Meratrim – positives, negatives, side effects and where to buy

Meratrim diet pillWeight loss supplements are rarely out of the news. Some are advertised as fat burners while others claim to be energy and metabolism boosters.

What many have in common, however, is their reliance on natural ingredients rather than a mixture of chemicals that can often do more long-term harm than good.

Meratrim is one of those supplements that guarantees safe weight loss because it only uses natural resources that are not only safe to use, but have also been proven to work.

Lets have a look at Meratrim.

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What is Meratrim?

garcinia mangostana in MeratrimMeratrim relies on two key ingredients for its potency—garcinia mangostana (400 mg) and Sphaeranthus indicus (400 mg).

This proprietary blend of fruit and flower extract has been studied and shown to help people lose weight.

Sphaeranthus indicus, which is also known as East Globe Indian Thistle, is used widely in Ayurvedic—an Indian holistic practice that has been used for more than five thousand years and provides tremendous health benefits. Garcinia mangostana is sourced from the rinds of fruits.

What makes these two ingredients so powerful is their effect on adipogensis and lipolysis. These are both fancy ways of saying fat burning capabilities. Through a lot of research and studies that showed their effectiveness, the makers of Meratrim combined the two to create this one-of-a-kind product.

The recommended dose is two capsules per day—one taken thirty minutes before breakfast and the other taken thirty minutes prior to dinner. A one-month supply of sixty capsules, the equivalent to one bottle, costs $39.99. And if you suffer from allergies or are a vegetarian, Meratrim is safe to use since it has no wheat, gluten, soy, milk, fish, egg, or any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

Meratrim Positives

It would be easy to dismiss this product as just the same of everything else that is on the market, but unlike many of those other weight loss supplements, Meratrim actually put theirs to the test.

Rather than simply relying on studies of the ingredients, they decided to conduct their own research and studies to see if combining these two potent ingredients would actually do what it is supposed to do—help people lose weight.

They used real people rather than animal subjects and conducted an eight-week study to see how or if Meratrim would actually work. The adults who participated in the study all had a body mass index (BMI) of thirty four.

Although Meratrim has received plaudits from sections of the health and diet industry it is nothing compared to what garcinia cambogia has received – Metarim for all its positives lacks the fat burning punch that Garcinia delivers. Read more about Garcinia Cambogia here

They were told to exercise at least a half hour five days a week and stick to a two thousand-calorie diet.

Much to their amazement and pleasure, they found that in only two weeks, the study subjects not only lost weight, but their waist sizes were reduced as well.

Even better—in eight weeks, the subjects showed a significant reduction in their hip size.

Something else that Meratrim has, or in this case lacks, is their reliance on stimulants. Neither ingredient is a stimulant which can be of concern to those who want to use a diet supplement.

Even many natural products use caffeine as one of its main components to give people energy and boost their metabolism. Meratrim does no such thing which is welcome news to those who are sensitive to caffeine or who do not like the feeling of being on stimulants.

Meratrim Negatives

The price of Meratrim is fairly reasonable compared with similar supplements. However, if you buy it from a retailer like The Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, you can get it for a few dollars less than the product’s website price.

Even Amazon sells it for less. Also, there is no offer of a money-back guarantee if you buy Meratrim from their website so keep that in mind if you decide to order it.

Perhaps they feel you will not need it after taking the product and losing weight after only two weeks.

Finally, there is no mention of any adverse side effects. However, you should be careful if you are taking medications or have a chronic condition. It is always best to run any type of supplement by your doctor before you begin taking it.

Is Meratrim Worth Buying

From the research, the studies and the price, it is safe to say that Meratrim is definitely one of the better and safer products on the market today. You do not need a fancy degree to see that the product’s study results were all positive and did exactly what the makers thought it would do with regards to losing weight. The only question is whether you want to make the investment and give this product a try. From the looks of it, you have nothing to lose except weight.

Where To Buy Meratrim

The stockists we recommend is the Vitamin Shoppe – an online authorised supplier for most countries that allow free trade.

Vitamin Shoppe also offer a no quibble returns policy that allows purchases to be returned up to 30 days after purchase.

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