Redux – Natural Weight Management For Women

Redux Diet PillRedux is a weight loss supplement produced in America by Prime Nutrition. The company produces a number of health and fitness supplements, and Redux is part of its “Female Series” of products; so there are no gold stars available for correctly guessing it’s marketed as a girl-only product. However, the formulation does not contain any ingredients that cannot be found in numerous other blends that are deemed suitable for men, so the female-only status appears to be nothing more than a marketing ploy.

The Redux sales page at the Prime Nutrition website does not contain much information about the product, and when we visited the little information that was available was provided via dark grey text on a black background, so it was pretty uncomfortable to read. Some of the text, such as the ingredients, was offered as black text and only became readable when we selected it. None of this impressed us.

Advertised benefits include:

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Easy to tolerate
  • Extremely effective
  • Improved energy & weight loss
  • Improved clarity
  • No notable drawbacks (jitters, restless sleep, stomach ache etc.)

What is Redux and how does it Work

Prime nutrition doesn’t provide any useful information about the way the product is intended to work.

Key Ingredients In The Formula

Taking a look at the list of ingredients provides very little insight into the blends possible potential because weights and ratios are not provided.

Each 2.35g serving provides unspecified quantities of the following ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: An amino acid that can be useful for boosting energy levels and is also believed to be a fat burner.
  • White Willow Bark: Prime Nutrition states white willow has been included to soothe joint pains. It contains salicin (a natural pain killer) so it is possible it may soothe some of the discomfort, but any benefits provided will be temporary.
  • Bearberry: Apparently included because of its ability to treat urinary tract disorders and relieve constipation. It is hard to say why any of this should make it a good fit for a weight loss blend, but bearberry does provide a substance (pyruvate) that may assist the breakdown of fats and sugars.
  • Guarana: A South American berry that is rich in caffeine and releases it slowly to provide prolonged periods of stimulation. Possible benefits include more energy, better focus, and appetite suppression.
  • Hoodia: A cactus derivative that used to be praised for its appetite suppressing abilities, but fell out of favor when it’s use was linked to unpleasant side effects.
  • Yerba Mate: An ingredient taken form a South American shrub, yerba mate’s high caffeine content has allowed it to become a highly favored stimulant and it is also believed to be capable of improving the body’s fat burning abilities.
  • Green Tea: A diet pill favorite that is high in health-boosting antioxidants and is also known to possess powerful fat burning abilities. The results of one study suggest green tea’s abilities may be amplified when it is combined with sources of caffeine, so yerba mate and guarana may prove to be especially useful inclusions.
Usage Instructions –¬†One (3 capsules) serving is required before breakfast. Results can apparently be improved if the dose is repeated in the afternoon, but doing so will mean that each bottle of pills will run dry after just 15 days of use.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback suggests the product may offer some benefits, but is unlikely to be a contender for the diet pill top-spot.

“It appears to work, but then again I’m eating a low calorie diet. Wouldn’t want to use it for too long either, it seems to screw up your metabolism.”
“I can’t say I’ve lost any weight, but I’m feeling a lot more energetic since I began taking the pills.”
“I’ve lost a few pounds since I began taking Redux, but it’s kinda slow working for a fat burner.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

The warning on the label states Redux is unsuitable for anyone under 18-years-old. It also states the capsules should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers. Prime Nutrition further warns against exceeding the recommended dosage because doing so may cause “serious adverse health effects”.

We think anyone who has existing health issues, or is taking medication, would be wise to seek medical advice prior to taking Redux.

Where To Buy Redux

Each bottle of Redux contains 90 capsules and generally costs $34.99-$39.99 (depending on promotion) when purchased from the Prime Nutrition website. Shipping is extra. Redux is also available from a number of online stores, most of which offer more pocket-friendly prices, but is often the cheapest place to shop. At the time of this review the Amazon price was $26.22.


Check manufacturer for details

The Bottom Line

As a weight loss provider, the Redux formulation is not without merit. Customers who use the capsules may lose weight, but customer feedback suggests the results are likely to be less than dramatic. Customers who opt to take the maximum dose of 6 capsules per day might have slightly more success, but the rapidly emptying bottle may make this an unfavorably expensive option, especially bearing in mind the lack of a money back guarantee. Redux is not a recommended product. Better alternatives are available.

What Do We Recommend

recommended diet pillsThere are several diet pills that we recommend over Redux – PhenQ being the pick of the crop.

What we like about PhenQ is its refusal to participate in hype and gimmick that appears to be too common in the industry over the past few days

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