phen375 – a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant that has received praise industry experts.

A huge customer base and unrivalled repeat order ratio gives u no hesitation in recommending Phen375.

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The 5-2 Diet Plan, Dr Michael Mosley’s Fast Diet

The 5:2 diet planThere is a diet that allows one to eat as much as they want, whatever they want and accompany those with their favorite drinks as well. Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it or not the new 5:2 diet or the 5/2 diet has stormed the hitherto conventional approaches to dieting and introduced a whole new way to lose weight.

It is based on two essential concepts – the first is to have whatever you fancy for five days in a row so that your occasional and even unconventional cravings are taken care of. The second is to fast for the next two days so that your body gets naturally detoxed and balances the excesses that may have occurred in the past five days. After two days of fasting the body is ready to face the world of excesses once again.

British doctor-cum-journalist Michael Mosley has really propelled the 5:2 diet onto centre stage. Dr Mosley’s the Fast Diet is a best seller in the UK

The 5:2 diet: What is it?

The 5-2 diet The official definition of the 5:2 diet is eating for 5 days and fasting for 2 days. In reality it is nothing so hard or strict and involves eating moderately for 5 days and going on a restricted diet for 2 days.

During the 5 days of normal diet one can even give in to excesses once a while but overall maintain their basic calorie chart throughout the experiment. This is balanced by 2 days of very low calorie diet which balances out the calorie levels and aids in burning the fat stored in the body.

This way even if you gorge on junk food once in a while it will not cause as much harm as it would normally do.

The benefit of this diet is that since one can give into the cravings once in a while there are lesser risks of binge dieting or falling off the dieting grid which is a very normal occurrence for dieters.

When it comes to restricted diets one should consult a nutritionist since it will depend on a person’s BMI to get the right balance. In general men have to stick to a 600 calorie diet while women have to follow a 500 calorie diet for the two days of fasting. Ideally one should design the meals in such a way that the day starts with a heavy breakfast followed by moderate lunch and a very light dinner.

These should be complemented with in-between healthy snacks which are low fat and low calorie in nature.

The 5:2 diet: How it works?

Woman eating on the Biggest Loser DietThe 5:2 diet works in two ways – it prevents fat from being stored and burns off the excess fat from the body at the same time. A number of clinical trials and studies have shown that if followed carefully this diet can lead to drastic weight loss, almost 15-20 pounds in two months or less.

The results would vary depending on the dieter’s age, gender, health and body mass index but overall results are sure to considerable.  This may not be a diet which one can continue for a long time but it is definitely a diet which will kick start the serious weight loss process and induce good health naturally in the long run.

Since the diet allows one to eat anything the mind and body crave in the first 5 days the usual cravings that bring down a dieter are taken care off right at the onset. This is balanced by the next two days when the body detoxes itself naturally and starts burning the stored body fat for energy and sustenance.

With time, as one starts losing weight and sees the amazing results the cravings lessen to a large extent by itself. Very soon, dieters start sticking to low fat moderate diets and feel more motivated to avoid junk food so that they can reach their weight loss faster.

Experts say that this is one of the key reasons for the success of this diet. With most diets the length of time taken to show results usually puts off the dieter. But the 5:2 diet starts showing definite weight loss results right from the second week itself which acts as a great motivation for the dieter to continue with it. And there is no need to carry this on for a long time either.

Just six weeks of rigorous 5:2 routine and you can sport an amazing figure naturally. Along with this you can enjoy greater energy levels and a healthier body for a long time to come.

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The Biggest Loser Diet

The Biggest Loser Diet AustraliaIf there is any one time that the word loser has had any positive connotations then this is it. The Biggest Loser Diet is a much publicized diet which formed the basis of the Channel 10 / NBC TV show, “The Biggest Loser”.

Following the staggering popularity of that show, the program’s official nutritionist Cheryl Forberg, RD devised a simple yet effective diet plan for whoever wants to lose weight and gain long term results.

This seven-day meal plan is a not a miracle diet rather a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. If followed to the T then even seriously obese people can lose weight and slim down faster than they can with any other plan.

The basic plan is based on a diet pyramid which designs the meals according to body type, weight and calories needed to lose. Through this diet one will get the proper nutrition and even satiety from low calorie foods which will also aid in burning all the stored body fat.

Obese people face greater health risks than others. With the Biggest Loser Diet they will have the added advantage of reverting the risks of Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, hypertension, heart ailments by improving their immune system.

What is the Biggest Loser Diet

What to eat on the Biggest Loser DietThe Biggest Loser Diet is a 12 week program based on the pyramid diet of 4-3-2-1 servings in each meal. The low calorie diet encourages smaller portions, frequent meals and lesser gaps between meals.

It incorporates healthy dose of proteins and fibers to fill up the tummy without adding to the calorie count. Therefore the diet comprises of more fruits and vegetables than meat though it does allow lean protein options. Added to this is a strict exercise regimen which needs to be followed regularly to get the best results.

Meal Planner Biggest Lose

Typically the Biggest Loser Diet pyramid has 4 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 servings of protein, 2 servings of whole grain and 1 serving of an extra treat.

This along with the regular physical activity will go a long way to help you lose weight and also become a healthier person by keeping all ailments at bay.

Eating healthy means keeping healthy which will add to your strength and stamina and you will find yourself more energized and able to a lot more activity which seemed impossible before.

Woman eating on the Biggest Loser DietInstead of foods like pasta and bread which tend to stimulate one’s appetite the focus will be on foods that will serve good calories, add nutritional value and satiate the appetite without increasing it in any way.

You can prepare your own meals and use regular items to do so. Dieters are just asked to keep in mind that there meals should not contain any fats or sugar or even excess salt. Fluid intake is very important and one needs to have 50-60 ounces of water every day along with fresh and natural juices.

The plan also comes with a detailed workout guide. Typically it is a 30 minute workout with strength training and cardio exercise which can effectively work on the body fat.

You can work out with your personal trainer or join the Biggest Loser Diet online club which will give you entry to the world of likeminded individual who are all trying to lose weight like you are.

You will also get meal plans, fitness information, recipes and workout tips along with the moral support that you will need when you start a new diet regimen.

 A look at the typical Biggest Loser Diet plan:

  • For breakfast you can have 1 serving of whole grains, half a serving of protein and 1 serving of fruit
  • For mid-morning snack you can have half a serving of protein and 1 fruit
  • For lunch you can have one serving of protein, half a serving of whole grains and 1 serving of vegetables.
  • For afternoon snack you can have half a serving of protein and 1 fruit
  • For dinner you can have half a serving of protein, half a serving of whole grain and 2 servings of vegetables.

One should take care of choose less refined whole grains with lots of fiber content, lean protein options and eliminate sugar completely.

The Biggest Loser Diet focuses in burning more calories than the amount taken in which helps to burn the excess calories, stored body fat and lead to a leaner and healthier body in a few weeks.