Lipo 6 Review – Lipo 6 Black, Original and Ultra Concentrate

Lipo 6 OriginalLipo 6 is a fat burning supplement manufactured in the USA by Nutrex Research Ltd.

The product is available to buy online from several independent retailers, but UK customers will probably find Amazon the best place to purchase from because many alternative sites stock Lipo 6 product variations in preference to the original product.

According to the manufacturers, Lipo 6 is a powerful,  fast acting weight loss solution that was voted “Fat Loss Product of the Year for four consecutive years (2005 – 2008), but they fail to elaborate on which body was responsible for providing this award.

Also available from Nutrex is Lipo 6 Black and Ultra Concentrate – although the ingredients may vary our opinion is virtually identical across the range.

What is Lipo 6 and How Does it Work?

Lipo 6 BlackLipo 6 is manufactured in capsule form. The capsules contain a blend of several pharmaceutical strength ingredients that have been blended into a fat burning liquid, with the idea that, once the outer casing of the capsule has melted, the liquid centre will be absorbed into the body much faster than if the blend had been made in a standard hard tablet form.

The recommended dose is two “liquid-caps” at breakfast, followed by two more in the afternoon, and the effects of the capsules last for up to five hours, so the manufacturers advise leaving five to six hours between doses. New users are also advised to begin with a reduced dosage:

  • Day one: One capsule in the morning, followed by a second capsule in the afternoon.
  • Day two: An extra capsule may be added to one of the doses.
  • Day three: Full dosage (two capsules, twice a day).
After eight weeks use of the product should be discontinued for a period of one to two weeks, after which normal usage may be resumed.

Included Ingredients – Formula

Each serving (two capsules) contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg):  Caffeine powder. May contribute to the promised fat burning effects, but may also cause side effects in some users.
  • Synephrine HCL (20 mg):   A chemical component found the ingredient bitter orange. Synephrine is often used as a replacement for ephedra—a substance that was banned after its use was linked to heart attacks and other cardio vascular disorders. Synephrine is also known to have an adverse reaction on the blood pressure and heart rate, so it is possible it may also be banned at a future date. For now though, it continues to be used as an ingredient in some fat burning formulations.
  • Synthetic 99% guggulsterones Z&E 1.1 (20 mg):  Guggulsterones is sometimes included in weight loss supplements because it is believed to stimulate the production of thyroid hormones and increase the metabolism, but it can also cause nasty side effects and be extremely problematic for some users.
  • Bioperine (5 mg):  A patented version of the alkaloid piperine (found in black pepper). Piperine has been tested in the laboratory, is proven to assist weight loss, and is not known to cause any side effects; so this is one of the better ingredients in the mix.
  • Yohimbine HCL (3 mg): Believed to encourage muscle growth, and often included in body building supplements for this reason. Its inclusion here would appear to serve no real function and is a cause for concern because its use can be very problematic for some user groups.

Customer Feedback

The Nutrex website contains an impressive number of five star reviews for this product—so no surprise there. A few Independent reviews are also available, but these are a pretty mixed bag.

Some customers are very happy with the results:

“This product is good, helped my slimming program with a reduced calories diet, I really liked this product because it is good.”

Others report a very different experience:

“It did absolutely NOTHING!!! I took it as directed, changed my diet, exercise plan and I think that this actually stimulated my appetite!”

While still others are happy with the results, but complain about the side effects:

“Really effective but gave me badd baddd anxiety. My heart would straight race for hours.”

Side Effects and Known Health Issues

The label on the bottle suggests a consultation with a doctor before use. This seems like good advice because several of the ingredients are known to cause worrying and potentially dangerous side effects in some people, and may also react badly when used In conjunction with some medications.  Needless to say, this product should be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers.

Is It Recommended

Although the product has never been tested, it seems likely this formulation may provide some weight loss benefits to the majority of users, if the product is used in conjunction with an existing weight management plan that includes regular exercise and a calorie controlled diet.

But the resultant health issues attributed to some of the ingredients means the potential negative aspects related to the use of this product far outweigh any possible benefits, so Lipo 6 is not a recommended product.

Safer alternatives are available that will, in many cases, provide superior results, but without any danger to the health. The possible risks involved with the use of Lipo6 are far too great and the consumer is advised to look elsewhere.

Where To Buy Lipo 6

Can be ordered directly from the official website as well as several third party and independent websites.

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