Slim Diet Patch Review – Pros and Cons

Slim diet patchDiet patches are often said to work better than supplements that are taken orally.

Patch manufacturers say this is because the ingredients are absorbed through the skin and enter the blood without being weakened by the chemicals the body uses to digest nutrients in the normal way.

The theory sounds pretty good, but the products seldom are, so we had some initial doubts when we heard about Slim Diet Patch. Our doubts began to subside when we took a closer look at the product and realized it’s produced by Bauer Nutrition.

Then when we did some digging and discovered Slim Patch has already helped a lot of people to lose weight we decided it was time to find out more.

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Advertised Benefits

  • Fast acting natural formula
  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • Supports safe weight loss 24/7
  • Burns body fat
  • Retains a greater potency than capsules or pills
  • See the results within a few weeks

Key Ingredients

The three key ingredients are:

  • Grееn Теа Ехtrасt
  • Асаі Fruit
  • Fuсuѕ Vеѕісulоѕuѕ

Product Potential

Green tea is regular inclusion in products that are designed to provide speedy weight loss. It boosts the metabolism and causes the body to burn calories faster. Green tea is also a fat burner with proven abilities.

Acai extracts are known to have appetite suppressing abilities, but it doesn’t stop there. The juice of the berries contain amino acids, fatty acids, and pytosterols that accelerate the metabolism and boost fat burning.

Fuсuѕ Vеѕісulоѕuѕ is a seaweed derivative that contains iodine. It’s often added to diet pills because the thyroid gland uses iodine to manufacture hormones that are necessary for an efficient metabolism.

How to Use – Patches should be applied to a clean, dry area of skin (arm, thigh, back, or shoulder) and left in place for 24 hours. When the patch is removed, the following day, a new patch should be affixed to different area of skin.

What Customers Are Saying About the Product

There appears to be a lot of praise for this product.

A few typical comments read:

“I recently had a health scare and decided it was time to take action about my weight. I don’t like swallowing pills, so Slim Diet Patch was the obvious option. I began using the patches 4 weeks ago and they have helped me to lose 18lbs. Now I know they work and I have just ordered some more.” 

“I’ve been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. A friend suggested Slim Diet Patch so I decided it was worth a try. I lost 6 pounds in week 1 + 7 in week 2 + another 7 in week 3 + 8 in week 4. That’s 28 pounds in only a month. Wow! These things are good.” 

“Never in a month of Sundays did I think something like this could work, but it does. I have been using Slim Diet Patch for three months and am happy to report I have lost over 50lbs.”

Health Considerations

Slim Diet Patch is applied externally to the skin. A patch such as this is unlikely to cause side effects unless the wearer is allergic to one of the three active ingredients.

Women who are pregnant or nursing a child should always be extra cautious though, and avoid using any weight management product unless they have received the prior approval of their doctor. The same advice is applicable to people who have existing health issues or are using medicines of any kind.

Final Opinion

Although the idea of becoming slimmer by placing a patch on the skin may sound a little too good to be true, there is a lot to be said for delivering ingredients in this way. Many smokers, all over the world, have been successful in their efforts to become non-smokers thanks to the (nicotine) support provided by patches they placed on their skin.

There is no reason why a diet patch should not be equally viable as a weight loss solution. It’s unfortunate that so many diet patch manufacturer’s get it wrong, but customer feedback shows Bauer does not share this failing.

Despite our initial scepticism, we are very impressed by Slim Diet Patch and are happy to add it to our list of approved weight loss products. Bearing in mind the company’s penchant for producing innovative new dieting products, we are also eager to see what they will come up with next.

After Sales Service

After sales service is excellent. Customer support is available 24/7 (telephone and email) and the company backs all of its products with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Manufacturer Credibility

Bauer Nutrition is owned by Wolfson Berg. The company has been producing supplements for over a decade. All their products are manufactured in facilities that have been approved by the FDA and the company has a reputation for producing high quality supplements that work.

Where To Buy Slim Diet Patch

Slim diet patchSlim Diet Patch is only distributed via the Bauer Nutrition website. Bauer always seems to have a deal going on and shipping is free—regardless of geographical location. At the time of this review it was possible to get 6 packets for the price of three

  • Get three boxes for the price of two
  • Get six boxes for the price of three

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Exercise Pill – Can It Help You Lose Weight Without Exercising

Exercise Pill - Can It Help You Lose Weight Without Exercising

The Exercise Pill. Researchers in America may have discovered a way to make a pill that could replace exercise and help people to lose weight without the need to break a sweat.

For anyone who has such a hectic lifestyle they are unable to find the time to exercise, a pill like that could seem like a godsend.

An exercise pill could be equally attractive to people who spend most of their day sitting behind a desk or the steering wheel of a truck or bus.

Then there are the people who are dangerously overweight but cannot exercise because they are too old or have heath problems that may make exercising dangerous. However, nice as it may sound, the exercise replacement pill may not be available anytime soon.

The only studies so far have been conducted on mice. There is no way of knowing if humans will respond in the same way, or what the side effects are likely to be.

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woman runningThe researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, wanted to find out what physical endurance meant on the molecular level, see if it was feasible to replace training with a drug and develop an exercise pill. Previous studies, involving a drug called GW501516, had already proved effective for improving stamina and encouraging the body to burn fat faster, so the researchers decided to further explore its potential.

Tests involving obese mice, running on treadmills showed the drug successfully increased endurance by 70 percent.

The researchers also discovered the drug altered the activity of nearly 1000 genes. The ones that are necessary for breaking down and burning fat became more active, but others, including some that convert sugar into energy, showed inhibited activity.

