Maxtrimm Thermo Trimm Capsules Review – Ingredients, Side Effects and Recommendations

ThermoTRIMM capsulesThermoTRIMM is weight loss supplement designed to encourage good health and optimise the body’s ability to burn fat and gain muscle. It’s produced by the Perth-based company MaxTrimm.

According to the information on the official website, the ingredients contained in the formulation can simplify the weight loss process, but customers who wish to reap the ThermoTRIMM benefits are required to stick to menu plans MaxTrimm provides.

Maxtrimm Thermo Trimm … The Meal Plans

All of the meal plans provide three wholesome meals per day and it goes without saying no cheating is allowed.The ThermoTRIMM Meal Plans

Each meal plan comes with a weekly shopping list and all the meals provide a calculated amount of important macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fat). Each nutrient is required by the body and is also processed in a specific way.

For instance it takes more calories to digest protein than it takes to digest carbs or fat; and fat contains around twice as many calories as carbs or protein. MaxTrimm appears to have a good understanding of this and has created some healthy meals that should provide a good balance of nutrients and a gauged number of calories. They are also vegetarian friendly.

Each meal consists of:

  • 52% Carbs
  • 39% Protein
  • 9% fat

In every case two meals options are provided—one for people who get little or no exercise and one for people who have faster-paced lives and more energetic lifestyles

A typical day may start with a blueberry breakfast smoothie, followed by a lunchtime quinoa salad. Dinner could be a warm lentil and bean salad, and one protein shake is allowed per day as a snack.

The Thermo TRIMM Capsules

If you are a vegetarian the good news is MaxTrimm states all of the ingredients and the capsule shell are in keeping with your lifestyle choice. The bad news is MaxTrimm fails to provide much information about many other important points, including the ingredients used in the formulation.

They do, however, share a long list of promised benefits.

According to MaxTrimm, Thermo TRIMM is beneficial for:

Encouraging fat breakdown (lipolysis)· Decreasing fat absorption
Increasing calorie burning Improving thyroid gland function
Rectifying a sluggish metabolism Aiding digestive health
Boosting energy levels Providing internal cleanse and detox
Regulating the appetite Nutrient and dietary fibre intake
Controlling hunger cravings Nutrient and dietary fibre intake
Stabilizing blood sugar levels Healthy cholesterol levels
Encouraging insulin secretion Nutrient and dietary fibre intake

How any of this is meant to be achieved or what ingredients are likely to be responsible is a complete mystery.

The front of the bottle merely states: “with raspberry ketones, African mango, capsicum, acai berry and other herbs.”

“Other herbs” could be almost anything at all.

Raspberry ketones is a popular ingredient these days, some of its fame and reputation is based on  AmeriRaspberry ketones1can TV Personality Dr Oz. According to him raspberry ketones is a miracle fat burner – scientific evidence from many independent sources back up his claim. Raspberry ketone (along with garcinia cambogia) is arguably the best of the superfruits

Oz is also responsible for bringhing African Mango into the public arena.

Acai is another Oz favourite. According to him it burns fat and dulls the appetite, but most experts agree Acai’s abilities have been blown out of all proportion. It’s a highly nutritious ingredient though and more benefit to the detox process than weight loss.

CapsicumCapsicum is another highly regarded ingredient. A number of tests show it can boost the metabolism, generate a little extra heat in the body’s core, and provide theromgenic fat burning.

The MaxTrimm website also mentions a few extra ingredients—green tea, cinnamon, and guarana, but what else is included is anyone’s guess and without an idea of the quantities involved it is hard to say what benefits or side effect the capsules might offer.

MaxTrimm Side Effects

MaxTrimm does not provide enough information for us to hazard a guess about what the possible side effects might be so the best course of action is probably to avoid this supplement or, at the very least, consult a doctor and get some advice before deciding to take any pills.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

All sales are made from their website and MaxTrimm are charging $37.40 for a bottle of their pills. There is no guarantee and shipping could be expensive because the manufacturing process is outsourced to a production plant in Great Britain and the tablets are shipped out from there.

Recommended Alternative

Although Maxtrimm Thermo Trimm does contain some quality ingredients it doesn’t make our top products list.

To find out which products we rate highest view our best diet pill page

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