Raspberry Ultra Drops – Are They A Scam, Australian Stockists

Raspberry Ultra Drops Australian reviewsRaspberry Ultra Drops are certainly making headlines in the US and will soon follow suit in Australia if past history is anything to go by.

There are many reports from independent websites that Raspberry Ultra Drops is a product to treat with the utmost trepidation and no small degree of caution.

The public perception and luckily not the concept of raspberry ketone as an ingredient and as a genre has suffered in recent months largely due to to products such as this one.

There are many independent websites who have labelled Raspberry Ultra Drops a scam.

What Are Raspberry Ultra Drops

Diet DropsIt is a natural raspberry ketone diet aid that also includes African Mango and Green Tea – with some L-carnitine added for good measure.

It is introduced by squeezing droplets onto the tongue and is advertised as a different or “pill’ free way of getting the benefit from a diet aid.

The benefits claimed by the manufacturers are fat burning, appetite suppression and detox.

The argument that many diet drop manufacturers make is that this sort of delivery system is more effective, more beneficial and faster working than other kinds of delivery mechanisms such a supplements or patches. there is no substantiation to these claims.

Are Raspberry Ultra Drops A Scam

Raspberry Ketone Ultra WebsiteThe most worrying aspect of this product is not its ingredients or its delivery method but the way in which the company behind the product seems to handle itself, its customer and its complaints.

There are many independent websites who have labelled Raspberry Ultra Drops a scam. It is easy ti see why.

The official website looks a suspect, when you clock on it is appears to take you to another website – Liquid Raspberry Ketone Burn.

Customer Complaints

Most worryingly are the many customer complaints that all seem to be highlighting either the non delivery of the product or the unauthorised removal of payments from ‘customers accounts’

Complaints about Raspberry Ultra Drops

Read more complaints here

Should I Buy Raspberry Ultra Drops

It is our recommendation that your steer clear of this particular brand – but please dont that let you be put of trusting and using Raspberry Ketone.

Recommended Brand

Raspberry Ketone diet pills australiaRaspberry Ketone Plus is manufactured by Evolution Slimming – a company based in Canterbury, UK. If the company that is involved with Ultra Drops is one of the spectrum then Evolution Slimming are the other.

That produce what is arguably the original Raspberry Ketone supplement, it was the actual brand that featured on the real Fox news report.

Evolution Slimming are also highly visible and their customer service is exemplary.

Click here to read our full review

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