Glucomannan Appetite Suppressor – Clinical Proof

All about GlucomannanGlucomannan is a high-fibre root extract sourced from a perennial plant called konjac.

It’s often used as an appetite suppressing ingredient in diet pills and it’s ability to control hunger has been put to the test and proven in numerous clinical trails.

Although the root extract is sometimes listed on diet pill bottles under the name “konjac”, glucomannan is the name most commonly used.

Glucomannan: An Appetite Suppressor

Despite the fact that in some Asian countries glucomannan flour is used to make noodles, the ingredient has very little nutritional value and contains next to no calories at all.

However, the fact that it’s ultra low in calories is neither here nor there.

Glucomannan’s real value as a weight loss aids is due to its phenomenal ability to soak up water.

When glucomannan is combined with water, it can absorb up to 50 times its own weight in liquid and the resulting combination is an nondigestible gel that fills the stomach and takes away the appetite.

Glucomannan: An Appetite SuppressorCalorie Reduction and Weight Loss the Glucomannan Way

When people talk about calorie restricted or low-calorie diets, they are talking about a diet that is designed to deliberately cause the body to experience an energy shortage.

A calorie is a unit of energy and the calories in food are the fuel that powers the body. When people overeat or eat too much high calorie food, the body gets more calories than it needs and stores the excess as fat.

When the situation is reversed, the body reclaims calories from its stores of fat and burns them to get energy. It’s quite simple really.

The hard thing is sticking to a diet that is low enough in calories to cause the desired fat burning effect.

Many failed dieters saw their dreams of a slimmer body go up in smoke because the hunger pangs they experienced were too powerful for them to bear.

A full stomach is a happy stomach, but food is not needed when the stomach has been filled with glucomannan gel.

Glucomannan powder diet pills

Proof That Glucomannan Works

Numerous studies show glucomannan is an appetite suppressant that works. After one eight-week double-blind placebo study, involving 20 obese individuals, the researchers noted a “significant weight loss” that was accompanied by a lowering of the volunteers’ cholesterol levels.

In a much larger study, Norwegian researchers enlisted the help of 176 volunteers and assigned each of them a place in one of four groups.

  • Group one received glucomannan only
  • Group two got glucomannan and guar gum
  • Group three were given glucomannan and alginate
  • Group four got the placebo

All four groups were put on a calorie-controlled diet. The members of all four groups successfully lost weight, but the placebo group lost less than the other three groups and the member of group one (glucomannan only) lost the most weight of all.

This lead the researchers to conclude:

“Glucomannan induced body weight reduction in healthy overweight subjects, whereas the addition of guar gum and alginate did not seem to cause additional loss of weight.”

Additional Benefits

A number of other claims are made for glucomannan, but its ability to support weight loss and control cholesterol are the only two that can be supported by sufficient scientific proof.

However, glucomannan is also believed to be capable of slowing nutrient absorption rates sufficiently to prevent post-eating blood sugar spikes and the resulting rush of insulin that can force the blood sugar to drop so low it initiates a desire for high-calorie food.

Glucomannan is also believed to be capable of boosting friendly gut-living bacteria (prebiotics). When this kind of bacteria flourishes it’s believed to be very beneficial for the health and may have the potential to improve weight loss.

The Bottom Line

Glucomannan’s ability to fill up the stomach and limit the desire for food has been proven by science.

It works well, suppresses the appetite in a very natural way, and is unlikely to cause side effects like certain other diet pill ingredients do.

It’s alleged potential in other areas is certainly interesting, and future studies may prove some of the theories about glucomannan that are being presented today.

However, as far as weight loss goes, the only proven certainty is glucomannan is an appetite suppressing diet pill ingredient that works.

Best Glucomannan Diet Pills

Lean Bean Australian WebsiteOne of the best Glucomannan diet pills we have reviewed is LeanBean. It contains the exact amount of Glucomannan for optimum benefit plus some other ingredients that can help you burn fat.

LeanBean also contains ingredients that can help overcome hormonal imbalance. The negative, if you can call it a negative is that it is exclusively for women.

