Phen375 Real Review Australia (now PhenGold)

PhenGoldPhen375 (now PHENGOLD) is quite possibly the most advertised and most frequently searched for commercial diet pill on the internet (as far as Australia is concerned) with a large number of positive reviews from not just Australia but the world over.

Phen375 is both a fat burner and an appetite suppressant – two of the most effective mechanics of action used in the diet pill industry. There is also an added benefit of an increase to your energy levels.

Phen375 has now been rebranded to PhenGold – same great product but with a fresh look for 2022

Manufacturers Claims

  • Pharmacy grade ingredients made in FDA registered facilities
  • Fast acting fat burner and appetite suppressant
  • Increases energy levels
  • Does not cause side effects
  • Legal alternative to Phentermine

PhenGold Pricing and Special Offers

Phen375 Review

We initially ordered some anonymously as to test how quickly the product arrived and how the customer service really was ‘warts and all’ without revealing we were about to review their product.

PhenGold or Phen375

Delivery to Australia is stated as ‘between 7-14 days’ on the official website. The order process was pretty painless and our delivery was around 7 days and there was absolutely no problem with Australian customs.

We then contacted the company and said we wanted to send them back – the customer service said “it was not a problem” and gave us the procedure to return the package. So all in all our experience was seamless and provided us with confidence.

The product comes in a very small bottle, smaller than it looks on the marketing material with 30 tablets in each bottle.

Phen375 Benefits:

  • Premium ingredients, 100% legal and free from side effects
  • Arguably the strongest fat burner, appetite suppressant in existence
  • Customer service is first class, there is a real transparency about the company

 How Does it Work

Phen375 is based on the prescription only drug Phentermine but does contain any trace of the drug.

You will often see references to Phen375 and Phentermine – Phentermine was considered to be the nirvana of the diet pill world (and still is to some degree) but Phentermine was first introduced in the 1950’s and has remained relatively unchanged to this day.

Average weight loss is between 3 – 5lbs (1.3 – 2.2kg) per week

Phen375 is ‘based on the concept’ but reducing the appetite but encouraging the brain to believe that the stomach was full and had reached satiety so the user could not physically eat. This can reduce calorie intake considerably everyday.

It does not take a genius to work out the correlation between losing weight and keeping calorie intake to within certain boundaries.

It is a lot easier to watch what you eat when you do not feel hungry.

Phen375 can also raise the metabolic rate and mobilise fat more efficiently burning excess bost fat. It does quite possibly better that any commercial product we have seen

Media Highlights

The one thing that is very different between Phen375 and the chasing pack is that Phen375 does not court the media – there are no celebrity success stories. The official line is this.

“Phen375 does not use celebrity testimonials, we believe that using a contractually obliged celebrity detracts from our products perception that our product works and therefore does not need to employ gimmicks.

We have plenty of real life testimonials from real living people with before and after pictures. We also encourage customers to send in their weight loss experience.”

Cant say fairer than that!

Phen375 Testimonials

There are many testimonials and success stories, they have kept to their mission statement of only using real people in marketing material which really adds a sense of believability and trust.

PhenGold Testimonials

Phen375 Side Effects 

There should not be any untoward reactions or side effects if taken as recommended in the enclosed literature and instruction booklet.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use – not suitable for anyone of medication prescribed from doctor unless advised otherwise.

Does It Work – It is Recommended

The people at Phen375 tell us that their re-order rate is one the highest in the industry, they tell us that have so many before and after pictures at their disposal they could create a whole website dedicated to pictures posted and emailed in.

The figures also indicate that an average weight loss of 25lbs in just 6 weeks is not unusual.

If you are considering which diet pill to use – consider this one very serioulsy

Phen375 Stockists Where To Buy Australia

PhenGoldAustralian customers should buy only from the official website, there is not a third party stockist via the internet or in-store. Amazon and Ebay should be avoided as there are many fake or replica produce in circulation

Customers can buy single bottles or buy the current special offers which is buy 3 and 1 free. Pricing is available in many currencies including Australian Dollars (AUD$) by using the drop down menu at the top of the official website

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