Ephedrine – Is it safe, is it legal and where to buy in Australia

Ephedrine review for AustraliaWith so many weight loss products, plans and potions on the market today, it is often difficult to decipher the good from the bad and the ugly.

Some promise quick and dramatic weight loss while others promise ease and efficacy.

One of the more popular products for weight loss has been those containing ephedrine.

And while many people have lost weight using an ephedrine-based product, many have had very bad experiences while using these types of weight loss supplements.

Ephedrine is legal in many countries but not Australia – under the Customs legislation in Australia, these substances are classified as either anabolic steroids or precursors and are prohibited imports unless an import permit has been obtained. [source]

What is Ephedrine?

Ephedrine comes ephedraEphedrine comes from Ephedra sinica and a few other plants from the Ephedra genus.

In its natural form, ephedrine is known as ma huang in Chinese traditional medicine. Its known use has been dated as far back as 206 BC when it was used as a stimulant and an anti-asthmatic as well as a treatment for bronchitis.

In the 1920’s, the pharmaceutical company, Merck, began manufacturing, marketing and selling ephedrine as ephetonin.

Today, it is used often as an appetite suppressant, in decongestants and as a stimulant. It is also used to increase concentration and treat hypotension resulting from anaesthesia.

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How is Ephedrine Used for Weight Loss?

Ephedrine for weight lossResearchers discovered that ephedrine acts as a stimulant of thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue in mice. However, humans have much smaller amounts of this brown fat so it is assumed that the thermogenesis mostly occurs in the skeletal muscle.

The stimulant effect that ephedrine has creates an environment where both the heart and the nervous system are sped up, focus and alertness are improved, and an overall good feeling takes over the body.

When ephedrine is combined with other substances like caffeine and aspirin (known as an ECA stack), there is an even greater amount of body fat loss.

Many body builders use the ECA stack before competitions. Because of the success many have had using this combination, many manufacturers have created diet pills and drinks that incorporate a mixture of substances, along with ephedrine, to get an even greater weight loss effect.

Are There Any Side Effects of Ephedrine?

When it comes to ephedrine, too much of it will produce adverse effects. Like any other stimulant, people with heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or hypothyroidism are advised not to take any product with ephedrine.

Pregnant women and those on antidepressants should also steer clear from taking any product with ephedrine.

Some of the more common side effects include dry mouth, muscle spasms, rapid heartbeat with an increased risk of a heart attack, feeling anxious, nausea, sweating and dizziness.

Unfortunately, there have been cases of death from abusing ephedrine or ephedrine-containing products.

Because of the many adverse reactions and deaths that have occurred with ephedrine use, many countries are tightening the rules regarding its manufacturing, sale and use which include limiting the amount of grams of ephedrine that can be used in making any product—even decongestants and other non-weight loss products.

The United States has even banned it from being sold as a weight loss or diet supplement or adding it into any weight loss pills.

Should You Use Ephedrine for Weight Loss?

Asking this question is almost like asking if it is a good idea to play Russian roulette. Sure, there is a chance that everything will be okay and you will not get sick or die, but are you willing to take that kind of risk with your life?

Since many countries have cracked down on ephedrine, it should be enough of a reason to take pause and consider if using it is really the only option for losing weight. With all the other weight loss products to consider, there is no reason why you should use one which has had so many problems in the past in terms of adverse effects—some even leading to death.

Something else to consider is that even if you take the product and successfully lose weight, you cannot stay on an ephedrine product for very long since the longer you are on it, the more likely you are to suffer from its serious side effects. And because no one truly knows how their body will react to a substance that it is not familiar with, you also increase your risk of experiencing an adverse reaction. This is definitely not a chance you want to take with your health or your life.

The safest way to lose weight is through a proper diet and regular exercise. Anything that promises fast and easy weight loss, like products with ephedrine, should send up a red flag that there is a catch to its lightning-speed results. Unfortunately, that catch is risking your health and possibly your life.

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