Leanbean Review – Fat Burner For Women

Leanbean AustraliaLeanbean is a female only fat burner that makes use of ingredients that help you lose weight without the need for crash dieting.

It’s suitable for vegetarians and is produced in capsule form in a production facility located in the USA.

The whole ethos of the company is to help it’s customer lose weight in a fast safe and uncomplicated manner or their money back – a 90 day money back guarantee is one of the longest we have come across.

Leanbean coupon codeLeanbean is available to buy online exclusively from it’s own official website.

The website is very pink, very female and very easy to navigate.

There are multiple currency options including CAD$, US$, AUD$, euro and £

At the time of this review there is no valid coupon code as the special offer of buy 3 and get 1 free is in place

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What are the Promised Benefits? 

  • A flatter, firmer stomach
  • A pert and peachy butt
  • Toned arms and legs
  • Elevated energy levels
  • No more cellulite

Usage Instructions – Leanbean is designed to be used alongside a calorie-reduced diet and results can be further improved by increasing levels of physical activity (exercise). Unlike a lot diet pills, Leanbean has to be taken four times a day instead of three. This allows the formulation to remain active in the body for a longer period of time and should help ensure maximum weight loss. It’s recommended the four (1 capsule) doses be taken with food.

Is a List of Leanbean Ingredients Available?

Yes and, unlike a lot of competing products, the Leanbean formulation does not contain any proprietary blends, so all inclusion rates are provided.

  • Acai Berry (800mg)
  • Green Coffee Bean (600mg)
  • Glucomannan (500mg)
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (400mg)
  • Green Tea (200mg)
  • Turmeric Powder (200mg)
  • Cayenne Pepper (60mg)
  • Black Pepper Extract(20mg)
  • Raspberry Ketones (8mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (3.72mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (6.4ug)
  • Chromium (120ug)

Are the Ingredients Capable of Providing the Promised Benefits?

The ingredients used in the Leanbean diet pill formulation are more than capable of delivering the promised results. B Vitamins help the body extract energy from food, so the presence of B6 and B12 should help deliver the promised energy boost.

The other changes that are promised will only put in an appearance if the body experiences a calorie shortage and begins burning fat for energy. This will allow the muscles beneath the fat to come to the fore.

Leanbean should be able to do this because the formulation contains a good mix of appetite suppressants and fat burners.

Chilli pepperCayenne is a red pepper extract with proven appetite suppressing capabilities. Glucomannan is a fibre taken from konjac plant roots and its also known to be an excellent hunger suppressor, as is acai.

The presence of these three ingredients alone should make it easier for Leanbean users to lose weight because they will not be subjected to the hunger urges that cause so many dieters to stray.

Green tea has the ability to boost the metabolism and increase energy expenditure for up to 24 hours. In simple terms, it helps the body burn calories faster and research proves it. Green tea also assists weight loss by producing a slight elevation in body temperature that causes extra calories to be lost from the body as heat. This process is known as thermogenic fat burning and both cayenne and green coffee bean extract are known to be capable of triggering the process as well.

In all honesty, all the ingredients are known to be good for weight loss, but turmeric and black pepper deserve a special mention because their combined presence provides added value some women will appreciate.

Tumeric in fat burnersThe hormonal changes caused by menopause are known to cause weight gain. More specifically, the problem results from a fall in oestrogen levels.

Turmeric contains curcumin and curcumin has the ability to rectify the drop in oestrogen that causes weight problems for so many menopausal women.

The problem is, the body has difficulties processing curcumin and, in normal use, very little of it reaches the blood. Research shows the piperine provided by black pepper extract boosts curcumin absorption by 2000%.

Are There Any Side Effects With Leanbean

No side effects have been reported, but women who are pregnant or nursing an infant should not use any brand of dietary supplement without the approval of their doctor. The same goes for anyone who has existing health problems or is using medication.

Are There Any Leanbean Customer Reviews?

Yes we found a lot of customer reviews and plenty of women have lots of good things to say about Leanbean.

A few average customer reviews read:

“Food has always been a big problem for me. I like it too much. I don’t like looking like a beached whale at the beach though and changing the habit of a lifetime is hard. I couldn’t do it until my sister bought me these pills. Now saying no to food is easy and I’m finally losing weight.”

“When I began putting on weight my doctor said it was probably because of the menopause and suggested hormone replacement therapy. I didn’t like the sound of that and wanted a natural alternative. I found it in Leanbean. It’s helped me to lose the extra weight I’d gained and I’m feeling a lot better in myself.” 

“I love this product. It’s easy to take, hasn’t caused any side effects at all, and is helping me to lose 2-4 pounds per week. I’m eating healthy and exercising as well, but it never got me anywhere before lean bean so it’s a real game changer as far as I am concerned.”

“I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and finding a boyfriend was hard. Now I’ve dropped 3 stone, finally have the body I always dreamed of, and have a wonderful new man in my life. Thanks a million Leanbean :)”

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Customers who are not happy with the results obtained have 90 days to ask for their money back.

