What Are The Diet Pills You Can Buy In Pharmacies

Diet pill on prescription from doctorIt wasn’t so long ago when diet pills that you would get on prescription from your doctor were viewed as the more effective and better solution. Prescription diet pills were not available to everyone – it wasn’t a case of simply asking your doctor or physician.

In order to be prescribed you would have to had a real case – you had have been obese, or bordering on obesity. It was highly unlikely you would be prescribed if you simply wished just to shift a few kg’s.

The pharmaceutically engineered drug classed compounds were powerful but presented users with some side effect issues – it wasn’t until a decade ago when the tide began to turn.

Today, although the doctor prescribed diet pills are still just as active the commercial products that you can buy without restriction from pharmacies and the internet have eclipsed the former in so many ways – trust, availability and most important of all, performance.

Diet Pills From Your Pharmacy – Non Prescription Diet Pills

buying diet pills over the internetThe diet pills that you can buy directly from your pharmacy (or from the internet) do not contain any drug classed substance – they contain the natural or herbal equivalent.

There are several products that are in circulation that can provide the benefits of the prescription diet pill without the exposure to the health risks due to side effects or possible addiction.

Here is a snapshop of the current best commercial products in our opinion that are available to buy without prescription or restriction. All the following diet pills are free from side effects and do not cause addiction.

Phen375 – Fat Burner And Appetite Suppressant

Phen375 is a hybrid – it contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients but classed as natural. It has been available to buy without prescription since 2009.

Phen375 ReviewPhen375 is both a fat burner and appetite suppressant, it is based on the concept of Phentermine (more familiarly known as Duramine in Australia) but does not contain any trace of the drug.

The real selling point of any product is user feedback – if there is a diet pill with more positive feedback anywhere we are yet to review it. Phen375 is a best seller in the UK, The USA, Canada and Australia as well as several European countries.

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Garcinia Cambogia Extra – Natural Fat Burner And Inhibitor

Garcinia Cambogia is one of a number of superfoods and superfruits that have come about after recent research by the worlds leading health authorities.

Garcinia Cambogia In AustraliaGarcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketone are very similar in that they both not only burn excess body fat but can also prevent the creation od new body fat.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra contains both natural ingredients and the recommended daily dosage of each.

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 Both of the products above are available to buy without a prescription and direct from the manufacturers website.

KouTea Review, Does It Work And Where To Buy In Australia

KouTea Review AustraliaWhen it comes to natural ingredients for use in diet drinks, green tea is pretty unique and is one of the safest and most effective means losing weight.

The goodness of green tea for maintaining good health as well as for combating weight issues has been thoroughly established through innumerable research studies and clinical trials.

What KouTea does is use this goodness of green tea and blends it with other potent natural ingredients to create a proprietary blend of tea.

It acts as a weight loss instigator and leads to definite results without any harmful side-effects whatsoever. Moreover, it is one of the simplest procedures to try out and one can carry on with it for a long a long time without harming health or having to make drastic changes in lifestyle.

Green tea is one of the strongest natural fat burners and can be almost considered essential to all round health and well being

What is KouTea

Kou Tea websiteKouTea is a simple and natural weight loss product which allows one to lose weight in a healthy manner without the need for any drastic lifestyle changes like rigorous exercise regimen or very ultra-strict diets.

The product primarily uses the innate health benefits of green tea to make a difference to one’s weight and body.

It also blends in other very potent and beneficial ingredients like oolong tea, white tea, and Pu-erh tea along with the green tea.

how to use Kou TeaAll you have to do is sip this potent but tasty brew instead of regular tea and voila, it’s a slimmer you in just a few weeks. And all this without any artificial ingredients making their way into your system at all.

The combination of these four very powerful teas in many ways creates a panacea for all diseases that could affect good health.

The key reason which makes green tea so effective for weight loss is the presence of polyphenols.

These have the natural ability to boost metabolic rates which means food taken in will be converted into energy faster. As a result there will be little or no fat storage in the body as well as faster burning away of the pre-stored fats.

“In a very short while one can feel the difference in weight as well as renewed vigor and freshness of body and mind. With KouTea super blend intake one can enjoy dual advantage – feel good and look great at the same time.”

Key benefits of KouTea:

To understand the many benefits of this wonderful tea one has to see the benefits of each individual tea which combine to make it such a high quality and effective weight loss supplement.

  • Green tea – There has been numerous studies on green tea which show how beneficial it is for the body. It is loaded with antioxidants called polyphenols which flush out the harmful free radicals from the body, regulates blood glucose, blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol levels. They also strengthen the immune system which can prevent anything from cancer to aging. Moreover, they increase metabolic rate and burn calories away faster. An amino acid called theanine keeps depression at bay while the catechins burn stored body fats.
  • White tea – The first thing white tea does to this super blend is to improve the taste derived from the top quality leaves, white tea takes away the bitterness of other teas and gives its subtle flavor. Like green tea it is also loaded with polyphenols and catechins which gives it strong antioxidant properties as well as powers to combat obesity. It helps in removing the toxins from the body, improving blood circulation, lowering cholesterol levels and inducing an overall feeling of good health. Along with improving immunity it also leads to a glowing healthy skin. But most of all it speeds up metabolism and boost the body’s natural fat burning abilities.
  • Oolong tea – Like the others, Oolong tea too contains large amounts of polyphenol in it. But more than that it is loaded with other essential nutrients like calcium, folic acid, potassium and vitamins A, B, C, E and K. Together these provide the body with the much needed nutrition and keeps energy levels high even as you lose weight. Along with boosting metabolic rate it also regulates blood sugar levels and together these two phenomenon leads to steady and long term weight loss.
  • Pu-erh tea – This tea has been in use since ancient times to improve digestion, lower cholesterol and prevent heart ailments. It has also been known to treat colon and gastric problems. The polyphenol in it raises metabolic rate and help in faster burning of calories. It aids in speedy and better digestion so there is little time for the body to absorb the fats and cholesterols leading to a healthy and slimmer body.