According to a report published in the May edition of Cell Metabolism, mice that were not given the drug were only capable of running for 160 minutes. The ones that received it managed to sustain the activity for 270 minutes and were more insulin responsive and resistant to weight gain.

exercise pillCloser inspection of the data revealed this was due to the fact that one of the genes altered by the drug stopped burning sugar as a primary source of energy and began burning fat instead.

Subsequent analysis of the mice’s muscle tissue revealed the ones that had been given the drug did not have additional mitochondria (energy provider). The researchers saw this as proof that the drug can provide the same benefits as exercise.

“It means you can improve endurance to the equivalent level as someone in training, without all of the physical effort,” first author Weiwei Fan said in a press release.

The researchers are now trying to find a pharmaceutical company with the resources necessary to develop clinical trials and test the drug on humans. If the tests are successful, and an exercise pill is created, it could be a useful ally in the war against obesity and may also have value as a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

However, some experts are worried the drug could be used for less reputable reasons. Ali Tavassoli, professor of chemical biology at Southampton University, said an exercise pill could potentially be abused by athletes and horse trainers.

Pharmacologist Louise MacKenzie (University of Hertfordshire) has also raised some concerns.

She has studied the drug in the past and says high doses can cause nasty side effects. “It goes from being remarkably healthy to being the complete opposite, there’s no in-between,” MacKenzie said but admitted it was a good starting point for scientists looking for better ways to help people to improve their health. “I can definitely see a future where the problems are solved,” she said. “You just need to have enough clever scientists working on them.”

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Saxenda Injection For Weight Loss – Containing Liraglutide

Saxenda injectionSaxenda is an injectable weight loss treatment created and distributed by Novo Nordisk. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has sanctioned its use for treating obesity and it’s been available via private doctor’s prescription since December 2015.

The daily Saxenda injections ease the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite. This allows people to reduce
their calorie intake without being plagued by hunger pangs. However, as with other TGA approved prescription weight loss medications, Saxenda has to be used with diet and exercise. This helps ensure the body experiences a calorie shortage that is sufficient to necessitate the burning of fat calories.

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What Is In The Formula

The active ingredient is a drug called Liraglutide. It was originally developed as a treatment to help manage diabetes, but when diabetics using the drug began losing weight it was also made available as a weight loss aid. The dose used for weigh loss purposes is higher than that needed for diabetes.

Weight Loss injectionLiraglutide appears to mimic the effects of the GLP-1 hormone created in the intestines. This hormone increases insulin secretion and sensitivity. It also slows acid secretion and gastric emptying.

The knock-on effect of this is the brain receives a message that misleads it into believing the stomach is full. The results of three early studies suggest people using the drug in conjunction with a low calorie meal plan and increased levels of physical activity may lose 2.5 times as much weight.

How to Use – comes in a pre-filled injector pen. Only one injection is required per day and it is important it goes into the skin tissue, avoiding the veins and muscles. The recommended injection areas are the upper arm, waist and thigh. New users will require coaching in the correct way to administer the drug, and the dosage is gradually increased over a 5-week period.

  • Week 1:6mg
  • Week 2: 2mg
  • Week 3:8mg
  • Week 4: 4mg
  • Week 5 onwards: 3mg

Saxenda Customer Comments

Some average customer comments read:

“The actual injection is not so bad. Just a little prick. But my skin gets very itchy afterwards. It’s not nice at all, but usually wears off after an hour or two. I’ve been using this stuff for around 5 weeks now and the total weight loss so far is 28lbs.” 

“The injections are a pain and the headaches and dizziness are even worse, but I’m dropping about 4lbs a week so I suppose it may be worthwhile in the end.”

“I’ve been using Saxenda for 6 weeks and it has helped me to lose 18 pounds. That doesn’t seem a lot to me. Especially for such an expensive drug. I also find it an unpleasant product to use. I need to lose weight, but don’t want to be a pincushion to do it. I’m going to try something else instead.” 

“My appetite is no longer a problem and I’m finally starting to lose weight, but the injections make me feel very sick and dizzy so I may have to stop.”

Side Effects Of Saxenda

Saxenda’s prescription-only status is not without good reason. The drug can aggravate certain medical conditions and is known to interact badly with some medications. Information provided on the manufacturer’s website also points out use of product entails a possible risk of thyroid tumours. However, this warning is based on the way some rodents reacted to the drug. It may not have this effect on humans.

Some of the common side effects related to Saxenda usage include nausea, vomiting, and changes to bowel movement. More serious side effects include extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating, and racing heart beat. Any Saxenda user who experiences serious negative reactions is advised to stop using the drug at once and seek medical advice.

Pricing and Availability

Saxenda is not subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), so it has to be purchased by private prescription at a cost of around $400 per month.

Although the price is daunting, most dieters will not need to concern themselves because they will be unable to get hold of a prescription. Australian law only permits doctors to prescribe the drug to people who have a BMI of 30 or higher. People who have a BMI of 27 to 29 may also be eligible for a prescription if they also suffer from at least one weight-related health problem, such as high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes.

Saxenda weight loss injection

Final Verdict

The TGA obviously has faith in the hunger suppressing abilities of Saxenda. If they didn’t it would not have been approved as a prescription only weight loss medication. Many dieters may not relish the idea of sticking a needle in their flesh every day though.

Even more will not have a BMI that is high enough to make them eligible for a prescription, and those who do obtain one are looking at a hefty monthly expense for the duration of the treatment. The side effects the drug presents are also an issue.

Saxenda may be good for weight loss, but some supplements are better and can offer pain-free weight loss without side effects for a fraction of the price.

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