The 5-2 Diet Plan, Dr Michael Mosley’s Fast Diet

The 5:2 diet planThere is a diet that allows one to eat as much as they want, whatever they want and accompany those with their favorite drinks as well. Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it or not the new 5:2 diet or the 5/2 diet has stormed the hitherto conventional approaches to dieting and introduced a whole new way to lose weight.

It is based on two essential concepts – the first is to have whatever you fancy for five days in a row so that your occasional and even unconventional cravings are taken care of. The second is to fast for the next two days so that your body gets naturally detoxed and balances the excesses that may have occurred in the past five days. After two days of fasting the body is ready to face the world of excesses once again.

British doctor-cum-journalist Michael Mosley has really propelled the 5:2 diet onto centre stage. Dr Mosley’s the Fast Diet is a best seller in the UK

The 5:2 diet: What is it?

The 5-2 diet The official definition of the 5:2 diet is eating for 5 days and fasting for 2 days. In reality it is nothing so hard or strict and involves eating moderately for 5 days and going on a restricted diet for 2 days.

During the 5 days of normal diet one can even give in to excesses once a while but overall maintain their basic calorie chart throughout the experiment. This is balanced by 2 days of very low calorie diet which balances out the calorie levels and aids in burning the fat stored in the body.

This way even if you gorge on junk food once in a while it will not cause as much harm as it would normally do.

The benefit of this diet is that since one can give into the cravings once in a while there are lesser risks of binge dieting or falling off the dieting grid which is a very normal occurrence for dieters.

When it comes to restricted diets one should consult a nutritionist since it will depend on a person’s BMI to get the right balance. In general men have to stick to a 600 calorie diet while women have to follow a 500 calorie diet for the two days of fasting. Ideally one should design the meals in such a way that the day starts with a heavy breakfast followed by moderate lunch and a very light dinner.

These should be complemented with in-between healthy snacks which are low fat and low calorie in nature.

The 5:2 diet: How it works?

Woman eating on the Biggest Loser DietThe 5:2 diet works in two ways – it prevents fat from being stored and burns off the excess fat from the body at the same time. A number of clinical trials and studies have shown that if followed carefully this diet can lead to drastic weight loss, almost 15-20 pounds in two months or less.

The results would vary depending on the dieter’s age, gender, health and body mass index but overall results are sure to considerable.  This may not be a diet which one can continue for a long time but it is definitely a diet which will kick start the serious weight loss process and induce good health naturally in the long run.

Since the diet allows one to eat anything the mind and body crave in the first 5 days the usual cravings that bring down a dieter are taken care off right at the onset. This is balanced by the next two days when the body detoxes itself naturally and starts burning the stored body fat for energy and sustenance.

With time, as one starts losing weight and sees the amazing results the cravings lessen to a large extent by itself. Very soon, dieters start sticking to low fat moderate diets and feel more motivated to avoid junk food so that they can reach their weight loss faster.

Experts say that this is one of the key reasons for the success of this diet. With most diets the length of time taken to show results usually puts off the dieter. But the 5:2 diet starts showing definite weight loss results right from the second week itself which acts as a great motivation for the dieter to continue with it. And there is no need to carry this on for a long time either.

Just six weeks of rigorous 5:2 routine and you can sport an amazing figure naturally. Along with this you can enjoy greater energy levels and a healthier body for a long time to come.

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