The best thing about KouTea is that despite the presence of four types of tea in it, it has very little caffeine on it. Therefore, one can drink several cups a day.


Where To Buy Kou Tea In Australia

Buy Kou Tea in AustraliaCan be purchased from the official website only which covers Australia and New Zealand. One packet costs around $34 and in each packet is 60 sachets.

Kou Tea is not restricted by age and accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Click here visit the official website

QuickSlim Glucomannan Drink

QuickSlim Drink AustraliaThere are several new weight loss products based around meal replacements and diet drinks that have recently entered the Australian market. While some promise super quick results others promise zero side effects because they are using natural ingredients to make the product.

With smart marketing gimmicks and plethora of choices it becomes increasingly hard for the consumer to know the right from the wrong and choose a suitable product.

Of course, this doesn’t stop us from trying and that’s where products have most to gain. Like many others in the category, Quickslim promises amazing results for all kinds of users through the use of natural ingredients. In this case the key ingredient is Glucomannan which is a natural appetite suppressant.

There is a free trial in effect – we urge potential customer to read the fine print very carefully as free trials are seldom ‘free’

What is Quickslim

How does Quickslim workQuickslim is a diet supplement that combines glucomannan powder and water to create a health drink. The drink is meant to be consumed before meals as it leads to feeling of fullness and prevents overeating.

The drink once consumed goes into the stomach and expands leading to the user feeling full and satiated and thereby suppressing appetite effectively. In addition, it is also supposed to contain exceptional fat-binding properties which prevent the body from absorbing too much fats and aids in their quick release from the body.

This way one can control calorie intake as well as lose stored body fat and regain a slim and graceful figure in no time at all.

The official statement from Quickslim manufacturers say that with regular use one can lose up to 1KG per week.

That is indeed a lot of weight loss which can definitely change the way one’s body feels and performs. Manufacturers mention several corroborative tests and trials; unfortunately, these are not readily available for public viewing so there is no way to be sure of the results. It is also available as diet pill which is touted as a once a day nutri-pill and one of the healthiest supplements on earth.

Unlike its competitors there are no free trials for the consumers either so there is no test and see period for users. What the official website does say is that this supplement should be duly combined with rigorous diet and exercise, things that can aid in weight loss in any case.

How does Quickslim work

glucomannan Konjac root for suppressing appetiteUsing Glucomannan for appetite suppression is not a new method. It has been used countless times in many weight loss products with myriad results.

To give Glucomannan its due, this natural ingredient is known to swell up 50 times in the stomach once ingested and makes one feel really full. It creates a natural gastric band which not only controls calorie intake but is also supposed to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol absorption by the body and prevents insulin spikes after meals.

The other ingredients in the product are fillers like Dextrose, Inulin, colouring, food acid, anti-caking agents, flavouring and sweeteners. However, these are not listed in the official website which is cause for concern.

Side-effects of Quickslim

  • It can adversely affect diabetics as Glucomannan has a tendency to affect blood glucose levels negatively
  • Can lead to malnutrition
  • Can cause to frequent headaches in some
  • Could cause fatigue and weakness
  • Can Cause dizziness and nausea
  • Can cause energy levels to ebb
  • Some users have reported a weakened immune system
  • Can cause stomach irritation and irregular bowels

Other disadvantages:

  • Glucomannan products are banned in several countries which is again a cause for concern
  • Very expensive
  • Once the intake is stopped users tend to regain weight
  • Not FDA approved
  • All ingredients are not tested for efficacy
  • Lack of real clinical evidence and full product ingredient list raises product safety issues
  • No free trials are offered and neither are there 100% money-back guarantees like other similar products which increase the buyer’s risk for financial loss if the product doesn’t suit them.

Is It Recommended

There are naturally mixed reactions about Quickslim. While the official website and related marketing campaigns rave about the product, some less bias sources are less than flattering.

Where To Buy QuickSlim In Australia

Can be purchased in many health supplement stockists and outlets in Australia, as well as some major pharmacies and chemists. Is not stocked in GNC

Other Diet Products To Consider

Proactol Plus fat binder and appetite suppressantWe are not too enthusiastic about weight loss drinks across the board, we are yet to review one that can give nay credible evidence. If you are looking to suppress appetite then Proactol Plus is premium grade diet pill than can also bind fat as well.

Proactol Plus is available to buy without restriction or prescription and now ships to Australia.

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