Proactol XS Review – Market Leading Fat Binder Now Shipping To Australia

Proactol XSProactol has been one the best selling fat binders since its introduction to the world several years ago.

Its success as a fat binder was self evident, as it quickly built up a loyal customer base and hoards of delighted customers who were able to finally achieve their weight loss goals.

It has been a force to be reckoned with ever since, with extensive coverage across a variety of mainstream publications in the UK, the USA and Australia – appearing in News of the World, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Heat Magazine to name but a few.

proactolxs-mischa-bartonFormer The O.C star Mischa Barton has appeared in the press praising the benefits of Proactol XS. After a struggle to keep her weight down she has finally found an ally in Proactol XS

Proactol XS has helped her lose 4lbs – 1.8kg per week. It is also covered by a 180 day refund policy so its virtually win win. Its now available to Australian customers.

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Proactol XS Review

Proactol XS website from Bauer Nutrition in AustraliaProactol sets itself apart from other diet products with its EU certification as a medical device for weight loss, making it a legal and safe product with veritable substantiation.

Proactol fat binder ships worldwide, although it is most popular in the UK, USA, and Australia. This review will aim to provide a factual and impartial overview of the main features and benefits as a fat binder and certified medical device.

Proactol’ three main selling points are:

  • It is clinically proven to block up to 27% of dietary fat
  • It is a certified medical device
  • It is covered by a money back guarantee

Pricing starts from $60 USD / $86 AUD for a one month’s supply and every order is covered by the 60 day money back guarantee. There are offers such as the buy 3 and get 3 free special that equates to just $30 USD AU$43 per bottle.

Proactol has twice been voted fat binder of the year in the UK – now available to Australians

What is in Proactol 

Proactol XS contains non-animal derived Chitosan, a unique, naturally sourced fibre ingredient, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Proactol XS is also kosher and Halal certified. This is the dietary fibre complex responsible for binding to fat and turning it into non-digestible fat.

Proactol also contains Calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate, Povidone, Magnesium stearate, Silica, Microcry stalline cellulose.

How Does It Work

Proactol XS works by making the heavy dietary fats in your stomach indigestible.

It contains a complex of two fibres, one non-soluble, the other soluble. The non-soluble fibres are designed to come into contact with the dietary fats in your stomach and bind with them immediately to form a fluid gel.

How does Proactol Work

This makes the fats too thick to be absorbed by the body and they are passed out instead. Before this happens the resulting gel stays in your stomach longer than normal food, helping you feel fuller for longer and less susceptible to cravings. 

The studies have shown that this process can bind up to 27.4% of your dietary fat intake.

Clinical Studies

Proactol XS owes a lot of its success to its extensive clinical data. It has been proved in no less than 6 clinical studies, including a double blind placebo controlled crossover study.

It also has the backing of various doctors, scientists and medical experts, as well as EC certification as a medical device.

Proactol Plus Customer Feedback

Proactol XS commentsProactol XS has been inundated with excellent feedback that sets it apart from much of the competition.

Even disregarding the many testimonials that appear on the website, a bit of research will show you that Proactol has a huge following, with many dieters swearing by it.

Potential Side Effects

Because it is naturally derived, constipation and a loss of appetite are the only possible side effects you might experience with Proactol XS.

If you are pregnant of breast feeding do not use – similarly, if you are on medication for any other condition consult with your doctor before taking

Does Proactol XS Work

If you are considering trying a fat binder Proactol XS seems like the obvious choice.

While results will obviously be dependent on your own individual efforts and lifestyle, it certainly has the evidence, certifications and customer feedback to give it some real potential.

If there is a more effective fat binder on the market we are yet to discover it

Proactol XS Stockists In Australia

Proactol XSYou cannot buy Proactol in Australia over the counter. All purchases are made through the official website.

Pricing starts at around $86 (Australian) and various discounted packages are available. You can take advantage of special discounts and offers such as up to buy 3 and get 3 free – this equated to just $43 per bottle.

There is no current coupon code as the the Multi Buy coupon is applied by default for any of the special offers

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