Is This a Good Diet Pill to Buy?

Not only is Leanbean a good diet pill to buy, it’s also one of the cheapest (good) ones on the market and it’s rare to see such a purse-friendly product backed by a money back guarantee.

The formulation contains a well-selected blend of ingredients that can provide all the benefits Leanbean users are promised and customer reviews show how well it works. Leanbean gets top marks from us.

Where To Buy Leanbean

Leanbean is available to buy online exclusively from it’s own official website.

The website is very pink, very female and very easy to navigate.

There are multiple currency options including CAD$, US$, AUD$, euro and £

At the time of this review there is no valid coupon code as the special offer of buy 3 and get 1 free is in place

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DietSpotlight Burn Review with customer opinions

DietSpotlight BurnDietSpotlight Burn is a diet pill brought to market by DietSpotlight.

The company is based in the USA and also markets a diet pill called Leptigen that contains exactly the same formulation of ingredients.

The Leptigen and DietSpotlight Burn websites are also identical, the only difference is the Leptigen site substitutes the name “Leptigen” with the name “Burn”—even in the testimonials that are alleged to have been left by satisfied customers.

We review hundreds of diet products and base our research on criteria such us efficacy, safety, value for money and of course customer opinion. With this in mind we have detailed what we consider to best diet pills available for purchase.

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Advertised Benefits of DietSpotlight Burn

  • Burn fat
  • Loose weight
  • Boost energy

DietSpotlight Burn – How Does It Work

Burn appears to be to designed to function as an energy booster and fat burner. Most diet pills provide these benefits.

The difference is they combine them with other abilities, such as appetite suppression, that give dieters a greater level of support and an increased chance of success.

However, people who are serious about losing weight, and have cut back on their food, may experience a drop in energy levels, so if Burn can provide a little extra energy that can only be a good thing.

what is green teaTwo of the ingredients used in Burn (caffeine + green tea) are known to have metabolism boosting abilities, so their presence should help the body burn some extra calories and deliver the calorie shortage that’s needed to force the body to burn its fat.

Both ingredients are also thermogenic fat burners. Ingredients that have this ability produce a slight increase in body temperature that causes the body to waste extra calories as heat.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

One capsule provides:

  • Meratrim (400mg): A proprietary blend of sphaeranthus indicus (East Indian Globe Thistle) and G. mangostana (mangosteen). Indian globe thistle is alleged to possess anti-diabetic qualities, but the ingredient is hopelessly under-researched. Mangosteen is a nutritious tropical fruit. Clinical evidence shows it provides antioxidants that boost the immune system and encourage good health. The Meratrim proprietary blend was put to the test by researchers at the University of California and the people involved in the study lost weight. However, the participants had to exercise 30 minutes per day and adhere to such a low calorie diet they would have lost weight without any additional help.
  • Green Tea Extract (200mg): Green tea is a very popular fat burning ingredient and scientific research shows that it works.
  • Natural Caffeine USP (75mg): Research proves caffeine has the ability to boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. It’s also a stimulant, so its presence here should be good for giving energy levels a boost.
  • Chromate: (100mcg): A patented form of chromium. A lot of diet pills contain chromium because it has the ability to help stop the blood sugar spikes that sometimes follow a meal and can trigger a desire for sweet food.

Usage Guidelines – The recommended dose is one pill, taken two times per day. The doses should be taken at least half-an-hour before meals and customers are advised to drink at least glasses of water or more throughout the day. Good results require Burn be used alongside diet and exercise.

DietSpotlight Burn Customer Comments

The manufacturer’s website provides some good reviews that are alleged to have been supplied by customers who used Burn, but feedback from such a biased source cannot be relied upon for accuracy.

We managed to find customer comments published elsewhere that suggests Burn is a hit and miss product that may work for some people but not for others.

Some average customer comments read:

“Doesn’t seem to help with hunger, so I’m using something else for that. Been using Burn for a couple of months though and have lost around 9lbs.”

“These pills never suppressed my hunger or helped me to lose weight, but they were very good at giving me a bad head.”

“Seems to work okay, but you need to watch what your eating and get plenty of exercise. Been using them for 5 weeks and have lost 11bs.” 

“WASTE OF TIME! DON’T DO A THING!! No hunger control, no fat burning, just an expensive placebo.”

DietSpotlight Burn Side Effects and Health Considerations

Burn is not intended for people under 18-years of age or for women who are pregnant or nursing an infant. Anyone who has existing health problems should always obtain a doctor’s approval before using any brand of dietary supplement.

The same advice is offered to people who are using medication(s). The manufacturer states a few users may find the formulation causes them to experience an increased heart rate and/or mild headaches.

Anyone who experiences either of these two side effects is advised to stop using the product at once.

Where to Buy DietSpotlight Burn

It used to be possible to buy the product via Amazon. This no longer appears to be the case, so interested parties will need to purchase Burn via the manufacturer’s website.

