Dietrim Review, Is It Available In Australia

Dietrim is produced by Vitabiotics Limited, who are a popular weight loss supplement firm based in the United Kingdom.

One of our UK readers asked us to take a look at this product, after noticing that Vitabiotics was mentioned in the press recently.

While not marketed specifically as a dietary supplement, Dietrim says it will assist you with balancing the ratio of your lean muscle tissue to your body fat. Will this supplement help you to look slim, trim and lean? Lets examine Dietrim in a bit more detail, and find out whether it might work for you.

Dietrim Review

Although there are several dietary aids sold in the US, there are also lots of weight loss supplements available in the UK, and in other countries.

Dietrim is one of the UK based products, and it seems to be aimed at both men and women. Not only does this product claim to provide an original “Bio-active formula”, but it also claims to increase the user’s metabolism over time.

Nonetheless, the official website does not call Dietrim a “weight loss supplement”, because frequent exercise and a healthy diet program are also required to make this product work. Moreover, because users might put on some lean muscle tissue (muscle weighs heavier than fat), they might gain some extra pounds.

How Does it Work

The Dietrim formula is said to have been developed by top nutritionists, who have based the product on “nutritional science”. In contrast to several other fat loss supplements on the market, this product is meant to work in-conjunction with your body’s natural processes, in order to boost the metabolic rate. The main active ingredient used is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which is derived from Safflower plants.

However, the research into CLA indicates unreliable results for human beings, even though it does reduce fat in animals successfully. A review, published in May 2007 in the US Clinical Nutrition Journal, discovered that an average dosage of 3.2 grams of CLA daily was effective to promote fat loss. Therefore, Dietrim does not contain sufficient CLA, although it might give the body protection from free radicals.

What is in It – Ingredients

Not all of the ingredients in this dietary aid are disclosed for review on the official website. Along with CLA, a range of ingredients such as, Co Enzyme Q10 (stops free radical harm), Iodine (boosts the metabolism), Cinnamon Bark Extract (facilitates protein digestion), Chromium (assists with regulating the appetite and metabolism), Anti-oxidants, Biotin, Folic Acid and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B12 and B6 are included to help manage weight safely.

Dietrim – Any Media or Press Features

Vitabiotics are featured prominently in adverts, magazines and in UK high street stores. Vitabiotics are a popular diet supplement company in the UK, who have been in the industry for forty years.

This firm has several ambassadors for their products from James Andersen (the World number 2 test bowler), to Andy Frost (the UK number 2 Hammer thrower), to Mark Foster (the ex professional swimmer). All  say that they have taken Vitabiotic products; although it is worth remembering that they took the Wellman supplement, rather than Dietrim.

Possible Side Effects 

When consumed in the dosage advised, Vitabiotics say that Dietrim causes no side-effects. However, some people might have an allergic reaction to some of the product’s ingredients. The makers also advise avoiding the product if you are an expectant or nursing mother (Vitabiotics offer another product named “Pregnacare” for these cases).

Dietrim Feedback, Positive and Negative

There are no reviews of Dietrim on the official website. While the company is a well regarded retailer, there are virtually no independent testimonials or reviews for this product elsewhere online either. There is one positive customer review on the website from a few years ago. We could not find any reports of scams or fraud relating to this product.

Does Dietrim Work

Dietrim is a diet product that is not called a weight loss aid, because consuming it might supposedly produce a growth in muscle tissue. Although this sounds fairly reasonable, it is hard to decide whether Dietrim will be effective for every user. While this supplement is meant to boost the user’s metabolism, it does not assist with appetite suppression, or carbohydrate blocking. Ultimately, it just boils down to what you are after. Also, do not forget that, because this is a UK based dietary supplement, it is not available on the official site to people who reside in other countries.

Where to buy Dietrim In Australia

There does not appear to be too many stockists offline or in store. There is a distinct lack of market presence in Australian chemists and pharmacies.

Ordering opportunities seem restricted to third party online stores of the official website.

Alternative Diet Pills

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