Read more on LeanBean here

Skinny Fiber Australia – Read our exclusive impartial review

Skinny Fiber diet pill reviewSkinny Fiber is a new commercial diet pills that is starting to appear quite regularly on the varies diet and weight loss related forums and message boards.

It is a product that is aimed at Australia, the US, Canada and the UK.

There is a branded feel and look about the product, the manufacturers have packaged their product almost faultlessly, save for one or two minor faux pais on the official website.

Packaging and marketing aside does the actual product live up to expectation.

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 The Science Behind Skinny Fiber

how does Skinny Fiber workYour body is naturally designed to hold onto fat. It is a way of protecting your vital organs. Unfortunately, constant yo-yo dieting wreaks havoc on your metabolism which means losing fat is more difficult.

The other problem is that when you significantly decrease the amount of calories you consume, your body starts to store fat because it thinks that your body is going into starvation mode from eating so few calories.

Holding on to the fat is the body’s way of protecting your organs and regulating your hormones during this starvation period. And until your body thinks it is ready and healthy enough to function without the fat, it will continue to hold on to it. This makes losing weight a major challenge.

What Does Skinny Fiber Do?

what is in skinny fiberSkinny Fiber claims that it can fix this problem. It contains a host of nutrient-rich enzymes including protease, amylase, lipase, papain and glucomylase.

Every part of your body relies on enzymes to function—from your eyes and liver to your tissues and cells. These enzymes help your body prevent diseases, increase your energy, break down your food and many other important functions.

However, most people are not getting enough enzymes from the foods they eat so the result is a weakened immune system, more fat accumulation and toxins in the body. This too makes losing weight difficult.

The key ingredients are:

  • Glucomannan
  • Caralluma extract
  • Cha de Bugre

Skinny Fiber ingredientsSkinny Fiber provides these important enzymes plus three of the world’s most powerful weight loss ingredients.

The first is glucomannan which expands in your stomach once digested and gives you a feeling of fullness so that you will not be hungry and overeat.

Caralluma extract is a natural appetite suppressant (considered the best by some) that has the ability to curb your cravings.

Cha de Bugre in Skinny FiberFinally, Skinny Fiber contains Cha De Bugre. This natural ingredient from Brazil is said to change your metabolism and give you energy.

All you are required to do is take two capsules with water thirty minutes before lunch and dinner. The product claims to be one hundred percent natural without any added chemicals and is completely safe to use.

The Pros

The product does use all natural ingredients and works on the simple principle that, when taken, it will give a full feeling so you will eat less. The manufacturer offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee along with the option of ordering the product using an auto-ship program if you like. You can also earn money through referrals—and the more referrals you make, the more money you will earn.

The Cons

By no means is Skinny Fiber offering something that is truly unique and scientifically outstanding. The concept of eating fibre to fill you up can be done just by consuming high fibre foods and not spending money on pills.

Their site shows before and after photographs with testimonials, however, there are several claims that these pictures are stock photos and there is no real proof that the product actually works. And their claim of being named the best weight loss product of the year offers no information as to who gave them this recognition.

Another problem is that there is no complete listing of what is in the product aside from what they provide on their site. Finally, the cost for one bottle seems to be about sixty dollars (even that is slightly vague on their site).

Should You Try Skinny Fiber?

There does not seem to be much info regarding side effects from taking this product, although some people experience heavy bloating when they take too much fibre so you may be swapping some extra pounds for a bloated stomach.

If you have sixty dollars burning a hole in your pocket and do not know what to do with it, you could certainly try Skinny Fibre to see if it really works, but you could pay far less eating more fruits and vegetables each day for the extra fibre—not to mention get a lot healthier in the process.

Classic example of style over substance – look elsewhere

Where To Buy Skinny Fiber

Available to order direct without prescription from the official website and ships to Australia, the US, Canada and the UK as well as many other European countries. Can also be bought in store at selected health supplement stores and stockists although we have not seen in the major chains such as GNC.

Recommended Alternatives

how does PhenQ workIf you are looking for a commercial diet pill that appears to be almost untouchable at the top of the popularity charts its PhenQ.

We have no hesitation recommending the fat burner and appetite suppressant combination. With many successful weight loss stories attached to it its a weight loss product that could be almost compulsory.

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