A Rough Guide To Appetite Suppressants

Big appetiteA big appetite can quickly lead to a big belly and a bottom that has the unfortunate habit of getting wedged between the arms of certain chairs. That’s just the way life is: excess eating leads to excess weight.

Fatty food and sugary food can be particularly figure-damaging because the high level of calories involved quickly provides the body with enough calories to support its daily needs and any additional calories are then stored as body fat.

Very few people actually want to be fat. Obesity is just the result of too much of a good thing. Many people find it hard to say “No!” to an extra portion of chips or a slice of cake even though their biggest desire may be to be thin. It’s at times like these that appetite suppressants come into their own.

If the Will Power is Lacking, Appetite Suppressants can Pick-up the Slack

PhenQ Australia fat burnerAs the name suggests appetite suppressants are designed to suppress the desire for food. Some of the most effective appetite suppressants such as Phentermine are only available with a doctor’s prescription. There are however products such as PhenQ that are pharmacy grade but available to buy without. Read about PhenQ

It’s one of the most powerful appetite suppressing drugs ever created, but Phentermine’s addictive nature necessitates strict control of its use, as does the range and severity of side effects it can produce. Fortunately, many over-the-counter products can effectively suppress the appetite without any such risks.

The Relationship between Hunger & Appetite

Hunger and appetite is not the same thing. Hunger is experienced due to a biological need. When someone has not eaten for some time their body will require food—it’s a physical thing that is sometimes accompanied by growling noises from the stomach.

Appetite suppressants

Appetite, on the other hand, is the desire for food. It’s a mental thing. Someone who has just eaten a large meal may glance at the desert trolley and begin drooling, but the drooling in unlikely to be hunger-related.

The cake is a desired item, not something that the body needs and the human desire for food is one of the main reasons why obesity is such a big problem in the Western World.

Appetite suppressants are designed to tackle this problem, but not all appetite suppressants are the same. Different ingredients work in different ways.

The Different Types of Appetite Suppressant

Most appetite suppressants work in one of two ways:

  • Lessen/remove the desire for food
  • Make overeating physically impossible

Some ingredients such as Phenethylamine mimic the effects of the stress hormone norepinephrine. This triggers a state of flight or fight that removes the desire for food. Other appetite suppressing ingredients work by stimulating the extra production of the ‘feel good’ hormone serotonin which then enhances the mood and naturally suppresses the appetite.

Konjac root appetite suppressantStill other ingredients suppress the appetite by creating a feeling of fullness in the stomach, which then signals the brain to say no more food is required. In many cases this is achieved by the use of Konjac.

The ingredient has the ability to absorb large quantities of liquid, so supplements that contain konjac fibers are always taken with plenty of water. This causes the fibers to expand inside the stomach, suppressing the appetite, and leaving little room for food.

In all cases, once the appetite has been suppressed less food will be eaten. Less food means fewer calories and if the calorie intake falls below the body’s requirements the body will start to burn body fat to make up the calorie deficit.

In a Nutshell

In world that offers so many tempting foods it can be hard to ‘be good’ and control the calories, so appetite suppressants are a valuable weight management tool. They can and do work as standalone products and also work well when combined with other weight loss providers such as fat burners.

Most manufacturers are honest enough to admit their products can only produce the required results when used as part of a calorie controlled diet, but controlling the calories is often the hardest thing of all.

Appetite11Nobody likes to feel hungry, overeating can quickly become a habit, and even when there is no genuine need for food the desire for food is a powerful one. It’s not surprising so many dieters forsake their dreams of a slimmer, healthier body, or fall into the yo-yo dieting trap.

Appetite suppressants tackle the problem at source by removing the desire for food and helping dieters fall into new and better eating habits that are more likely to ensure long-term weight loss results.

Recommended Appetite Suppressant

As mentioned above PhenQ is a highly effective appetite – it can also burn fat. It is a dual action diet supplements that is arguably the most popular in countries such as Australia, Unites States, Canada and the UK.

PhenQ is completely legal and fully certified. It is pharmacy quality while remaining natural.

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