Each bottle of pills contains 60 capsules (30-day supply) and the cost is $95.90 per bottle. Bulk buy discounts can make the price slightly more favorable, but with a cost of $214.85 for a three bottle order ($69.95 per bottle) Burn is still and expensive diet pill to buy.


DietSpotlight Burn has a 120-day money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Although Meratrim is becoming quite a popular diet pill inclusion, and is even used as a standalone ingredient, we see no evidence that provides adequate proof that it works.

The other three ingredients used are much better, but they are probably the top three diet pill ingredients in the world.

You don’t need to buy DietSpotlight Burn to obtain the benefits of green tea, caffeine, or chromium.

A lot of diet pills contain quantities of these ingredients and, in most cases, combine them with other quality ingredients that compliment their abilities and deliver support in other areas.

Burn is also a very expensive diet pill to buy and we feel dieters will get a greater degree of weight loss and better value for money by investing in a better product instead.

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Progenex Burn Review With Customer Comments

Progenex Burn AustraliaProgenex Burn is a pretty simple product that’s marketed alongside a lot of jargon that makes it sound more complicated than it is.

The only unique thing about it is it’s produced in the form of pop-rock candy. If there’s another supplement manufacturer distributing a supplement like this, they’ve escaped our attention. Progenex Burn appears to be the first.

Although the idea of a pop-rock candy that boosts the metabolism and turns fat into fuel may be appealing to many people who are looking for a good way to loose weight, Burn is not the best way to go. Progenex specializes in producing sports supplements and customer reviews suggest Burn is likely to have more value as an energy provider than it does as a fat burner.

Promised Benefits

  • Increases your body’s resting metabolic rate
  • Enhances endurance and helps you lean out
  • Burns more calories throughout the day

What is Progenex Burn and How Does it Work?

Progenex Burn supposedly has the ability to increase resting energy expenditure. If it is capable of doing this the body will be burning extra calories even when it’s at rest.

In theory this could cause a calorie shortage that would encourage the body to begin using fat as fuel, but this would only happen if a calorie controlled diet was in place and the body was already primed for weight loss.

According to Progenex Burn also causes the body to burn fat and sugars alongside each other to provide extra energy.

The active ingredient in Burn is a pepper extract that may have the ability to do the things Progenex claim, but their marketing spiel starts to take a walk on the daft side when they say Burn works by activating energy receptors in the mouth.

Any benefits that are experienced will be after the active ingredients have been digested, the whole “popping” thing is just a marketing angle.

Key Ingredients

The only active ingredient in Progenex Burn is a sweet pepper extract called dihydrocapsiate. It’s alleged to have similar abilities to that of the capsaicin obtained from chili peppers, but is gentler on the stomach. However, although capsaicin has proven value as a fat burner, there is little evidence to suggest dihydrocapsiate works in this way too.

Usage Instructions – Customers are told to “pop” one pack per day, first thing in the morning, before a meal, or prior to a workout. The contents of the pack should be left on the tongue, until the popping sensation stops. People who wish to obtain maximum benefits can pop up to three packs per day.

Progenex Burn Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed.

A few average reviews read:

“I pop some burn before my morning workout and find I have more energy. So if you are looking for a good pre-workout sup that has no stimulants in it, Burn is for you.” 

“Tastes plain nasty and doesn’t do a thing. No weight lost + no extra energy = big waste of money.” 

“My energy levels are definitely higher and Burn doesn’t give me the jitters like other pre-workouts do.”

“I can’t say I noticed any difference. Maybe made me sweat a little more, but that’s about it.”

Progenex Burn Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects are unlikely, but women who are pregnant or nursing a child should get a doctor’s approval before using a supplement of this nature. The same advice is offered to people who have existing health problems and to anyone using medication(s).

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Progenex Burn is only available from the manufacturer’s websites. There are two of them. One for customers living in the USA and one for people living in Europe and the rest of the world (Australia?).

A box of Burn contains 30 sachets and costs just under $25. Customers who subscribe to the auto-ship option (only available in Europe) and agree to receive a fresh box of Burn every month are rewarded with a 15% discount.

If you are only using one sachet per day the price is not bad. If you are using two or three sachets per day, burn will work out more expensive to use than most of the top-rated diet pills and many of the best bodybuilding supplements.


Progenex has a 30-day returns policy, but it’s unclear if they offer a refund on products that have been opened and used.

The Bottom Line

It’s possible that Progenex Burn may help people to burn a little extra fat, but only if they are sticking to a low-calorie diet, and Burn will not be as powerful as leading weight loss products, like PhenQ.

Customer reviews suggest the formulation is good for providing energy though, so it probably has more value as a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement.

Buy PhenQ in AustraliaAs far as weight loss goes, another big problem with Burn is it’s ability is too limited. One of the hardest things about losing weight is eating less food, and Burn does not contain anything to help take hunger urges away.

It’s a fun product. Who doesn’t love pop-rock? But if you are serious about losing weight you’d be better off buying a good all-rounder, like PhenQ, and popping that into your mouth instead.

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